In January I went on a Pacific Islands cruise to improve my Wellbeing.  I have to say that I was absolutely appalled that out of the thousands of people on board the ship there were only 6-8 of us who regularly got up to do the FREE exercise classes at 7am.  I know that on holidays people love the idea of sleeping in but seriously peeps, there was so much over-consumption, and so many opportunities for afternoon/ morning/ evening naps that I just don’t get it.  Unfortunately not enough people care about looking after themselves apparently.  There were also many free lectures about various aspects of physical wellbeing.  These were reasonably well attended, after-all it only involved making it to a particular bar at a certain time and sitting on your arse!!

Anyway, there were 2 personal trainers on the ship who looked after all the exercise activities – both practical and theory.  They may not have been great at yoga but they were great at stretching and abs of steel classes!  Anyway, one of them would make us plank for longer periods of time each class and was quite open that on the last day we would be planking for 5 minutes!!  I did not think that I could do this!  However when it came down to it peer group pressure turned out to be a wonderful thing.  I nailed the 5 minute plank and I have never been afraid of planking since!!  Whatever the muscles are that allow planking to occur, mine are in good working order!  (The muscles that allow me to lift and lower 2 legs together when lying on my back…not so much!  I use 2 emergency caesareans as my excuse!)  This article is really useful if you want to know some really good core and key muscle strengthening exercises.  Believe me, if I can do it, you can too!  If you want to work on your solar plexus chakra (self belief, self worth) or perhaps even your base (physical strength), I’d love to help you!  Namaste!