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N&N Wisdom + Webinars

Nipples & Naps was set up to provide Community, Connection and Care to women going through pregnancy, birth and new motherhood during the Covid-19 pandemic. It includes a Private Facebook Group, Educational Resources and LIVE webinars.

Nipples & Naps is managed by 2 healthcare professionals (who are also mums!) – Julie Huf, a Midwife and Teacher, and Arwen Bardsley, a Holistic Health & Wellbeing Coach.

This Wisdom PLUS Webinars membership option gives you access to all of our educational resources as well as every webinar (held at least once a month) for 6 months.  Our webinars normally have a AUD20 ticket price for each session.  Nipples & Naps webinars also ALWAYS include a Q & A component where you are able to ask ANY pre or post natal related question, regardless of the topic of the webinar.
The webinars cover a wide range of topics – both pre and post natal – and are always recorded.  Only Members will have access to the recordings.  There will also be webinars with other subject matter experts such as physios, osteos, sleep experts and maternal and child health nurses.
The other Membership option is the Wisdom option, which gives you access to the educational resources for 6 months for AUD50 but you would need to pay individually for tickets to Webinars (AUD20 each) and would only have access to webinar recordings for those which you had registered to attend.
**NB our Educational Resources have up until October 2020 been available on the Facebook Group and are currently being moved over to this paid platform – so please be patient with us whilst this transfer occurs and access everything via the Facebook Group until we’ve finished moving it all.  You will gradually find content available on this platform and not on Facebook, we will communicate with Members during this process.
Also please do join the Facebook Group regardless of whether you decide to take up Membership!
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Arwen Bardsley is a wellbeing practitioner who delves into the broader and deeper levels of health and wellbeing and is the founder of Evenstar Wellbeing. She explores how science and nature are always at work in alternative health and wellbeing. Arwen specialises in looking at underlying causes (including metaphysical anatomy and epigenetics), preventative health and energetic balance on all levels. With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Melbourne and Reiki Master qualifications, Arwen focuses on helping people to improve their health with restorative energy balance.

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