Intermittent Fasting – what, when and why

If you have ever wondered about Intermittent Fasting - what is it, how do you do it, why does everyone say it's so great for weight loss, does it have any other benefits, are

Secret Cure for all Stress

Are you feeling stressed, uptight, anxious and really find it hard to look forward to anything , let alone actually enjoy the moment? How would you like to access something that is going to

The Breath of Life

Do you ever find yourself holding your breath when you’re uptight or stressed or even for no apparent reason? Do you often feel lightheaded or like your brain is fuzzy after a long period

Fear of Flying

Is this you?   I get no kick in a plane Flying too high with some guy in the sky Is my idea of nothing (I want) to do… (with thanks to Cole Porter)

How to start the 2018 work year right!

Are you ruining your last few free days by allowing yourself to spiral into a pit of despair about how life might as well be over because your holiday is over? Have you already

New Year’s Resolutions. You Are Enough.

Do you find it difficult to make New Year’s resolutions? Do you think that it’s a waste of time, a pointless exercise? Or on the other hand, do you love the concept, and spend