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Episode #5: You and your Hormones | Creation Energy – Interview with Phytothrive

This is an interview absolutely bursting at the seams with information about hormone balance and how it affects absolutely everything to do with how well middle aged women feel in general, and how much energy they have!

I am chatting with Deepa Kannan, from Phytothrive, who is an Allied Functional Medicine Practitioner and a Functional Nutritionist.

We talk about
– how Deepa’s son’s serious illness brought her to functional medicine in a bid to understand the root cause of his problem
– the link between gut health and hormones
– the common but unpleasant symptoms of hormone imbalance that society treats as a ‘normal’ part of a woman’s life: bloating, immune system compromises, fatigue, decreased energy levels, fluctuating mood, and disturbed sleep to name a few
– how exactly different hormones fluctuate through a woman’s monthly cycle, and how to best manage this
– the 10 principals of Functional Medicine and how these can be applied to Women’s Health
– what causes general aches and pains in middle aged women
– how to manage unwanted weight gain or inability to lose weight in middle age

To read my Blog on Creation Energy – the energy of hormones, emotions and creativity go here.

If you know someone who’d rather watch a video of the interview please send them here.

To connect with Deepa: https://phytothrive.com/

Episode #4: The Magic of Movement Part 2 – Interview with HMB Collective

This is the last of my Movement themed interviews from the past month.

In this one I am chatting with Shellie Page from HMB Collective. Shellie is a personal trainer who specialises in body sculpting. She has a very holistic approach to this body-focussed work and has a lot to say about Movement and it’s relationship with:

  • mindset
  • gratitude
  • nutrition, and the dangers of under eating when trying to change body shape
  • sleep.

Shellie also shares details of her own routine and her top tips for managing movement during the Covid19 #lockdown.

As I mention not all of my Movement interviews made it to the podcast so far!  Feel free to check them all out on the Evenstar Wellbeing YouTube channel

For more information feel free to read my latest Blog, The Magic of Movement, which amongst other things talks about how moving our bodies is essential to boost immunity.

To find out more about Shellie’s work you can find her on socials here:

Keep on moving!

Episode #3: The Magic of Movement Part 1 – Interview with CB Wellness Therapy

The focus here at Evenstar for the next month or so is on one of the aspects of Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing – Movement!

In this episode I interview Camilla Streeter from CB Wellness Therapy who is both a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist and a qualified Chef, so she is uniquely positioned to talk about the special relationship between movement and food!

We also delve into what exactly is Remedial Massage, what is Myotherapy, and what is Fascia.
We cover how we know if we are not moving enough and what effect this has on our joints.
Heading more in the food realm we discuss whole foods, fasting and routines!

Hope you enjoy!

If you’d like to watch the video of the interview you can catch it on my YouTube channel here.

For more information feel free to read my latest Blog, The Magic of Movement, which amongst other things talks about how moving our bodies is essential to boost immunity.

To get in touch with Camilla for massage or online cooking classes (such a multi-talented individual!) go to: www.cbwellnesstherapy.com

Lastly if you want to watch the “Fuzz” video that Camilla mentioned, which will give you a much better understanding about fascia, it’s here.

Episode #2: How to get your Energy Back and Boost Immunity during #Lockdown2020: REMOTE REIKI

How can you get your energy back and boost your immunity during the Covid19 #lockdown? Remote Reiki.

In the same situation as many health and wellbeing practitioners, I have had to close the physical doors to my practice due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. Luckily though I can still provide most of my services remotely, and it is really important to me to be able to do this at this time, more than any other – the world needs healing!

In this podcast I cover the basics of how and why Remote Reiki works, and more importantly I interview a client of mine who has been working with me remotely for more than 2 years, since she moved interstate.


Episode #1: Foundation Energy – the Root of Immunity

Discussing the first of the 7 types of energy that I work with – Foundation Energy – turned out to be perfect timing for the #Covid19 pandemic escalation as this is the energy of IMMUNITY!

Listen to learn more about Foundation Energy and how to bring more of this into your life, and boost your immunity, with all aspects of Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing: Food, Movement, Sleep, Surroundings and Being.