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Episode #20: Taurus Season

This is an introduction to Taurus, just as we come to the end of Taurus Season in 2021, in accordance with Sidereal Astrology.

You will learn all about Taurus:

  • Fixed Earth
  • Spring vs Autumn
  • Venus and the Bull
  • the Second House
  • Body Aspects of Taurus
  • Body parts ruled by Taurus
  • Taurus ailments
  • Remedies and lifestyle medicine for Taurus
  • Foods for Taurus
  • Herbs for Taurus
  • Supplements for Taurus
  • Essential oils for Taurus

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Episode #19: The Sleep Whisperer – Deepa Kannan

It was wonderful to get Deepa Kannan ( Allied Functional Medicine Practitioner and Functional Nutritionist) from Phytothrive back onto the podcast to discuss one of her speciality subjects – Sleep!

In this episode we discuss:

  • why Deepa chose to specialise in Sleep after a lifetime of sleep challenges of her own
  • the underlying causes of poor sleep, including:
    • circadian rhythm disturbance (including from blue light)
    • adrenal disfunction
    • brain health
    • quality of relationships
    • diet
    • exercise
    • hormones
    • thyroid health
  • Deepa’s approach to helping someone who has a sleep maintenance issue (ie. waking in the middle of the night and unable to resettle)
  • tracking devices for understanding your sleep – pros and cons
  • what is going on when someone wakes up not feeling refreshed
  • nutrition and supplements for sleep

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If you’d like to catch up on Deepa’s last interview with me on Episode #5, all about Hormones, check it out below.

As she mentioned, Deepa has a podcast called The Sleep Whisperer, which you can find on all podcasting platforms.

If you know someone who’d rather watch a video of the interview please send them here.

To connect with Deepa head over to: https://phytothrive.com/

About Deepa:

Deepa is a Functional Nutritionist, Author and a Yoga Acharya with decades of experience in the wellness field. She brings together her experience in therapeutic & transformational yoga and deep learning in nutrition based on the principles of functional medicine to her practice Phytothrive. The focus has been on merging together the deep science of the functional world with the deep symbolism of ancient wisdom. She has a masterful understanding of the human anatomy with cohesive understanding of physiology to offer what can be classified as true bio-individual mind, body & spirit nutrition. Having a son with a rare adrenal condition gave her a deep insight into the working of the adrenals and the stress response, as it relates to all health and sleep.

Her articles have been shared by Dr Mark Hyman, MD, a 13 times NY Times Bestselling Author twice. She also gave the opening speech on Health Hacks at Amazon Web Services & YourStory HeathTech 2019 to heads of healthcare start-ups in India. Deepa has twenty years of experience in wellness, where she has focus on sleep nutrition, women’s health, detoxification, skin health and adrenal function. She is in the YourStory100 Digital Influencers Of 2020. She is the host of The Sleep Whisperer Podcast with audience from the United States, India, Russia, Canada, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Austria, Spain and several other countries.

Episode #18: Aries Season

Welcome back to Series 2 of the 5 Star Wellbeing podcast!

Along with the usual interviews with health and wellbeing experts, this season I will be doing an Astrology series, focussing on each sign and the relevant medical astrology tips that I can give you. Medical astrology gives you an understanding about which ailments are most likely to bug you, given your birth chart, and can also point to lots of natural remedies to help you avoid and recover from these ailments. Love it!

This is an introduction to Aries, just as we come to the end of Aries Season in 2021.

As I work with Sidereal Astrology it also gives you the basics about this method and why I use it.

You will learn all about Aries:

* Cardinal Fire
* Spring vs Autumn
* Mars and the Ram
* the First House
* Body Aspects of Aries
* Body parts ruled by Aries
* Aries ailments
* Remedies and lifestyle medicine for Aries
* Foods for Aries
* Herbs for Aries
* Supplements for Aries
* Essential oils for Aries

As mentioned in the recording, if you are interested in getting a super cheap L-plater astrology reading done please head over to my booking page.

Episode #17: Creating a Healthy Environment in your Home – Interview with Laudy Cincotta from Clean Fresh Group

It was a delight to be able to do my final podcast interview for the year in person, instead of over Zoom!

This is a wonderful discussion with Building Biologist, Laudy Cincotta, covering all the things that you may not know about how to create a healthy environment in your home.  You will discover:

  • what building biology is
  • why you might like to consult a building biologist about your home’s healthy environment
  • Laudy’s personal story of how the fatal illness of her first husband led her to investigate the toxins in food and household chemicals
  • mould and why this is an increasing issue in modern homes and buildings
  • Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs) in the external environment (link to the study we discuss), and the importance of having awareness of cell phone tower locations (link to the map we discuss)
  • EMFs in the internal environment and how to mitigate the risks to your brain from mobile phone usage (link to the earphones Laudy mentions)
  • why you must switch your WiFi off at night
  • the importance of creating a healthy environment in your bedroom and how to do this
  • cleaning your split system properly
  • water filtration and what is actually in tap water
  • courses that you can do to learn lots more about healthy environments including my Nourish & Heal the Whole You program and my 7 Ways to get your Energy Back in 1 Month online course

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My latest Blog is all about Healthy Environments, so you’ll find a lot more detail in there too.

The 5 Star Wellbeing Podcast will be on a break now until February 2021.  I’d love to hear from you about what wellbeing topics you’d like me to cover next year, and if you have someone in mind that you’d love me to interview.

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About Laudy

  • Co-Founder @ the Clean Fresh Group
  • Building Biologist
  • Environmental Toxin Coach
  • Podcast Co-Host @ Healthier Homes and Living
  • Lifelong learner
  • Avid Reader
  • Armchair Traveler
  • Aspiring Digital Nomad
  • Caffeine Addict
  • Passionate Foodie
  • Mum, Step Mum and Nonna

Get in touch with Laudy

Episode #16: 2020 Festive Season – 5 Steps to Make the Most of It

The 2020 Festive Season will probably be like no other festive season that you can remember!

Whether you’re still under COVID-19 restrictions or you’ve recently come out of them, things are going to be different.

The festive season is always a time of stress, which can take a lot of the joy out of it. So, I thought I’d bring you the Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing approach to the Festive Season to help you make the most it by feeling fabulous the whole way through.

I even give you some gorgeous ethical and sustainable gift ideas!

If you know someone who would prefer to watch a video of this content please direct them to my YouTube channel.

The Blog that has all the links I mention in the podcast is here.

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Episode #15: Making Sense of Depression & Anxiety with author Peter Symons

I was very lucky to get to spend some time talking with Peter Symons, author of the book “Brain-Fuel Depletion: making sense of anxiety and depression”.

Peter and his co-author, Dr Clyde Jumeaux, have developed the brain-fuel depletion (BFD) model to help people understand what is going on at a physiological level when they’ve been diagnosed with anxiety or depression – or they’re simply experiencing one or more of the common symptoms that could lead to this kind of diagnosis.

The BFD model gives people knowledge and along with that, hope, that they do not need to live with debilitating symptoms and the understanding of what steps to take to recover.

We discuss:

  • Peter’s own experience with a diagnosis of depression and what led to that
  • what exactly the BFD model is
  • how to keep our brain fuel at optimal levels
  • why medication is sometimes required to help people recover to a level where they can deal with the underlying issues that caused their illness in the first place
  • the multiple symptoms of BFD
  • how to talk to your doctor about BFD
  • what’s required to get a good night’s sleep, and why you need to work at getting better at sleeping if this is a long term problem for you
  • tips for preparing for and performing well in academic exams

To find out more about BFD and Peter’s work: https://www.brainfueldepletion.org

For the interview in video format, watch it on my YouTube channel

About Peter:

Peter Symons is a veterinarian, author, speaker and winner of Momentum Womens’ Forum’s 2008 Most Inspiring Man for speaking out about Brain-Fuel Depletion; his model that, finally, makes sense of ‘depression’.

I’ve been described, by my neurosurgeon, as like a cat. I’ve survived three brain haemorrhages (the world record), brain surgery twice, a stroke and three cardiac arrests.

In 2001 I suffered my 3rd brain haemorrhage and 2nd brain surgery. That was easy.

A far bigger challenge soon presented itself. Despite great support at all levels, I became dangerously suicidal instead of being ecstatic.  Eventually, after six horrendous months, I reluctantly sought help. I was diagnosed with depression, despite not feeling depressed.  Great care plus drugs quickly got me back on track.

After that puzzling, traumatic period I decided that understanding depression, could, and should, be much easier. With Dr Clyde Jumeaux, I created the Brain-Fuel Depletion model. It is a simple, but unique, cause-and-effect model that explains how the myriad symptoms – including anxiety, depression and suicidality – develop.  I talk frankly about the suffering it causes; which gives others ‘permission’ to talk about, and admit to, their own experiences. It eliminates stigma and confusion from its many victims.

Episode #14: Exam Prep: Stress Less, Exercise More – Interview with Jackson Bardsley, Year 12 Student & Boxer

It’s that time of year in Australia, when there are thousands of students across the country getting ready for end of year exams and assessments for high school and university.

In this interview I speak with Year 12 student and aspiring elite level sportsperson, Jackson Bardsley (and yep he’s also my first born!) about how movement/ exercise is imperative for stress management and good mental health hygiene.

We discuss:

  • movement and mental health
  • what’s so great about boxing
  • what it takes to train with the 2022 Commonwealth Games in sight
  • the relationships between movement and: food, sleep and surroundings
  • why movement is important for everybody

Connect with Jack

Connect with Murphy’s Boxing Gym

For the interview in video format, watch it on my YouTube channel

Episode #13: Food for Love – Interview with Holly Niles, Clinical Nutritionist

In this, my second interview with Clinical Nutritionist, Holly Niles, we are talking all about Love. 

Love energy that is, and Foods for Love!

You’re gonna love it!

We chat about:

  • the challenge of self love, and how it is seen as selfish in modern society
  • green veggies and cruciferous veggies and how they are so great for your respiratory and circulatory systems
  • the best oils to use for cooking and which ones to avoid, and why your oil should always come out of a dark glass bottle
  • what exactly is oxidative stress doing to your body
  • the thymus gland and its important role in immunity, and how to support it with nutrition
  • breast cancer and nurturing the self
  • how sharing food is one of the best ways to give and receive love
  • the importance of gratitude
  • how you can use your breath to activate your parasympathetic nervous system

For more information about Love Energy, read my Blog How to Find Love.

You can find more information about the dangers of plastics and storing food here.

For more information about using the breath, go here.

Connect with Holly

For the interview in video format, watch it on my YouTube channel

About Holly

Holly Niles is a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist, Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner, Integrative Health Practitioner and Wellness Educator.  Her role as Functional Nutritionist at Dr. Mark Hyman’s UltraWellness Center offered her an amazing opportunity to learn from top Functional Medicine professionals and share her skills with hundreds of patients.  This enhanced her more than 25 years in the integrative medical field and refined her hands-on approach as a Functional Medicine Nutritionist and Wellness educator.

Her other skills include: Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner, Professional level Yoga and Pilates Teacher, Yoga Therapy practitioner, and Consultant. She brings these diversified skills and a lifelong passion for integrative wellness to all she does across Clinical and Private practice settings as well as teaching.

Episode #12: Relax, Don’t Do It! – Interview with Susan Douglass, Corporate Mindfulness Practitioner

It was so…relaxing…to interview Susan Douglass from Soul State recently!

Susan is a Corporate Mindfulness practitioner, who loves to work with professionals to help them relax.

Susan teaches Deep Relaxation (Yoga Nidra) and Yin Yoga.  Her skills and knowledge are something that are of benefit to absolutely everyone, especially in 2020!

In this interview we speak about:

• what we mean when we talk about Yin and Yang
• what exactly is Yin Yoga
• the benefits of Yin Yoga due to its affect on your fascia (connective tissue), including pain relief
• the way that Yin Yoga allows the body to release stress and anxiety
• how Yoga Nidra is not really yoga, and how it works
• the fact that the deep relaxation produced by Yoga Nidra has as much benefit to you as 2 hours sleep
• the best ways to access deep relaxation recordings online
• how yoga nidra works on the underlying causes of all wellbeing issues
• the future of corporate health.

For heaps more detailed information about Relaxation check out my Blog, How to Relax: 15 ideas to help you.

To connect with Susan, head on over to her website,  or to her Facebook page

For the interview in video format, watch it on my YouTube channel

About Susan

Susan Douglass is more than a founder of Soul State Yoga
With two small beautiful children, juggling career, life on her own, stress levels mounting she found solace in a regular Yin Yoga class and this is where the search for her dharma unfolded in a delightful dance.
Diving headfirst into her first year-long course an Advanced Yoga Diploma that was filled with softness, kindness, and that innate sense of coming home. The immersion unfolded with Yin Yoga Traning, Transformational Yoga Training, Yoga Nidra via the linage of Swami Satyananda Saraswati and Advanced Training in I Am Yoga Nidra with Karmini Desai.
She has since divided her time in the corporate world and engaging corporate audiences in the sciences and practices of finding space, balance, and the power of deep relaxation.
Her goal is to elevate these powerful modalities into the lives of busy people who don’t have time to meander through the epilogue of modalities.

Episode #11: Power Foods to help you feel confident, balanced and back in control – Interview with Paula Sturm, Dietician and Functional Medicine Nutritionist

Want to know all about the best foods for helping you to feel energetic, balanced, empowered and confident?

Well then, you need to understand the foods that are important in the Power Energy system!

I’m delighted to welcome back Paula Sturm, dietician and nutritionist from Radically Nourished to talk on this topic.

In the interview we discuss:

  • cravings for sugar and other simple carbs
  • how to break the sugar habit
  • the relationship between sugar, the gut microbiome and feeling calm and happy
  • why artificial sweeteners are a bad idea
  • good carbs – the ones you need to include in your diet
  • the benefits of eating yellow coloured fruits and veggies
  • herbs & spices that are great for digestion, metabolism and blood sugar balance
  • why you should eat both cooked and raw produce
  • tips to help you eat less by eating slower

My Blog, Boost your Self Confidence, has a lot more information about the Power Energy system.

You can also access this interview in video format on my YouTube channel.

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About Paula

Paula Sturm, RDN, FMN, CFSP is a registered dietitian, nutritionist and owner of Radically Nourished. She is also a Functional Medical Nutritionist and Genomic Medicine Clinician. She received her bachelor’s degree with distinction in Nutrition Science from the University of Minnesota and then continued on to the prestigious Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN for her dietetic internship. In a desire to be on the cutting edge of nutrition’s impact on health and wellbeing she pursued additional training in Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition through Next Level Functional Nutrition. In addition to IFMNT certification, she became a Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner and her recent endeavor as a Certified Genomic Medicine Clinician. Rounding out these physical modalities she’s included hypnotherapy, NLP, and Theta Healing into her practice to address the energetic and subconscious programing her clients often struggle with. These dynamic methods help her look at the whole person; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to develop real personalized care for her clients.

Get in touch with Paula here.

Episode #10: Anxiety – Interview with Dawn Vincent, Mental Health Social Worker & Psychotherapist

In this interview I am speaking with Dawn Vincent, who is a Mental Health Social Worker, Psychotherapist and Career Counsellor.

Dawn gives us an in depth understanding of anxiety, including some great tips on things that you can do to help yourself to manage anxiety, but also how to tell when you should seek professional help.

We talk about:

  • work life balance and stress
  • the difference between common anxiety and Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • symptoms of anxiety that can be easy to miss
  • simple solutions to help yourself feel better when experiencing anxiety
  • how good sleep habits help and what this means
  • the importance of exercise in managing anxiety

My Blog, Boost your Self Confidence, has a lot more information that relates to managing anxiety.

You can also access this interview in video format on my YouTube channel.

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About Dawn

Dawn Vincent is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, Psychotherapist and Career Counsellor with a private practice in Camberwell, Victoria, Australia.

She assists people to manage their mental health and wellbeing, to develop better relationships and find greater satisfaction in work/career.

Get in touch with Dawn here.

Episode #9: Movement, Chronic Pain & Yoga – Interview with Jolanda De Jong, Yoga Instructor

In this episode, I chat to yoga instructor, Jolanda DeJong.

We talk about her long association with yoga, but how a back injury led her to explore yoga more deeply with yoga therapy, which eventually led her to qualify as an instructor, specialising in Yoga for All Abilities.

We also cover:

  • movement and mental health
  • listening to your body and using the breath
  • being aware of your home office set up during Covid19
  • Jolanda’s routine
  • the relationship between food and movement

To access the FREE 30 minute yoga workout, specifically targeted to boost Immunity, simply sign up to receive my 7 Ways to Get your Energy Back Ebook, and the yoga video is one of TWO extra gifts you receive!

And here is the Boost your Self Confidence Blog I mention at the end.

You can also access this interview in video format on my YouTube channel.

Connect with Jolanda.

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Episode #8: Managing Menopause – Interview with Maria Roldan, Holistic Nutritionist

Want to know how to survive, and even thrive, in the years leading up to menopause ladies?  Then this podcast is for you!

Holistic Nutritionist Maria Roldan, from Rediscover your Health, talks to us about all things menopause:

  • her own experience of being peri-menopausal at 37 years old
  • the amazing difference that nutrition can make in overcoming and preventing not only digestive problems, but also conditions such as anxiety
  • the stigma and horrendous symptoms that are commonly thought to be a ‘normal’ part of menopause
  • the massive affect that stress has on the life of women on either side of menopause
  • Maria’s top tips for managing menopause
  • the wisdom, joy and great health available to us post menopause

For more information feel free to read my Blog all about how to get your Energy back during menopause, or any other condition associated with reproductive health, go here.

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To get a video of the interview instead, go to my YouTube channel.

Connect with Maria

Episode #7: How to get more Energy from Food – Interview with Holly Niles

Want to know how to get more energy from food?

What you eat can change your motivation to exercise, your ability to sleep better and reduce mood swings and emotional outbursts?
In this interview with Licensed Integrative Nutritionist, Holly Niles, you will learn all about this and much more!

We talk about:

  • balancing what you eat to ensure you have the energy to do the things you need to do throughout the whole day
  • what to keep hunger at bay for longer
  • intermittent fasting and how to do it best
  • the best foods to help you sleep better
  • healthy snack options that will get you through the day
  • how to choose foods that help you to continually detox
  • the importance of your food choices for your current and future wellbeing

Feel free to check out my Blog “How to get more Energy from Food” for lots more detail to help you make healthy food choices.

To watch the interview instead, go to the Evenstar Wellbeing YouTube channel and don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there!

Connect with Holly

Episode #6: Foods for Fertility | Creation Energy – Interview with Radically Nourished

Want to find out all about the foods that will help you to boost and balance hormones, fertility, emotional stability, gut health and creativity?

This is an interview with Paula Sturm from Radically Nourished, where we talk all about the foods that benefit our Creation Energy – the second type of essential energy that I work with.

We cover:
– why Paula is both a Dietician and a Functional Medicine Nutritionist
– water: how much you should drink, when you should drink it, why it’s so important especially for weight loss
– fats & oils: why ‘low fat’ diets are not a good idea, what good quality fats and oils do in your body, how they are necessary for good reproductive health and also for emotional stabilisation
– omega 3 fats: why they are all the rage and what foods we can get them from
– orange foods: how they can make a difference to fertility and stress levels
– fibre: what is the difference between soluble and insoluble fibre and why is fibre important for gut health, immunity and reproductive health

If you know someone who might prefer to watch the interview, send them to my YouTube channel

Learn more about Creation Energy, the second type of essential energy that you need for optimal wellbeing.

Get in touch with Paula.

Episode #5: You and your Hormones | Creation Energy – Interview with Phytothrive

This is an interview absolutely bursting at the seams with information about hormone balance and how it affects absolutely everything to do with how well middle aged women feel in general, and how much energy they have!

I am chatting with Deepa Kannan, from Phytothrive, who is an Allied Functional Medicine Practitioner and a Functional Nutritionist.

We talk about
– how Deepa’s son’s serious illness brought her to functional medicine in a bid to understand the root cause of his problem
– the link between gut health and hormones
– the common but unpleasant symptoms of hormone imbalance that society treats as a ‘normal’ part of a woman’s life: bloating, immune system compromises, fatigue, decreased energy levels, fluctuating mood, and disturbed sleep to name a few
– how exactly different hormones fluctuate through a woman’s monthly cycle, and how to best manage this
– the 10 principals of Functional Medicine and how these can be applied to Women’s Health
– what causes general aches and pains in middle aged women
– how to manage unwanted weight gain or inability to lose weight in middle age

To read my Blog on Creation Energy – the energy of hormones, emotions and creativity go here.

If you know someone who’d rather watch a video of the interview please send them here.

To connect with Deepa: https://phytothrive.com/

Episode #4: The Magic of Movement Part 2 – Interview with HMB Collective

This is the last of my Movement themed interviews from the past month.

In this one I am chatting with Shellie Page from HMB Collective. Shellie is a personal trainer who specialises in body sculpting. She has a very holistic approach to this body-focussed work and has a lot to say about Movement and it’s relationship with:

  • mindset
  • gratitude
  • nutrition, and the dangers of under eating when trying to change body shape
  • sleep.

Shellie also shares details of her own routine and her top tips for managing movement during the Covid19 #lockdown.

As I mention not all of my Movement interviews made it to the podcast so far!  Feel free to check them all out on the Evenstar Wellbeing YouTube channel

For more information feel free to read my latest Blog, The Magic of Movement, which amongst other things talks about how moving our bodies is essential to boost immunity.

To find out more about Shellie’s work you can find her on socials here:

Keep on moving!

Episode #3: The Magic of Movement Part 1 – Interview with CB Wellness Therapy

The focus here at Evenstar for the next month or so is on one of the aspects of Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing – Movement!

In this episode I interview Camilla Streeter from CB Wellness Therapy who is both a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist and a qualified Chef, so she is uniquely positioned to talk about the special relationship between movement and food!

We also delve into what exactly is Remedial Massage, what is Myotherapy, and what is Fascia.
We cover how we know if we are not moving enough and what effect this has on our joints.
Heading more in the food realm we discuss whole foods, fasting and routines!

Hope you enjoy!

If you’d like to watch the video of the interview you can catch it on my YouTube channel here.

For more information feel free to read my latest Blog, The Magic of Movement, which amongst other things talks about how moving our bodies is essential to boost immunity.

To get in touch with Camilla for massage or online cooking classes (such a multi-talented individual!) go to: www.cbwellnesstherapy.com

Lastly if you want to watch the “Fuzz” video that Camilla mentioned, which will give you a much better understanding about fascia, it’s here.

Episode #2: How to get your Energy Back and Boost Immunity during #Lockdown2020: REMOTE REIKI

How can you get your energy back and boost your immunity during the Covid19 #lockdown? Remote Reiki.

In the same situation as many health and wellbeing practitioners, I have had to close the physical doors to my practice due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. Luckily though I can still provide most of my services remotely, and it is really important to me to be able to do this at this time, more than any other – the world needs healing!

In this podcast I cover the basics of how and why Remote Reiki works, and more importantly I interview a client of mine who has been working with me remotely for more than 2 years, since she moved interstate.


Episode #1: Foundation Energy – the Root of Immunity

Discussing the first of the 7 types of energy that I work with – Foundation Energy – turned out to be perfect timing for the #Covid19 pandemic escalation as this is the energy of IMMUNITY!

Listen to learn more about Foundation Energy and how to bring more of this into your life, and boost your immunity, with all aspects of Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing: Food, Movement, Sleep, Surroundings and Being.