The April 2019 full moon is known as a Double Full Moon because it is the second month in a row that she appears in the sign of Libra.  We all know Libra as the sign of balance, and this moon is certainly providing us with the energy to work towards this with a special focus on our relationships.  The power of the double full moon brings things that were hidden to the surface.

Energetic balance in relationships

When considering the relationships in our lifes it can be useful to think about which people and relationships give us energy and which drain our energy.  This is critical if we are to have energetic balance.  If we feel that we are constantly giving too much of our energy to other people, or they are draining it from us with their physical, emotional or spiritual demands it is impossible to remain balanced.

The energy of the full moon allows provides support for finishing, closing off and letting go what has been happening over the last month.  With a double full moon this is especially powerful.  The space between the two Libra full moons provided an opportunity for us to really create the beginnings of whatever we wanted to bring into our lives – I hope you used this energy wisely? But this strong energetic portal of manifestation is now closing with the second Libra moon and it is the perfect time to review what has been created and what you are ready to remove from your life, and/ or improve in your life.

With a spotlight on our relationships we need to ask what are we ready to let go, who do we need to improve things with, what needs to change?  So it’s not necessarily about ending relationships but perhaps a habit of behaviour or attitude needs to be released to make way for a more useful one. Now is the time to speak your truth in your important relationships.  It is of course important to do this from a place of kindness, rather than judgement and blame.  Mars is stepping out of bounds at the time too and his fierce warrior energy will magnify that of the full moon, and Uranus will also tend to make you somewhat impulsive, so do be careful to think before you speak but do be supported to speak from the heart at this time.

The most important relationship in your life

Your most important relationship is the relationship that you have with yourself.  Perhaps you need to have a difficult conversation with yourself to start with?  Our ability to have good quality relationshps with others starts with the thoughts and feelings that we have about ourselves.  Listen to how you talk to yourself.  Is that how you would talk to anyone else that you love unconditionally? We often save our harshest words for ourselves, and speak them repeatedly in the silence of our minds.  This is toxic and a habit that we need to break.  Gratitude can be very useful here – what are you grateful for about yourself?

How can you best support yourself to have a balanced relationship with yourself and others? Use Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing!


  • Ask yourself if the food you are eating is demonstrating to the universe that you love yourself? Is it whole foods from the earth, or is it a food-like substance?  Will it provide your physical body with nourishment and energy?
  • Practise gratitude when you eat – that you have food to start with, that you or someone else prepared the food for you with love and care, that you are able to nourish yourself
  • The energy centres that we really need to activate here are the 3rdchakra – solar plexus – with good quality carbohydrates, more whole grains, nuts and legumes (less easter eggs and hot cross buns!) and 4thchakra – heart – with lots and lots of vegetables, especially green ones!


  • Move your body in ways that you enjoy to demonstrate your self love
  • Our bodies are designed to move so prioritising movement is essential for balance
  • Get your loved ones off the screens and do some movement together to enhance your relationships – a walk in the greenery of a park or nature, a bike ride in the sunshine


  • Without enough good quality sleep toxins build up in our bodies because our cells do not have time to repair themselves, when we are toxic our relationships with ourselves and others will mirror this state
  • Ask the universe to help you out with the questions that you have about the relationships in your life – keep a dream journal to record the answers that you get


  • Spending time outdoors around plants and sunshine will be wonderful to bring balancing energy to your 3rdand 4thchakras
  • Spend time with your loved ones in places that are special to you all in order to enhance your relationships
  • Essential oils for this Full Moon
    • Use Cardamom to assist with objectivity
    • Use Cinnamon to promote harmony in your relationships
    • Use Thyme when releasing and forgiving is required
    • Use Marjoram to improve a sense of connection in your relationships
    • Use Neroli to enhance partnerships
    • Use Geranium to increase love and trust
    • Use Lavender to promote calm communication
  • Crystals for this Full Moon
    • Pink Calcite for forgiveness, unconditional love, self worth
    • Fluorite for balanced relationships
    • Emerald for partnership, unconditional love, domestic bliss
  • Don’t forget to put your crystals out in the Full Moon light to cleanse and re-energise, make sure you thank them and express your gratitude to them as you lay them out


  • Full Moon Ritual: Get 2 pieces of paper and on one (the Gratitude Invocation) write down the relationships that you are grateful for in your life; also write down at least 3 things about yourself that you are grateful for. On the second piece of paper (the Forgiveness Invocation) write down the people that you need to forgive and possibly let go from your life; also write down the things that you need to forgive yourself for (remember Libra is all about balance so ensure that it is an equivalent number of things as the number you wrote that you were grateful for about yourself).  Place the Gratitude Invocation somewhere special - underneath a crystal, on your altar, beside your bed, in your journal - until the next New Moon.  Take the Forgiveness Invocation outside and burn it - demonstrating to the Universe that you are truly forgiving and letting go.
  • Meditate using the breath to activate heart energy
  • Suggest to your loved ones that you meditate together
  • Prioritise doing something that you love every week, especially if you can find something that you love to do with other people who are important with you