Distance Reiki

How does Distance Reiki work?

Are you struggling to find a reiki practitioner who is local to you or have you found a practitioner that you really like but they are not close by?  This video explains how Distance Reiki works and how you don’t need to be in any physical proximity to a practitioner to receive the wonderful benefits of Reiki.

Why is Distance Reiki a thing?!  Distance Reiki is based on the principles of quantum physics – everything is energy and we are all made of the same stuff.  ‘Matter’ is not physical stuff but constantly moving energy and because energy is what we are working with in Reiki it can be sent to anywhere in the Universe.  Watch out martians!!

If you have further questions about Distance Reiki or anything else reiki related please contact me!  To book an appointment to have some Distance Reiki with me click here.  Look forward to hearing from you!


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