“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind .”

– Caroline Myss

About Arwen and Evenstar Wellbeing
holistic health coach, energy healer, reiki

About Arwen and Evenstar Welbeing

Well, hello! Welcome. I’m so pleased that you found your way here!

I’m Arwen, Holistic Health & Wellbeing Coach, and founder of Evenstar Wellbeing.

I love to explore the full spectrum of modern science, combined with ancient wisdom, to help you get your energy back, and hold on tight to it! I specialise in helping you to identify the root underlying causes of any type of wellbeing concern, and working with you using all the tools of Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing™ (which includes Food, Movement, Sleep, Surroundings & Being) to feel energised and balanced on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I help people with problems ranging from chronic pain, anxiety and stress, overwhelming fatigue, addictive behaviours, negative habits, approaches to food and weight management, grief, fertility and hormonal issues, and toxicity of any kind. I have a range of services including coaching, training programs, astrology readings and healing sessions.

“I am a Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner, and a Low Tox Coach, and I also utilise my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Reiki Master qualification, and additional certificates in Sidereal Astrology, Kinesiology, Seichim, Crystal Healing and Aromatouch Massage in my practice.”

My interest in complimentary therapies began as a child when my mum was diagnosed with lupus, and proceeded to explore many alternative treatments in her journey to full remission. From a young age, I was also told that I had healing hands. After going through a number of personal challenges at midlife crisis time, I decided to follow my passion and true calling into holistic health, leaving my 20 year HR career behind! I started off training in and working with energy healing but fairly soon realised that I wanted to be able to give people tools that they could take away with them to help them retain the energy and balance they would achieve in a Reiki session. At this point I began to develop what has evolved into Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing™. Along the way I did a lot of further study to enhance my knowledge and broaden my service offerings. I have a huge drive to share my knowledge with as many people as possible and love to communicate and coach so that more and more people understand the ways that they can get their energy back, and easily maintain balance in all aspects of their lives. Even if you just want to take a passive interest in all things health and wellbeing at this stage you will find something on my website of interest and benefit.  Perhaps simply check out the 5 Star Wellbeing Podcast, where you can just listen and learn!

I am very passionate about the health and wellbeing of Mother Earth and it is very important to me that people understand that often the best things for their own wellness will also be things that prevent further harm to the amazing planet that we are all journeying on, to help her to recover in harmony with us (a really simple example is eating more organic foods). When I’m not working you’ll find me cooking, gardening, doing yoga, pilates and weights classes, walking and drawing in nature, volunteering, watching films and enjoying the arts. I have two teenage boys and a black cat (ie. I live with 3 other beings who are mainly only interested in what I’m feeding them…and occasional cuddles!) I really look forward to working with you soon. Be well.


“Thank you Arwen for creating a warm, safe and caring space for my Reiki session.  Feeling revitalized and relaxed after my session.”
“Just had my Medical Astrology reading! So mind blowing how spot on it was with my healing journey and some of the Astro aspects that show why and how to then support the healing.”
“I have been having Reiki Sessions for over 30 years albeit always hands-on. Even though intellectually I understood that remote healing works equally as effectively, I was still tentative about it (during Covid-19 lockdown). After my first remote session I came out of it feeling exactly the same as a hands-on session and over the following week to ten days those benefits were sustained. My doubts are banished and I will be continuing with remote Reiki in total confidence.”
Anthea W
“Medical Astrology was new to me but makes so much sense! Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful session.  I feel it is one other piece of the puzzle that is me. Grateful…”
“I was blown away by my Reiki session and can’t wait to do it again.”


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