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Misconceptions about Miscarriage

I wrote this in this week after Mother’s Day because I wanted to acknowledge those women who have found that conceiving and giving birth to a child is not necessarily an easy thing. You may have experienced the very difficult birth of a now healthy child or you may have lost a child during birth, or you may have lost a child before it was even born through miscarriage.  All of these experiences are traumatizing.  Literally, this is a trauma that will remain a part of your story for the rest of your life. I know because I have been there myself.  I had 3 miscarriages in total, two before my now oldest son was born and one in between my two ‘successful’ pregnancies, when I was trying to fall pregnant for the second time.  I was lucky in that my losses came very early, all within the first trimester. For the first two I was overseas – the first one happened in China and the second in the UK.  When I had my second miscarriage my then husband was all the way back in Australia for work, but luckily my brother and his new wife were living in Scotland so they took the train down to London to be with me. I think that the biggest problem with miscarriage or stillbirth is that not only are you grieving a loss for

Common Digestive Complaints: which essential oils to use

The digestive system remains top of mind for me at the moment!  If you regularly read my Blog or see my videos you’ll know that I do talk about it a lot!  That is really because (paraphrasing Hippocrates – father of medicine, here) all Wellbeing begins in the Gut. In the Wellbeing Assessment that I do with clients when we begin working together one of the key things that we discuss is their diet and whether or not they have thought about the health of their gut microbiome lately!  Because of the amazing connection between the gut and the brain many of the things that people often seek out my services for – anxiety, stress, fatigue – often have an underlying cause that is controlled and influenced by both their heads and their tummies! Gut Microbiome Guinea Pig At the time of writing I am using myself as a bit of guinea pig and investigating my own gut microbiome.  I’ve sent my poo off to America to be analyzed (still waiting for the results!) and I’m currently doing Michael Mosley’s Clever Guts Diet.  Having been doing this for a week now I can honestly say that I feel a lot more energetic, both physically and mentally, plus I’ve lost more than half a kilo (not that this was my purpose at all!)  I was starting from a position of having

Glow of Wellbeing: the problem with scented candles

Our sense of smell is an amazing thing because aromas can have such an effect on our emotions.  A smell can remind you of something and put you in a good or a bad mood as a result. An aroma can help you to relax, can wake you up or put a smile on your face. Sensing a smell results from chemicals in the air around you stimulating your nervous system.  Therefore, we are talking here about Surroundings which is one of the aspects of Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing. The human smelling sense can detect more than 10K different aromas! Fragrance, Health & Wellbeing Fragrances are a very important sensory stimulant, which can affect our wellbeing on all levels – spiritual, emotional, mental and also physical (remember the last time an unpleasant smell made you feel physically sick?) As a Wellbeing Practitioner who works with Essential Oils every day I rely on the effect of aroma to help improve outcomes for my clients both in their sessions with me and when they go back to their everyday lives. Indeed it is the appeal of a fragrance being impactful on our environment and our wellbeing that has created a multi-billion dollar global candle industry. With all the retailers reminding us that Christmas is just around the corner I thought it was a good time to talk about the potential hazards of fragranced candles and what

Secret Cure for all Stress

Are you feeling stressed, uptight, anxious and really find it hard to look forward to anything , let alone actually enjoy the moment? How would you like to access something that is going to help you make it through any stress without really losing your s...t?! One Hour is all it takes Ok so I know plenty of you will be out there going ‘well I just don’t have an hour’. But think about this, if you don’t make time for wellness, you will eventually need to make time for illness. In the scheme of life one hour is nothing, but what will it mean for you, and your loved ones if you can get through everyday life without being a cranky so and so, and actually enjoy something? Plus, an immune system boost will mean that you are much less likely to collapse in a heap – of illness – when you can finally do stop.  How many times have you finally gotten away on your dream holiday only to come down with a dreaded lurgy??!! Aromatherapy Massage Using your one hour investment in your wellbeing for an Aromatherapy Massage will have many benefits for your wellbeing: increasing energy through stimulation of endorphins promoting relaxation through lengthening muscles and increasing flexibility and boosting the immune system through stimulation of the lymphatic system (removing toxins and wastes from the body)

The Breath of Life

Do you ever find yourself holding your breath when you’re uptight or stressed or even for no apparent reason? Do you often feel lightheaded or like your brain is fuzzy after a long period of concentration on something important? We often don’t realise when we are really not breathing effectively and the problem with this is that it can have an ongoing negative effect on your wellbeing. Breath is Life Your breath is literally life-giving. If you are not breathing deeply (or not breathing at all for a short period) you are not taking life in! Let me be clear here, it is not a problem to occasionally hold your breath, and sometimes it is actually advisable – such as when you are going under water or when you walk past a smoker! Some activities such as target shooting and even yoga require you to hold your breath as a part of the practice – this is all okay! However, when you find yourself frequently holding your breath or taking short shallow breaths, this is when you have a problem! Stop right now and focus on your breath! It is often only when you focus that you can slow down and regulate your breathing and check that you are really breathing deeply. When you take a true deep inhalation your whole belly should expand as the diaphragm contracts, extending the

Silly Season Survival Tips #6 – Overeating!

Does the festive season leave you feeling stuffed, sluggish, unwell and generally bad about yourself? There is so much rich, delicious food around that you are pretty much expected to eat at this time of year, making it can be very difficult to stick to eating sensibly and in reasonable quantities. We saved the best 'til last and this blog includes several strategies to help avoid this outcome and increase your overall enjoyment of this 'most wonderful time of year’! If you missed any of our other Silly Season Survival Tips they covered Sleep, Food, Hangovers, Sugar and Gift Giving. You can catch them on the Facebook page, YouTube channel or the Blog! Not so happy Christmas The problem with overeating is that it can make you feel bad on all energetic levels! You feel physically uncomfortable at best, and unwell at worst.  Whilst at the same time feeling emotionally down because you have not stuck to your resolve to not overeat and you are also very likely to not feel like doing all those other fun Festive things like the family game of backyard cricket or walk along the beach. Of course if you make overeating a habit then it will also result in weight gain and all the other life-threatening side effects of this! What happens when you overeat? Whenever you eat, chemical messengers set off to and

How to beat Asthma with Essential Oils in just 2 weeks (a Case Study)

Breathlessness. Wheezing. Tightness in the chest. A continual cough. Do you, or someone you care about suffer from asthma? If so, you may have medication to treat the symptoms but nothing that you seem to do makes this chronic condition go away permanently? One of my clients was in this exact situation. She had suffered from respiratory issues her whole life. First contracting bronchitis as a baby, and then every winter therafter. Some years when she was very young the bronchitis was so bad that she was hospitalised with it. Impact of Asthma Then a couple of years ago, around age 30, she developed chronic asthma. The asthma caused her to have difficulty breathing and to cough constantly, to the point where she was in pain and would continually lose her voice. To add injury to insult, the asthma also caused ongoing chest infections. My client found herself being repeatedly prescribed two different types of puffers and antibiotics. The asthma would generally clear up a bit but then would reoccur shortly after she finished a course of medication. It got to the point that nothing she was taking was working. It is important to note here that my client is well known in the world of business in Australia, having been named on the Top 10 list of Australian Women Entrepreneurs for 2017 by My Entrepreneur Magazine and appointed as

Exam Season Special!! How to Focus and Clear your Mind.

How to Focus and Clear your Mind The modern world is full of SOOO many distractions that it’s really a wonder that anything gets achieved anywhere!! Screens, devices, apps, reminders, emails, messages, calls wherever you are, at whatever time of day the caller ‘needs’ you… All of these things can be majorly disruptive when you are trying to focus and get things ticked off that never ending to-do list. This time of year many of our young people (and some not-so-young) are heading into exam and assessment season and focus is essential both during the preparation study time and also during the exam itself. What happens (or doesn’t happen) when you can’t focus? If you are not able to focus then your results will suffer. This is true for work, study and life! Results may even be non-existent when we are not able to get things done. Even worse is the situation where a lack of focus results in a decision being made or an action being taken that is bad, dangerous or destructive. The Energy Centre responsible for focus If you lack focus, clear thinking and the ability to quickly and easily make decisions then it is likely that your 6th Chakra – the Third Eye – is out of balance. The 7 Chakras are the main energy centres of the body and are active on all energetic levels

Solving problems by working less

Solving problems by working less. This fabulous article on TED Ideas about how reducing our working hours could go a long way to solving many global problems including gender equity, societal inequality, unemployment and climate change; along with the more obvious solutions of reduction in stress (the black plague of the 21st century) and improved efficiency and higher risk management through lower error rates. Check it out here, and make sure you leave work on time today! If you need some support with stress management then please check out our Services.  Reiki and Aromatherapy are both incredible tools that are available to you to help you improve your wellbeing and feel better, think better and do better.  

Winter Remedies Part 2 – Cold and Flu

Last month I wrote a post about nasal and chest congestion, and how DoTerra's wonderful Breathe/ Easy Air oil is so effective in dealing with this. Melbourne's sudden winter onset seems to bring about a rapid increase in coughs and sniffles, yes we've hit cold and flu season. So I thought that the week of the Winter Solstice was perfect timing to write about On Guard, another Doterra blend, which is the cure-all for any infection (so it does tend to come in handy all through the year!) and is truly one of the best cold and flu remedies that I have ever used. As it's name suggests, On Guard will protect you from all those nasty bugs out there! It is antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antiseptic.  I get it out the minute someone is feeling ANY illness coming on.  The result: that illness completely goes away again, or at the very least is reduced in severity and length. On Guard comes in several different forms – including teensy capsules and throat drops - to make it perfect for the whole family to use. My kids (because they are the children of a crazy oils lady!!) are very good at taking a drop of oil in half a glass of water - with accompanying groans and weird facial expressions!  But - especially when they are feeling very under the weather - it is nice