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Your real home is not the house you live in, but the stillness and peace in your heart. – Ajahn Brahm 

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Unsure which Evenstar Wellbeing service will best meet your needs?
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Initial Wellbeing Consultation with Reiki Healing (for new clients)
Reiki Treatment & Chakra Balance $97.00  (allow 75 mins for your initial consultation)

Standard Wellbeing Consultation with Reiki Healing (for existing clients)
Reiki Treatment & Chakra Balance $87.00  (allow 60 mins for standard consultations)

Remote Reiki Healing Consultation
Remote Reiki Healing $77.00  (conducted via Skype/ Phone)

Wellbeing 3 Pack
3 Wellbeing Consultations (valid for 2 months) $227.00
(can be used for 1 x Initial Wellbeing Consultation plus 2 x Standard Consultations,
or for 3 x Standard Consultations/Aromatherapy Massages/ Remote Reiki sessions)

Aromatherapy Massage $87.00
(allow 60 mins)

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