Self Confidence

Are you constantly comparing yourself to others and finding yourself coming up wanting? Do you have a chatterbox in your head constantly spewing negative energy through damaging “self-talk”? Do you feel powerless to make changes in your life?  If any of this rings true then in this blog you will learn how to boost your self confidence and take back control of your life!

The relationship between Self Confidence and your 3rd Chakra

If you have problems with self confidence then it may well be the case that your Third Chakra is out of balance! The 7 Chakras are the main energy centres of the body and are active on all energetic levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. There are many other smaller energy centres in the body that follow the energy pathways, or meridians.

The third chakra is located in the top half of your abdomen – between your belly button and the bottom of your rib cage. It is otherwise known as the Solar Plexus and its proper name is Manipura. The third chakra is THE power centre of the body and is strongly associated with self confidence, self esteem and self worth. It also affects our levels of motivation and ‘get up and go’!! If your concept of yourself is less than positive then this can indicate that this critical energy centre is out of balance.

On the other end of the spectrum of self concept, people whose personas are excessively arrogant, domineering or overly ambitious, may also have imbalanced third chakras. As with any energy concept it is really a constant cycle, not a linear spectrum with opposite ends!

Another strong indication of third chakra imbalance can be addiction to stimulating substances such as caffeine, alcohol or other drugs. So, if you feel that you can’t function without these things in your life: that you can’t wake up in the morning without your coffee, or you can’t relax in the evening without a glass of wine, or that you are only fun (or you can only have fun) when you’ve had a few drinks – you may need to get your third chakra back in balance!   Why do you use these substances? It is a way to escape from your negative self perception for a while? That in itself is addictive!

Physical manifestations of imbalance in the third chakra are often digestive issues including serious ones such as diabetes and eating disorders. As this area is the body’s power centre it makes sense that chronic fatigue also indicates imbalance, as do allergic conditions. If you have any of these conditions then you should work on balancing the third chakra. Remember that you can heal yourself!

The energy flow behind Self Confidence

The flow of energy in the third chakra is blocked by shame. Shame is energetic self-loathing. How do we overcome this? Balance will be brought about by accepting and loving all aspects of yourself and releasing all your disappointments and let downs. In order to bring balance into a chakra it is always necessary to let go and forgive. For third chakra balance you need to forgive yourself. Holding on to all the many ways that you are dissatisfied with yourself and just allowing yourself temporarily escape via stimulants will retain energetic imbalance. The negative energy of shame does not serve your higher good – you need to let it go.

Unfortunately the third chakra will also affect determination and persistence which means that the longer you leave it imbalanced the harder it will be for you to affect change! So what are you waiting for?! The good news is that there are many things that you can do to bring your third chakra back into balance and therefore improve your self confidence.

How to improve your own Self Confidence

  1. Sun – the third chakra element is Fire, so being near a gorgeous open fire or being in the sun will be great for you! The colour of this chakra is yellow, so if you can’t get much sunshine or fire in your life, light your own by wearing something yellow! If you don’t like yellow then you can always have a handkerchief or a piece of jewellery that is unobtrusive but is still bringing this energetic vibration into your space.
  2. Exercise – as this is the Power centre – and our bodies are meant to move – physical activity (especially in the sun) is fabulous for balancing this chakra! Do whatever you love – walk, run, bike, rollerblade, skate, skip!  If you struggle with motivating yourself to exercise then find out how here.
  3. Challenge – instead of seeing struggles or difficulties as things that are going to deplete your energy, see them as challenges that stimulate it
  4. Self Talk – you need to put constant surveillance on that chatterbox and gag it – every time you catch yourself saying something negative (no matter how small) replace it with, I love and accept myself
  5. Breathe – using breath is really powerful for the third chakra. If you are breathing deeply you will be moving this physical area of your body. Try it – take a really deep breath and feel your belly expand! Breathe in judgement of yourself and your situation, but breathe out acceptance.
  6. Meditation – you can also use the breath in meditation on the third chakra. Focus on your breath causing movement in the chakra. Visualise this firey energy centre – a warm, crackling fire of self-love.  Check out the Top 3 Excuses for not Meditating here!
  7. Affirmation – say affirmations daily – look yourself in the eye in the mirror, feel positivity and love for yourself as you say them: I am powerful, confident and worthy, I express my power peacefully, I feel the power of me making a difference, I am grateful for my own power
  8. Reikireiki will help you to bring this chakra (and all others) back into balance, enabling you to access your own self love and self confidence
  9. Other tools – essential oils DoTerra blends such as Motivate or Peace, Bergamot, Wintergreen; crystals such as Amber, Golden Topaz or Citrine.

If you would like any further information about improving your self confidence through energetic balance, or anything else, then please contact me.

If you are ready to boost your self confidence and take back control of your life then book now for a powerful reiki session.

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