How to get in touch with your spiritual side

How “spiritual” are you? Do you have a regular spiritual practise?  What do either of those questions even mean to you?

Well, I’m guessing that if you decided to read this Blog you would like to bring some more spirituality into your life!  The good news is that you’re about to learn some entirely practical ways to get in touch with your spiritual side, and once you have opened that connection it will be much easier for you to relate to and feel ‘spiritual’.

Connection Energy

I call your spiritual side your “Connection Energy”.  This is the last of the 7 Essential Energies and is more commonly known as the 7th or Crown Chakra.  I call it Connection Energy because to me it is all about connecting ourselves to the collective energy of humanity, connecting to all other living beings in whatever way is meaningful to us, and also connecting to any higher powers that you may believe in.  What do I mean by higher powers? I mean Gods, Ancestors, Spirits, Universal Energy and your Higher Self or Soul.  What I mean, is really whatever higher powers mean to you…

The centre of your connection energy in the physical body is on the very top of your head. This energy is on the same vibration as the colour white on the colour spectrum.

When you’re in touch with your spiritual side and your Connection Energy is balanced, this is what you can expect:


  • to feel supported by higher powers
  • to understand and feel supported by your higher purpose (ie. why you are here)
  • to have a sense of connection with and love for other living beings


  • to know that you are here to learn, even if you can’t be sure what you’re here to learn
  • belief that your actions are a part of your purpose
  • acceptance that everything happens for a reason


  • belief that your soul is a part of you, and separate to, though intimately connected with, your body
  • having an interest in spirituality and the meaning of life
  • participating in spiritual practises including meditation, ritual, prayer or simply being in nature

What parts of your physical body are associated with Connection Energy and what happens when it gets out of balance?

  • Vitality – general energy levels and interest in prolonging life through a healthy body: fear of ageing, looking or feeling a different age to what you are
  • Brain and Central Nervous System – your Connection Energy is one of 2 essential energies associated with brain health (along with Insight) and is associated with tolerance for pain: neurological conditions, numbness, tremors, epilepsy, headache, migraine
  • Sleep – sleep patterns: insomnia, excessive fatigue, light sleeping, abnormal sleep/ wake cycles, jet lag
  • Gland: Pineal – secretes melatonin, which controls the body clock: seasonal affective disorder, insomnia, cancer

How to balance your Connection Energy with Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing


  • In order to connect with your spiritual side it helps to have a very clean body, on the inside, as well as the outside!  Therefore one of the main food concepts for Connection Energy is detoxification. Pure whole foods: in order to detox we need to stop adding to the toxic load first. Eating a diet of natural whole foods rather than processed foods is the way to go.  Think vegetables (lots and lots), fruit, legumes, nuts, seeds and whole grains.  A small amount of meat, especially fish, is also good for accessing protein and the vitamins and minerals that the body cannot produce.  Avoid processed, packaged foods. Avoid eating out a lot as you don’t know exactly what is in the food and how it has been prepared.
  • Organic and biodynamic foods: organic foods have been grown without the use of chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Biodynamic farming adds an extra layer to this with the produce being farmed in accordance with respect for the land, sustainability and also the cycles of the moon.  Some fruits and vegetables are especially vulnerable to absorbing chemicals that they are farmed with, so it is a good idea to at least prioritise buying organic versions of these ones. Check out this Blog for more information.
  • Consume white whole foods, regularly and especially when you feel the need to rid your body of toxin build up: pears, cauliflower, coconut, onion, garlic, cabbage and white beans
  • Liver support: eating foods that are great for your liver will enable this important organ of detoxification to function optimally – parsley, fennel, kale, coriander, lemon, and sesame seeds
  • Insoluble fibre: the effective processes of the bowel are heavily reliant on the consumption of enough water and fibre – non-root vegetables, berries and legumes
  • Modulate your consumption of food to match your energy expenditure, neither over nor under eating


  • Any physical activity in nature can be a spiritual practise – hiking, yoga, running, canoeing, swimming, rock climbing
  • High intensity physical activity can help to take you out of your body and importantly also increases two of the body’s natural detoxification processes – sweating and breathing.  Try running, dancing, HIIT, boxing, football, netball, tennis…the options are endless!  Just make sure your heart rate is up and you’re getting nice and sweaty!
  • Yoga is a great way to connect the body with the spirit. Again here you could undertake some of the more strenuous forms of yoga such as vinyasa, ashtanga or bikram to work on your Connection energy.  Poses that require you to invert will help to send blood flow and energy to the top of your head.


  • The production of melatonin – the sleep hormone – is greatly affected by daylight, and especially ‘blue’ light waves. Get into the habit of flooding your eyes with as much daylight as possible in the morning, or whenever you wake up (if the sun isn’t out then turn all the lights on).  Ideally getting outside into natural daylight as soon as possible after waking will help to turn off the production of melatonin.  If you can’t get outside then definitely open the blinds/ curtains.  When you are outside in the morning first thing don’t put your sunglasses on because this decreases the light waves that reach your brain.  Then at the opposite end of the day – close to when you do want to get to sleep – make sure your eyes are not exposed to much light so that the production of melatonin is increased.  Dim the lights and change the settings on your devices so that blue light emissions are decreased.  Use blue light blocking glasses.
  • Prioritise sleep because it is often the only time in a 24 hour period that your parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest) is activated for any period of time, this allows all the cells in your body to detox, repair and regenerate


  • Wear white clothing, place white objects in your surroundings
  • Start to be aware of all the potential electronic toxins in your surroundings and put in place some measures to moderate them such as using salt lamps and beeswax candles to increase ionic balance. 
    • Turn off your Wi-Fi at night. 
    • Turn off appliances at the power point when they are not in use.
    • Keep electronics as far away from your body as possible (including your phone!)
  • Avoid toxins in your Surroundings as much as possible because they will promote inflammatory response in the body.  Endocrine disrupting toxins (eg. plastics) can impair detoxification from excess hormones

My top 3 essential oils for Connection energy are:

  • Wintergreen – the oil of surrender
    Physical | Mental action: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, joint, muscle and bone pain
    Emotional | Spiritual action: provides strength to trust higher powers, supported, release
  • Rosemary – the oil of knowledge & transition
    Physical | Mental action: knowledge and intellectual development, deep thinking, mental clarity, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antidepressant
    Emotional | Spiritual action: clarity, enlightenment, mental openness
  • Lemongrass – the oil of cleansing
    Physical | Mental action: improves vision, mental stimulant, analgesic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory
    Emotional | Spiritual action: spiritual clarity, cleansing, releasing emotions that are no longer useful

Visit my Shop to purchase discounted pure essential oils.  If there’s one you’re after that you can’t see in there feel free to contact me directly.


  • Schedule some time to meditate.  If you have never done this before start with just 5 minutes a few times a week.  Work to increase the time you spend in meditation to at least 12 minutes most days of the week.  The ideal time to meditate is first thing in the morning – the first thing you do after getting out of bed and using the bathroom! Let go of any expectations about what meditation is and make sure you are physically comfortable – sitting up is ideal. I highly recommend Insight Timer to help you start a meditation practise.
  • Play around with divination cards, divination simply means ‘accessing the divine in you’
  • Make time for doing things that help you to explore your spirituality.  That could just mean being out in nature with no other distractions and simply paying attention to what you notice.
  • Energy healing – to activate and balance your Connection Energy, book yourself in for a Relax & Heal session with me!