…essential oils for February: anxiety, motivation and focus!

This year’s summer holiday period has been traumatic and depressing for the whole of Australia – for some more than others – and you might be glad to see the back of it, nevertheless there is always a bit of grief at the ending of anything.

My family and I were blessed to have only been affected by the bushfires through smoke, yellow skies, dirty rain and climate emergency induced melancholy.  We also got to escape to the beach for a few days but when we returned to Melbourne I felt quite down. This week my kids – and many others – have gone back to school and there’s no more excuses for just dabbling around the edges of work!

February is the time of the year that we all get deeply into the creation and production of this year’s work and at the start of a new decade the energy to really make a clean start is with us in abundance.

To help get you and your loved ones back on track at this time I wanted to share my suggestions for essential oils to support you in the transition into the reality of 2020!  The therapeutic properties of essential oils are such that they help us on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and this is why I love them so much.  Of course you still need to take appropriate action to make changes, but oils will support you to do this.

How to Use Essential Oils

If you are new to oils you may wonder how to actually use them.  Firstly though please always ensure that you only use PURE essential oils.  As with anything, you get what you pay for and if you’re finding super cheap ‘essential’ oils in your local discount chemist they are very unlikely to be pure and may even contain artificial additives that are harmful.  I am openly a Doterra girl and love the quality of the product and the ethics of the company.  Other great brands are: Young Living, Springfields and Twenty8. Health and organic shops generally have one of these quality brands in stock.

Almost all essential oils can be diffused for their benefits to be delivered aromatically.  This means putting a few drops of oil into a diffuser (an electronic gadget designed for this purpose) or an oil burner with water.  If you don’t have the appropriate equipment you can always just put a few drops of oil into a saucepan of water on the stove (just don’t forget about it and let it boil dry!)  You can also use oils aromatically by putting a drop or two on a tissue, hanky, pillow and breathing in the powerful benefits directly.

Many oils can also be applied topically to your skin – you do need to check the details of the oil you want to use to ensure this is safe.  Even if a manufacturer tells you it is safe it is always a good idea to dilute the oil the first time you use it topically.  You can use any other oil to dilute your essential oil – coconut, almond even olive oil.  You can also use a fragrance free moisturizer such as sorbolene to dilute.  (Check out my Blog On the Nose for more information on why avoiding fragranced personal products is a good idea in general!)  Just put a drop of essential oil into a ¼ or ½ teaspoon of oil and apply it to your skin.  Great places to use essential oils topically are: your chest, your throat glands, your temples, the back of your neck, your wrists and the bottoms of your feet.  (Tip: The bottoms of our feet have big pores where the oils are rapidly absorbed into your system!)

As with any other therapeutic product you need to use your essential oil every 6 hours or so for the benefits to continue.  Feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have about oils – it’s a topic I always LOVE to chat about!

Awesome Oils for Back to School/ Back to Work times


We can all suffer from some level of anxiety about change or starting something new, or just the thought of being under pressure again.  My top 2 recommendations here are:

  • Lavender (topical & aromatic)
  • Peace by DoTerra (topical & aromatic)


It can be hard enough just getting yourself organized without having to feel enthusiastic about it too!  The best 2 oils to help with this are:

  • Peppermint (diluted topical & aromatic)
  • Motivate by DoTerra (diluted topical & aromatic)


You’ve gotten yourself there, and you’re feeling good about it now how to really get down to work? 2 great oily supports are:

  • Lemon (topical & aromatic NB. don’t get sun exposure on skin after topical application)
  • InTune by DoTerra (topical & aromatic)

I have all of these suggestions in my online Shop, where you’ll never pay RRP!  And, if you’re close to one of my studio locations you can even avoid (or be refunded) your P&H fee by collecting your order from me!

If you’re thinking that 2020 is the year to start accessing all the wonderful benefits of essential oils with a bit of a collection you may also like to consider setting up your own wholesale account, which you can do here.

Feel absolutely free to reach out with any questions at all about anything above, or anything else to do with essential oils or your wellbeing!