• Discover

    In this first section of 7 Ways to get your Energy Back you're going to Discover. You're going to Discover 3 main things. The first thing you're going to discover is the 7 Types of Essential Energy. The second thing you're going to discover is Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing. The third and most important thing you're going to discover is your own energetic signature - where do you sit with each of the 7 energies, and each of the 5 aspects of wellbeing.

  • Dive

    In this second section of 7 Ways to Get your Energy Back you will develop deep understanding of the 7 systems and their interplay in your life, along with the tools of 5 Star Wellbeing that allow you to re-energise what’s missing and rebalance what’s too much... NB. Use your 7 Ways to Get your Energy Back Plan to identify the priority energies for you and complete the lessons in accordance with this. For example, if you have prioritised Power Energy, Truth Energy and Creation Energy then complete these lessons BEFORE you complete the other 4. Your task Checklist will help you to make sure you don't miss anything in this section of the course..

  • Design

    It the final section of the course you will Define the way you want to move forward, how to retain the energy you now have back, a whole new, whole you life.

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