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This exciting, one month Course will help you to get all 7 essential systems of energy back and balance restored in your life!!

Discover – your own energetic signature, the principles of the 7 systems, the principles of Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing
Dive – develop deep understanding of the 7 systems and their interplay in your life, along with the tools of 5 Star Wellbeing that allow you to re-energise what’s missing and rebalance what’s too much
Design – the way you want to move forward, how to retain the energy you now have back, a whole new, whole you life.

This course is not for everyone.  If you’re not ready for some brave exploration below the surface of your life, your habits, your beliefs and your daily activities AS WELL as being willing and able to start to make small but important changes, this is not for you.

But, if you are ready, you will learn to nourish yourself in new and different ways: using specific foods, types of movement, enhanced sleep, detoxified surroundings, meditations, visualisations, affirmations, communication, creativity and self-exploration.

Past participants in the program said it was:

“inspiring and illuminating”

“clear, interesting and confronting”

provided “fabulous guidance and support”

What’s included
– a questionnaire to help you work out how much of each of the 7 essential systems of energy you have (or don’t have!); you will complete this at the start and again at the end of the program
– a questionnaire to identify for you where you sit with each of the aspects of Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing
– detailed information in written, video and audio format to help you understand each of the 7 systems of energy, and the 5 aspects of Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing
– a quiz for each of the 4 weekly sections of work so you know you’re doing well
– weekly webinars to answer any questions you might have, providing personalised support to keep you energised and on track
– dozens of tips about how to increase your energy in each system
– meditations
– recipes
– creativity exercises
– guided self exploration activities
– yoga practices
– a private Facebook group to ask questions, share ideas and give and receive support from the tribe


Arwen Bardsley is a wellbeing practitioner who delves into the broader and deeper levels of health and wellbeing and is the founder of Evenstar Wellbeing. She explores how science and nature are always at work in alternative health and wellbeing. Arwen specialises in looking at underlying causes (including metaphysical anatomy and epigenetics), preventative health and energetic balance on all levels. With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Melbourne and Reiki Master qualifications, Arwen focuses on helping people to improve their health with restorative energy balance.

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