“You can’t create change by berating yourself.”

– Lauren Walker

Evenstar Wellbeing Healthy Recipes

Arwen brings you easy recipes that are delicious and nutritious!
Browse our extensive list of fast, fresh and healthy recipes and discover an array of dishes that are simple to prepare and packed with nutrients, as well as with flavour.
Happy cooking and healthy eating!
Check out my Food & Nutrition page for lots more information about nourishing your whole self.

Savoury Recipes

Did you know you should eat 7-10 cups of veggies per day?! These recipes will help to get you there!
You’ll see that each recipe is also indicated for a sign of the zodiac to help you choose what to try first!

Sweet Recipes

We need to make sure we are getting the sweetness of life from all aspects of living, but sometimes a delicious but healthy treat is the answer!


Very insightful. Lots of practical information.  A very enjoyable Medical Astrology session.”


So mind blowing how spot on it was with my healing journey and some of the Astro aspects that show why and how to then support the healing.”


I loved the reading! Arwen does a great job in explaining everything during the session. I found it super helpful and loved getting the written report afterwards. I’d recommend it to anybody that likes to be proactive with their health. Thank you, Arwen! 


“Arwen recently guided me through a particularly bad winter virus with her essential oils and general wellbeing advice. I gained great benefit from Arwen’s suggestions and look forward to some follow-up Reiki soon.” 


Medical Astrology was new to me but makes so much sense! Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful session.  I feel it is one other piece of the puzzle that is me.  Grateful…”



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