Letting go of the old to make room for the new

You may think on a conscious level that you're over something that caused you sadness, anguish, fury or frustration and yet change is just not happening in your life? The problem is that often we hold onto the past on an unconscious and cellular level and whilst this is happening there is just no room for new positivity to move in as a replacement! Heart Chakra I wrote this Blog in the week that had Valentine’s Day, rapidly followed by the New Moon Solar Eclipse and thus was a big week for heart energy. The heart chakra (one of the 7 energy centres found at all levels of the body – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) is the fourth chakra and is commonly recognised as the energetic centre of love.  This refers to your ability to both give and receive love.  What is less commonly known though, is that the heart chakra is also strongly associated with your ability to let things go.  To let go of people, situations or things that no longer serve you.  This is all about letting go once you have processed your sadness, grief, and/ or anger on a conscious level.  (For more information about dealing with grief check out my Blog on that topic.) New Moon New Moons are always about sowing new seeds, putting things in place to make change.  But of course it

How grounded are you?

Find out why you might be feeling low in energy, depressed, anxious or even having serious allergic and inflammatory health conditions such as asthma, and the simple practice that could really improve your wellbeing and make you feel very grounded: grounding or earthing. My journey into being grounded began with learning more and more about the First Chakra as I found that so many of my clients were unbalanced in this energy centre. Humans are naturally meant to connect with the planet earth and modern life makes this even more important due to all of the positively charged electrical energy that we are exposed to almost constantly. This video explains the basics of this concept, as well as my own personal experiences. If you are interested to learn more then you may like to read the Earthing book or have a look at the Earthing Institute website. Reiki offers many of the same benefits of grounding or earthing.  If you would like to experience this for yourself feel free to contact me with any queries or Book an appointment now!

Secret Cure for all Stress

Are you feeling stressed, uptight, anxious and really find it hard to look forward to anything , let alone actually enjoy the moment? How would you like to access something that is going to help you make it through any stress without really losing your s...t?! One Hour is all it takes Ok so I know plenty of you will be out there going ‘well I just don’t have an hour’. But think about this, if you don’t make time for wellness, you will eventually need to make time for illness. In the scheme of life one hour is nothing, but what will it mean for you, and your loved ones if you can get through everyday life without being a cranky so and so, and actually enjoy something? Plus, an immune system boost will mean that you are much less likely to collapse in a heap – of illness – when you can finally do stop.  How many times have you finally gotten away on your dream holiday only to come down with a dreaded lurgy??!! Aromatherapy Massage Using your one hour investment in your wellbeing for an Aromatherapy Massage will have many benefits for your wellbeing: increasing energy through stimulation of endorphins promoting relaxation through lengthening muscles and increasing flexibility and boosting the immune system through stimulation of the lymphatic system (removing toxins and wastes from the body)

The Breath of Life

Do you ever find yourself holding your breath when you’re uptight or stressed or even for no apparent reason? Do you often feel lightheaded or like your brain is fuzzy after a long period of concentration on something important? We often don’t realise when we are really not breathing effectively and the problem with this is that it can have an ongoing negative effect on your wellbeing. Breath is Life Your breath is literally life-giving. If you are not breathing deeply (or not breathing at all for a short period) you are not taking life in! Let me be clear here, it is not a problem to occasionally hold your breath, and sometimes it is actually advisable – such as when you are going under water or when you walk past a smoker! Some activities such as target shooting and even yoga require you to hold your breath as a part of the practice – this is all okay! However, when you find yourself frequently holding your breath or taking short shallow breaths, this is when you have a problem! Stop right now and focus on your breath! It is often only when you focus that you can slow down and regulate your breathing and check that you are really breathing deeply. When you take a true deep inhalation your whole belly should expand as the diaphragm contracts, extending the

Silly Season Survival Tips #1 – Sleep!

It’s okay, in 6 weeks Christmas will all be over for another year! If that sentence just sent your blood pressure skyrocketing then this Blog is for you! Sleep in the Silly Season As if we didn’t have enough pressure on us during the rest of the year, the last 6-8 weeks of the year in Australia are absolutely crazy. Not only do we have all the things being added to our to-do lists with Christmas celebrations but we are also heading into the long summer holiday period over January and for that reason everyone seems to behave like the world is going to end on the 25th December! There are school concerts, carols, presentation nights, work end of year parties, relatives coming to stay for much longer than you might like, and on top of that all the people whom you’ve barely seen all year suddenly just have to catch up with you ‘before Christmas’!!! Often the first thing to suffer with all this extra stuff going on is your sleep. I have done two other pieces recently about sleep but I am talking about it again today because it has proven to be a VERY popular topic. Sleep is a super common wellbeing concern and for this reason I want to keep talking about it and providing useful information, especially when it’s going to help you get through

3 Unhealthy things you spend your money on because you think they will make you feel better!

Do you always spend money on things that you are sure will make you feel better, or make your life better, only to turn around the next week and have to spend some more of your hard earned cash because things actually haven’t changed?! We are most definitely a consumer society. A throw-away society. A society where you just have to have the latest iPhone every year because of our ingrained and chronic FOMO (fear of missing out) and our Compare and Despair addiction (aka keeping up with the Joneses)! When was the last time that you actually ensured that what you spend on your health and wellbeing really brought about some positive change in your life? Perhaps you are struggling to think back that far!? Or perhaps you are thinking that you’d like to invest in your wellbeing but you can’t afford it? These are some things that you could be wasting your money on, although you think that they will make you feel better! Things you Consume This is the one that we have all been guilty of at some time or another, because it’s all widely available, quick to obtain and relatively low cost. There are 3 main groups here: (1) Alcohol and Cigarettes (2) Unhealthy food (3) Miracle pills and supplements. You have a bad day and you spend money on buying a chocolate bar at

Moving on from Grief and breaking the cycle of negative energy

Moving on from grief and breaking the cycle of negative energy Throughout life we all experience grief. There are a multitude of reasons why this can be so. You may have a loved one die or become seriously ill, you may lose a pet, you may have to move on from a job, a place or a group of people that have been a big part of your life for a long time. The risk of not dealing with grief appropriately is that the emotion takes over your life and creates a cycle of negative energy where you stop looking after yourself and become unable to let go of the sadness and loss, risking mental of physical illness. How can you deal well with grief? Give yourself time. Grieving is not a 24 hour virus, you will need to journey through the 5 stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance) over a period of time. This will vary from person to person but can be weeks, through to months, or even longer. It is important to allow yourself to actually feel sad and to be able to express this, so make sure that you are giving yourself the opportunity to do so. Don’t rush back to work after bereavement leave, forcing yourself to be in a situation where you need to be professional and action-orientated rather than allowing

Grateful or Anxious – which one are You?

Grateful or Anxious - which one are you? Gratitude We hear the word Gratitude everywhere these days. It’s all over social media and weekend magazines. How you’re meant to feel it, say it, be grateful. Do you find that difficult? Do you just give it a cursory thought or express it in a few brief words before you move back to thinking about how you’ll be happy when you get that project finished, you buy that new dress, you lose a couple of kilos… I’ll be happy when syndrome is absolutely rife in modern western society and largely because we are constantly bombarded with messages about how we should look, what we should buy, which place we should want to live and where we should go on holiday. In the words of Jennifer Aniston, we are exposed to a constant barrage of ‘compare and despair’ material everywhere we look. Anxiety So why is this a problem. What does it mean if you find it hard to feel gratitude? It means that you are not living in the moment and you will NEVER feel satisfied with your life and what you have NOW. This then has a detrimental effect on your wellbeing. The definition of anxiety is desiring or being concerned for something to happen in the future. If you can’t feel gratitude what you are probably feeling, is anxious. Let’s

How a Break Up can be Bad for your Health

How a break up can be bad for your health If you have recently - or even not so recently - had a broken heart then this blog is for you! A broken heart is one of the most common reasons that people seek Reiki.  When you have a been through a break up you may feel some - or all!  - of the following: Sad and depressed about the past Regret that it ended and or time was wasted Anxious about the future Exhausted and often not sleeping well Unmotivated Short tempered You may also have physical symptoms such as headaches, digestive complaints, back pain, or skin breakouts.  We have all been there!  Sometimes you just need to let yourself retreat into a shell, hide from the world and restore yourself. This is a natural instinct because you intuitively know that you can heal yourself and so you want to focus on this, when nursing a broken heart. However, the risk with letting yourself hibernate from the world, and life, for too long is that you can enter into a cycle of negative energy. You feel sorry for yourself, you don’t look after yourself, you don’t look good, you don't love yourself, and then you spend yet another Saturday night at home, watching rom-coms, drinking wine, and eating chocolate because you didn't feel like going out with friends, and

Trouble Sleeping – which essential oils should you use?

Trouble Sleeping – which essential oils should you use? If you, or anyone in your household, have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep there are some fantastic essential oils that can be very useful. Why is this important? Because sleep is SO crucial to overall wellbeing. If we don’t get enough sleep then our brains cannot function effectively. This has an impact on our ability to concentrate and make decisions. In turn this can then increase the risk of incidents and accidents and of course it can have a negative effect on all aspects of our lives – work, relationships, motivation to exercise and eat right. Even worse are the effects of chronic sleep deprivation, which include increased incidence of depression and anxiety, as well as numerous other physical health conditions such as heart disease, weight gain, diabetes and infertility. Most worrying is the reduction in the effectiveness of the immune system caused by not sleeping enough on an ongoing basis. So not only is sleep deprivation not helping to improve your overall wellbeing, it is actually actively working to reduce it! What are essential oils? Essential oils are volatile aromatic plant compounds that have been used for thousands of year and have effects on all energetic levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. For this reason they can be amazingly effective in assisting with improving the quality and

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