Exam Prep, the 5 Star Way

Exam Prep, the 5 Star Way Here in Australia we’re getting to the pointy end of the academic year, and thousands of our young people are about to go into a different kind of lockdown - the lockdown of exam prep! 2020 has been such a difficult year, especially for those in their final year of high school, like my oldest son. And no where have they had it as tough as we have here in Melbourne, Victoria. So this year more than any other I wanted to share some ideas for helping your loved ones, or yourself, through the exam prep period and of course the exams themselves. Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing™ is the approach to holistic health that I have developed and it brings in everything that is essential for you to be as well as you possibly can be: Food, Movement, Sleep, Surroundings and Being. So, let’s look at exam prep with this approach. Food Caffeine Make sure that you keep your caffeine intake to a minimum. A couple of cups of tea or coffee a day is okay but don’t let it become too many more. Perhaps more importantly, enjoy your caffeine in the morning and then swap your usual afternoon caffeinated hot drink for a herbal tea or lemon juice in hot water. Caffeine has a half life of 12 hours (ie. half of the

How to get more Energy from Food

Here at Evenstar Wellbeing I’m all about energy, and food is the energy that we consciously and deliberately put into our bodies.  It is literally fuel for living, for every aspect of our lives.  So, if you enjoy living a good life, or you’d like to live a better one, the number one action that you can take is to pay attention to what you are fuelling your body, and your life, with.  It’s a sad fact that many people in the modern western world treat their motor vehicles better than they do their human vehicles! Whole Foods The simplest thing to keep in mind when deciding to focus on your food energy is to eat food.  Yep, simply eat food.  Don’t put things into your body that are in fact ‘food-like’ substances (ie. highly processed, packaged products) that we’ve been conditioned over the last few decades to think of as food.  Your body actually doesn’t know what to do with a fuel source that it doesn’t recognise.  How do you know if something you’re putting in your mouth is food? Ask yourself, is it something that your ancestors, even as little time ago as your grandparents, would recognise as food?  A whole food is something that is grown on planet earth – either plant or animal - and you could walk into a farm and touch it with your

That Sugar Blog

So, my latest obsession is clean food. A few weeks before Easter this year two things changed my life. 1. I did a webinar with Mindvalley Academy (I do these regularly – great place for ideas and doing good work on yourself). This particular webinar was on the Wild Diet, which is Eric Edmeades’ variation of the paleo diet. It really got me thinking about all the things in the western diet that are not “real” food. 2. Then literally a few days later my 11 year old had 3 friends for a sleepover and That Sugar Film was on TV. I escaped upstairs to watch this documentary that I had been meaning to see since it came out (meanwhile the boys stayed downstairs watching something that wasn’t a documentary and eating something sugary, no doubt!!) My brain was on fire! How much of what we consume is (1) not something that my grandparents, let alone our cave man ancestors, would recognise as food and (2) packed with sugar, even when it is supposedly ‘healthy’. The food industry is huge, well it has to be, the global population is huge, but this means that their marketing power is absolutely immense. What happened to That Sugar Guy in his film was really frightening. If you haven’t seen it, what he did was put himself on a diet of consuming so

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