Creation Energy is the second type of energy that I work with (there are 7 in total).  To find out more about the first energy type – Foundation Energy – check out the Blog here.

Creation Energy is the one that underlies everything in our emotional lives:

  • partnerships and close relationships with other beings
  • fully engaging with the whole range of emotions in the human experience
  • the expression of our creativity.

This energy is the one that pertains to the continuation of humanity through our innate ability to create new life and is sometimes called our ‘sexual’ energy.  It fully develops in the second decade of life, during which we become sexual beings, after going through puberty.

Letting the full range of human emotion flow through our lives is not something that is valued, encouraged or celebrated in western society and so this energy is one that many people are somewhat lacking in.

The equivalent vibration to Creation Energy in colour is Orange and the equivalent elemental substance is water, and thus this energy is strongly connected to the moon and lunar cycles.

You may need more Creation Energy if you feel:

  • That you don’t have the right relationships in your life: close, nourishing relationships are missing or mimicked by relationships that are in fact toxic and take your energy.  You may find simply making friends quite difficult, and feel socially awkward
  • Unable or unwilling to let yourself experience the full range of emotions: perhaps you rarely feel joy, or you don’t express your anger, or you refuse to let yourself cry in sadness
  • Lacking in creativity: you don’t think of yourself as a creative person, you may have loved creative activity when you were younger but your life has become overrun with to do lists and mundane activities
  • Disinterested in the creative pursuits of others: the creative arts do not interest or inspire you at all
  • Passion and pleasure do not play a big role in your life: you don’t prioritise having fun or doing things you love, you don’t feel very passionate about anything
  • Mentally inflexible: you find it hard to change your mind or think outside the square about problems or issues, creatively using your brain is not your norm.

Creation Energy in the Physical Body

When we are low in Creation Energy this can result in particular issues in the physical body, which I will detail below.  By the same token, if one of these physical issues develops due to an external factor this can result in problems in the available levels of Creation Energy, thus leading to the mental/emotional/spiritual issues detailed in the section above.  Everything is energy, and everything is interconnected in human existence!

Reproductive System: our system of innate creation, the glands of creation energy are the ovaries and testes (fertility, impotence, hormone balance, libido, menstruation, STIs)

Urinary System: our system of fluid balance in the body and the outflow of wastes and toxins (urinary tract infections, kidney function, dry skin, excessive thirst or sweating, water retention, blood pressure)

Large Intestine and Colon: the section of the digestive system responsible for water reabsorption, as well as excretion (diarrhoea, constipation, IBS, IBD, Crohns Disease, Colitis)

Cellular Replication: constant recreation occurs in the body (cancer)

Body Composition: proportion of muscle and fat (overweight, especially carrying excess weight in the lower abdomen)

How to Increase Creation Energy with Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing


  • Fat is essential because the human body cannot produce the essential fatty acids that all our cell membranes are made of. Also the human brain – which processes emotional responses - is 60%+ fat! Eat good quality fats from a variety of plant and animal (if possible) sources: olive oil, flaxseed oil, fish oil (e.g.salmon), nuts and seeds, leafy green vegetables, avocado
  • Sea animals – largely because of the healthy fats found in seafood, small fish are a great source of Creation Energy (avoid larger, longer living fish due to exposure to mercury levels)
  • High fibre – soluble and insoluble fibre is required to balance the way in which food moves through the digestive tract – if you eat a variety of whole vegetables, fruits and grains you will obtain the fibre required
  • Orange coloured foods - high in beta-carotene which is essential for the health of the reproductive system and also the timely assimilation of fats in the body – carrots, pumpkin, citrus, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe and tropical fruits like papaya and mango (5-7 servings a week)
  • Water – aim to drink around 2-3 litres of water a day (adjusting based on activity levels), make sure your water is filtered and plastic free. Most tap water contains chemicals that funnily enough interfere with the hormone systems of the body, as do many of the plastics used in bottled water.  Check out my Blog Plastics. Could they be impacting your health? for more information
  • Make the time to prepare food you love with passion and creativity.


Getting enough good quality sleep is essential in order for all of the cells in your body to repair, especially your brain where emotions are regulated.

Your mind also gets the chance to explore whilst you sleep and if you ask your dreams to help you solve a problem you may be pleasantly surprised by all the creative answers that your brain comes up with!


Movement is essential for the flow of energy throughout the body and in fact if we don’t move our lymphatic system can’t function and toxins do not flow out of our bodies.  For more detailed information on this, have a read of my Blog, The Magic of Movement.  Another way to release toxins from the body is sweating so do some movement that gets you sweating and rug up to increase the amount you sweat when it’s chilly.

To increase Creation Energy any movement in or around water is beneficial – swimming, boating, canoeing, surfing, aqua aerobics or even just walking beside water.

Getting out into moonlight will also be helpful to this energy.

Moving your pelvic area activates Creation Energy – dance, martial arts, tai chi, sex and of course yoga.  Click here to access the Evenstar Wellbeing Creation Energy Yoga Daily Practise video, with  wonderful qualified yoga instructor, Jolanda DeJong.


As mentioned above in the Movement aspect, being near water and also under the moon are the best Surroundings to be in to boost your Creation Energy.  Even in your own home you can bathe more mindfully, using all your senses to get the joy out of having cleansing water on your skin.

The sense of smell has powerful connections with memory and emotion.  Using essential oils to enhance your ability to experience all emotions is useful for Creation Energy.  These are my favourite single oils here:

Neroli – the oil of the partnership

Physical | Mental action: antispasmodic especially in digestive and cardiovascular system, antidepressant, stimulant

Emotional | Spiritual action: harmonises dynamics in partnerships, nourishes sexual intimacy and expression, tolerance, empathy

Orange – the oil of abundance

Physical | Mental action: reproductive system, sexual stimulant

Emotional | Spiritual action: creativity, letting go, playfulness, joy

YlangYlang – the oil of the inner child

Physical | Mental action: high blood pressure, sexual stimulant, overcomes impotence

Emotional | Spiritual action: release of emotional trauma, flow of emotions and healing, joy

DoTerra’s Emotional Aromatherapy range are also very powerful and include blends called: Cheer, Passion, Console, Forgive and Peace.  I use these ALL the time!

I have all of these recommended oils available from the certified pure therapeutic grade DoTerra range, through my Shop, and you’ll never pay RRP when you buy through Evenstar!


One of the best ways to release some of the more difficult emotions from your body is to have a good cry!  If you don’t find this easy then schedule some regular time to watch sad films.  Crying is actually anti-inflammatory so it’s very beneficial for overall health.

Get into the habit of letting all emotions flow – just remember that the wave of a difficult emotion only lasts for 60-90 seconds.  That’s a really short time and it’s much better not to block, ignore or stamp it out.  More waves will come but the more practise you have at surfing them, the easier it will be.

Meditation has scientifically proven benefits to emotional regulation.  You may like to look up guided meditations on the emotions you are struggling with. To access a lovely guided visualisation specifically created to help you deal with sadness go here.

Another really powerful tool to use is that of Affirmation.  Choose one of these and say it 3 times daily during the next few weeks. You could also combine them all into one, or make up your own:

  • I am fluid and flowing in harmony
  • I direct the flow of my emotions
  • I am connected with my creative self

You might like to write it out and place it somewhere you’ll see it often, or use it as a screen saver …