Nourish & Heal the whole You

FREE eCourse 7 Ways to Get your Energy Back in just 2 Weeks

Nourish and Heal the Whole You brings in all components of Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing, including all the things that we can and should carefully nourish ourselves with: Food, Movement, Sleep, Surroundings and Being.

This exciting short course will help you to get the 7 essential types of energy back in just 2 weeks, by nourishing yourself in new and different ways:

  • using specific foods
  • types of movement
  • enhanced sleep
  • detoxified surroundings
  • meditations
  • visualisations
  • affirmations
  • communication
  • creativity and
  • self-exploration.

This innovative eCourse has 8 sessions – an Intro session and then one session for each of the 7 types of energy.  A new session will arrive in your inbox every second day over 2 weeks (during the Gemini New Moon period!) from Saturday 23rd May to Saturday 6th June 2020.

What’s included

  • a questionnaire to help you work out how much of each of the 7 types of energy you have (or don’t have!)
  • detailed information in both written and video format to help you understand each type of energy and how it affects all aspects of your life
  • dozens of tips about how to increase each type of energy
  • meditations
  • recipes
  • yoga practices
  • a Facebook group to ask questions and share ideas, including a Live session or two!

Feel Free to contact me directly with any questions.

Can’t wait for you to see just how much energy you can get back in 2 weeks!

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