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Essential Oils

Would you like to start using a natural product that  improves your Wellbeing? Just like Reiki, essential oils work on all the energetic levels of your body – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – which is where their power lies!  Having these oils in your home is like having your own personal energy balance butler!!

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® Oils

At Evenstar Wellbeing we exclusively stock doTerra Essential Oils because they are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® oils which means that they are probably the safest essential oils that you can use, having been painstakingly manufactured using world’s best practice techniques and then thoroughly tested for quality.  We offer these amazing oils at prices that are at least 15% less than the Recommended Retail price because we want to make them accessible to as many people as possible!

Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds that naturally occur in the different parts of plants. These oils are produced by plants for their own protection and propagation, and they have also been used by many human cultures to improve wellbeing for thousands of years.

What can you use essential oils for?

These oils can be life changing! They can be used to treat all common household ailments – colds, runny noses, stomach pains, digestive issues, headaches, muscle pain, cuts and bruises – in a natural, safe way that is also good for the planet. Essential oils also have a myriad of other uses around the house, from cleaning to pest control!

When you begin to find that you are using the oils a lot you may even like to have your own Wholesale or Preferred Member account with doTerra and we can arrange this for you. Contact Us to discuss these options.

How can you buy essential oils?

You can start shopping for our Essential Oils via the link below. We also welcome you to Contact Us to ask any questions about the specifics of an oil and how it may benefit your everyday wellbeing and help you to feel better, think better and do better.

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