Creation Energy

This video will allow you to flow into the 2nd chakra system of health which is all about our emotions, our creativity and the partnerships that we form with other people. ???

Do any of the following sound like health and wellbeing concerns that you have:

  • emotional eating
  • overly emotional or unable to express emotion
  • water retention
  • profuse sweating
  • inflammation
  • urinary system issues
  • reproductive system issues
  • blood pressure problems
  • frequent diarrhoea or constipation
  • very dry skin?

If any of these things sound like you then you may have an energy imbalance in your 2nd chakra, the sacral chakra.

In the video you will learn about the Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing approach to balancing your 2nd chakra.  If you prefer to read my Blog on the topic it was published by Sivana East.

I mention crystals and essential oils in the section on how to manage your Surroundings for 2nd chakra balance, these are the ones I would recommend:


  • Citrine – joy, creativity, going with the flow, self-expression, bladder & kidneys, circulation, constipation, menstruation, menopause
  • Ruby – passion, sexuality, blood flow and detoxification, kidneys, reproductive system
  • Carnelian – creativity, metabolism, fertility, kidneys, blood clotting, blood supply

Essential oils 

For overactivity

  • Eucalyptus – will help you move from feeling overwhelmed to feeling cohesive
  • Emotional Aromatherapy blends (Console, Peace, Forgive) from DoTerra
  • Juniper – will help you move from feeling distraught to feeling elated
  • Mandarin – will help you move from feeling chaotic to feeling calm

For underactivity

  • Roman Chamomile – will help you move from being inflexible to being relaxed
  • Cinnamon – will help you move from being introverted to feeling connected
  • Lemongrass – will help you move from feeling restricted to expansion
  • Rosemary – will help you move from feeling blocked to creativity
  • Orange – will help you move from being solemn to feeling cheerful
  • Emotional Aromatherapy blends (Passion, Cheer, Motivate) from DoTerra