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Whole Detox

Whole Detox™

Feeling sluggish, demotivated, bored or just plain flat as we come into the last few months of 2020? You are not alone!

The Whole Detox™ program is here to help you refresh and revitalise every aspect of you – body, mind and spirit – and finish this difficult year with a bang, instead of a whimper!

There are a few problems with standard detox programs:

* they only tell you a long list of things to remove from your diet, rather than advising on essential whole foods to add in
* they have a ‘one size fits all‘ approach
* they only focus on the physical body
* they don’t provide you with any personalised support
* they only provide a short term solution and once you’ve finished the program you’re left alone to navigate your way back into ‘normal’ life

Dr Deanna Minich’s Whole Detox™ program is the exact opposite of standard detox programs in relation to all of these problems! As a graduate of Deanna’s Food & Spirit program I am delighted to be offering a fully coached Whole Detox™ group program this October.

What you get:
* daily emails with explanatory videos
* questionnaires and logs to track how you are going
* daily detox meal plans with shopping lists, inclusive of LOTS of food
* daily detox activities including specific types of movement, meditations, visualisations, journalling and affirmations
* private Facebook Group membership, with extensive coaching support
* 4 x Live coaching sessions via Zoom

Places are limited.  For further information and to apply for the program head on over here.

Reiki Share and Meditation Circle

Reiki Relaxation Circle
Weekly Online Event

This is an opportunity to sit within a virtual group circle to receive Reiki, to be led through meditation, to reflect and share,  and to send healing out to the world.

It will be held at 7.30pm AEST, and run for around 45 mins.

You do not need to have had Reiki before, nor to have any skills or training to be able to participate in sending healing out to the world.  This is completely open to everyone, and is a great way to experience Reiki for the first time if you’re new to it.

The circle will be run on Zoom.  What you will need is a device that you can use to join the Zoom, and a quiet, warm, relaxing space to participate in. Click here for the link to join the Zoom session.

Payment is by donation only.  The suggested donation is $15.
If you are a teacher, healthcare provider or emergency services worker, or you’ve lost work due to the pandemic, the sessions are my donation to you – please do not pay!

To pay the donation go here.


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