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“A perfumed bath and a scented massage every day is the way to good health.”
– Hippocrates

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Virgo Season

With Virgo season upon us we’re almost halfway through the zodiac Wheel of the Year! Once you get 50% through something you’ve learnt a

Leo Season

We’ve been nurtured and restored during Cancer season, helping us to recover from the physical and mental activity of the first quarter of the

How to have the best Sleep ever!

How to have the best sleep ever Sleep is one of the most democratic, freely available and effective forms of health insurance. Professor Matthew Walker.

Cancer Season

Now that we’ve exhausted ourselves with all the buzzing around (mentally if not physically) of the Gemini Season, it’s time to come back home

Gemini Season

And just like that we have arrived in the buzzy, talkative changeable season of Gemini! Please do be aware that I work with the

How to get in touch with your Spiritual side

How to get in touch with your spiritual side How "spiritual" are you? Do you have a regular spiritual practise?  What do either of

Clean Eating Part 2 – Organic Food

[Originally published 24th July 2017] So by now you have read all about giving up sugar and avoiding additives, and if you haven't, well catch

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