How to Choose the Right Reiki Practitioner for you. If you have decided to give Reiki a try it can be difficult to work out who is the right practitioner for you.  This video is here to give you some key things to consider in your decision making process so that you don’t get overwhelmed and take no action toward the first step on your Reiki journey!

The video talks about considering the qualifications of a practitioner.  There are 3 levels of Reiki qualification – Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki 3, or Reiki Master.  A reiki practitioner must have at least Level 2 in order to practice on others.  A Reiki Master (such as myself) will have additional tools and a higher level of attunement than a Reiki 2 practitioner.  It is also recommended that you choose a practitioner who is a member of a professional association.  There are two professional Reiki Associations in Australia, called the Australian Reiki Connection and Reiki Australia.  If your practitioner is a member you can be sure than their qualifications have been verified and that they are undergoing continuous professional education in order to stay up with the latest research and techniques.

Choosing any type of health practitioner is a very personal thing, especially when we are focussing on energy.  We all know that we pick up on energies from other people, animals and even places, and you have an immediate intuition as to whether your energy is compatible with that other being or place.  This is very important when choosing a reiki practitioner.  Often you won’t be able to judge this until you are at your first session!  As with any other service provider that you are considering I would recommend that you do your research.  Check out their online presence – read their posts, blogs and website info – does it resonate with you?  Do they have reviews available?  Can anyone you know recommend a practitioner? If  a practitioner has videos available that will give you an even better picture of what they are like in person.  If you can’t get a clear picture before you book an appointment know this – even if you only have one session with a particular practitioner, it WILL do you good!  Just because your energy is not closely aligned with that practitioner doesn’t mean that they can’t help you – remember that they are NOT giving you THEIR energy – they are trained to tap into the universal energy that is all around all of us, all the time – and they will direct that energy to you to bring your body back into balance and allow for healing to occur.

Reiki practitioners tend to be spread across a spectrum that goes from very spiritual, intuitive people at one end who may use many other tools in their practice (such as crystals, sounds, clairvoyance) through to pure reiki practitioners who focus on the science of the practice.  Again you will need to choose the right person for you and that is a purely personal choice – there is no wrong, there is only perception!

Obviously another thing to consider is whether a practitioner is available at a time and place that meets your requirements.  However, if you find a practitioner that you like and they are not readily accessible to you (eg. you live a long way from them) then ask them about Remote Reiki – it is a thing!

If you have further questions after watching the video then please Contact Us.

In case you are wondering, I am probably in the middle of the Reiki spectrum!  I am not clairvoyant but I do like to use essential oils, yoga, kinesiology and affirmations in my practice.If you are ready to improve your energy balance and overall wellbeing then Book Now to Feel Better, Think Better and Do Better.


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