How to improve your Intuition, some insights

Intuition.  We all have it.  We don’t all use it.  How about you? Ever had that gut feel about something but then let your logical mind take over the decision making process, only to find out later that your gut feel was spot on?! I’m sure every human being on the planet can relate to that scenario. So, do you want to know how to improve your intuition?

Like everything else, intuition is energy, and it is intricately connected with all other energies in the universe.  In western culture however, this great power that we all have is dismissed, derided, and discarded most of the time.

Intuition is one aspect of the 6th essential energy, often called the Third Eye, or 6th Chakra, but what I like to refer to as your Insight Energy.  On the colour spectrum this energetic vibration appears as a deep blue-purple colour, often called indigo.

Just like any other energy your Insight Energy can be stimulated or blocked, balanced or imbalanced.  To find out how to improve your intuition, read on!  But before you do that, tune in – what does your intuition tell you about this activity, is it something you should do now or not?

What you need to know about your Insight Energy

Having balanced Insight Energy means:


  • Attunement to your predictive abilities and your inner ‘knowing’
  • Ability to access a deep, innate wisdom within yourself
  • Trusting your ‘feelings’ about things but not to the exclusion of common sense
  • Your mood is generally balanced, rather than swinging between extremes


  • You spend an appropriate amount of time in reflection – ceasing action and sending your thoughts inwards to consider what you actually do think about something, how you feel currently, and to mentally process what has already occurred
  • Enjoyment of thinking and learning
  • Being able to focus when required, but not to the point of constantly ‘losing’ yourself in what you are focussed upon


  • Ability to see things in your mind’s eye, an active imagination
  • Dreams are able to be remembered, you can also easily day dream about things, as if you were running a movie in your head
  • You can learn things using your eyes eg. reading new information or observing a visual depiction of a new concept, but you are also able to learn in other ways eg. listening to a lecture

What parts of your physical body are associated with Insight Energy and what happens when it gets out of balance?

  • Eyes – what allows you to see the external world and the internal world (when closed): eye sight, eye infections
  • Brain – your Insight Energy is one of 2 essential energies associated with brain health: headache, migraine, learning difficulties, low IQ, cognitive decline, attention deficit disorders
  • Sleep – when you don’t have enough deep sleep your brain cannot go through it’s nightly cleansing process – called autophagy – which results in depleted brain performance; dreams are also an important part of insight and intuition: insomnia, excessive fatigue, light sleeping, brain fog
  • Memory – ability to remember and reflect on what has happened in the past, as well as to learn from these experiences: Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, poor memory
  • Mood – being able to experience the full range of emotions but maintain overall steady balance in mood, foods and other substances can affect mood: mood swings, addictions
  • Gland: Pituitary – secretes hormones that influence growth, blood pressure, sexual function, reproduction, water balance, thyroid gland function, metabolism, temperature and pain modulation

How to balance your Insight Energy with Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing


  • Listen to your body: what does it really need to eat? Yes, just like any other aspect of life, improving your intuition means using it, so practise! If you think you’re getting constant messages telling you to eat high carb foods this is actually the billions of bacteria in your gut talking, see this Blog for further information.  Are you aware of how certain foods affect your mood, especially stimulants such as caffeine and sugar? Modulate your intake of foods and drinks that negatively affect your mood, including alcohol
  • Completely focus – when you’re eating, just eat, don’t eat whilst doing other things, even reading, and especially don’t try to digest ‘news’ or other inputs from your device and social media whilst you’re eating
  • Visual presentation: does your meal look delicious to your eyes, even before it hits your mouth?  This is important too!
  • Blue-purple foods – eat 3-5 servings per week of these: blueberries, blackberries, figs, plums, grapes, purple cabbage, purple kale, purple potatoes.  Most of these are produce items that you should ideally buy organic versions of, as they are very susceptible to chemical residue, for more information read this
  • Herbs & spices – as you know the delicious and varied flavours of herbs and spices can really spice up a meal, and your day, so use them daily to activate your Insight Energy
  • Omega 3 Fats – your brain is 60% fat and many of the commonly occurring fats in the standard western diet are Omega 6 fats and it is important to balance these with enough Omega 3s as well.  Eat things such as: fish, seeds, leafy greens


  • Use practises such as  yoga, pilates, tai chi or qi gong to take your focus inwards and do it often, it’s always easier to keep moving if you actually enjoy what you’re doing
  • Movement outdoors, in nature: being near plants – trees, flowers, grass, running water.
  • If you spend a lot of time on screens make sure you regularly move your eyes into the further distance, look away from the screen and daydream for a minute or two


  • Prioritise sleep because it is essential for your brain to function optimally, deep sleep is essential for the brain to cleanse and repair itself each night
  • Using your eyes to process daylight, will affect the sleep hormone, melatonin. Ideally get out into natural daylight for a few minutes as soon as you wake up, if that is not possible at least open up the blinds and curtains straight away.  At the other end of the day, dim any lighting and avoid the blue light of digital devices for an hour or two before you want to go to sleep.  For more information check this out.
  • If you drink caffeine, only drink it in the morning to avoid it still being in your system in large quantities when you are asleep – even if you think this doesn’t affect you it does affect your brain!
  • Keep a dream journal beside the bed and write down what you remember as soon as you wake up. Your dreams are often messages from your subconscious which is where your intuition hangs out!


  • Wear dark blue/ purple clothing, place objects of this colour in your surroundings
  • Use natural daylight in your Surroundings (see above for how to use this to benefit Sleep)
  • Toxins: what is in your bedroom? Things that may be a problem are, number 1 – electronics!  Get them out of there.  Read this Blog for more information. Everything else in your bedroom is also potentially problematic: furniture, bedding, bedlinen, all of which I cover in my Nourish & Heal the Whole You suite of services.  Basically the more natural fibres and materials you can surround yourself with the healthier you and your Intuition will be – think cotton, linen, wool, bamboo, wood, metal.
  • Essential oils: Essential oils are very useful for sleep problems. Diffuse oils in your bedroom, put a few drops on your pillow or apply them topically to the bottoms of your feet, your temples or the back of your neck.  For more information go here.

My top 3 oils for Insight energy are:

    • Juniper Berry – the oil of night
      Physical | Mental action: antiseptic, antispasmodic, detoxifier, diuretic
      Emotional | Spiritual action: overcoming fear of self exploration, self acceptance, balancing conscious and unconscious, courage, protection
    • Rosemary – the oil of knowledge & transition
      Physical | Mental action: knowledge and intellectual development, deep thinking, mental clarity, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antidepressant
      Emotional | Spiritual action: clarity, enlightenment, mental openness
    • Peppermint – the oil of a buoyant heart
      Physical | Mental action: headache, brain injury, fatigue, swollen eyes, analgesic, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory
      Emotional | Spiritual action: optimism, strength to deal with emotional pain

Visit my Shop to purchase discounted pure essential oils.  If there’s one you’re after that you can’t see in there feel free to contact me directly.


  • Meditation – find guided visualisation meditations – do a search on your favourite meditation app. I highly recommend Insight Timer. Or check this one out  – it’s specifically designed to activate your Insight Energy
  • Affirmations – some suggestions: I am insightful and filled with clarity, I resonate with my inner wisdom, I am grateful for my intuition which nourishes and guides me
  • Learn – study something new or just watch an interesting doco, or go to an exhibition of some works you haven’t seen before
  • Journal – using a journal can be a great way to learn about yourself, read back over what you wrote down in the past to see what’s changed
  • Close your eyes – when you need to turn your sight inwards
  • Energy healing – to activate and balance your Insight Energy, book yourself in for a Relax & Heal session with me!