“All communication is what other people hear, not what you say.”
– Adam Harman

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Social Psychic Podcast

Special Guest Arwen Bardsley, Holistic Health & Wellbeing Coach, Blogger, Podcaster

Jason Zuk had me on as a guest on his Social Psychic Radio Show.  It’s an entertaining chat about what motivates me to do the work I do.
Check it out wherever you like to pod. Episode was published in October 2022.

Integra Podcast

A Holistic Approach to Wellbeing: Medical Astrology and other Ancient Modalities

I had a lovely chat with Heather Fischer-Page on her Integra Podcast about my services.
Check it out wherever you like to pod. Episode 22.

Happy Whole You Podcast

Be Aware of Toxins

I was very pleased to be invited onto the Happy Whole You podcast with naturopath, Anna Marie Frank, recently.
Anna Marie wanted me to talk all things toxins – one of my passions!
Check it out wherever you like to pod. Episode 86.

Meat Substitutes

Are Meat Substitutes a Positive Choice for the Environment?

I was delighted to be asked to join a panel of nutrition experts to weigh in over whether or not meat substitutes are a healthier, more sustainable choice for the environment for this article in Longevity Magazine, published September 2021.

What to Eat, Do and Take during Covid-19

Longevity Magazine conducted a survey among a selection of health experts asked them to share their advice on what health habits to prioritize during the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic.  I was amongst the nutrition and fitness professionals, and integrative wellness coaches asked to contribute.

Protect your family from Covid-19

How to Protect your Family from Covid-19

Published on the Liox, New York, website as part of an expert roundup.

Migraine & Headaches: How To Treat Them Holistically

Ever wondered why you keep getting migraines and headaches? Find out all about the underlying causes of thesepainful conditions and how to manage the symptoms in this article published by Sivana East on 29th March 2019.

Feeling Sick? Reiki Can Help

What are the underlying cause of physical illnesses? What is a ‘healing crisis’? and How you can heal yourself? All theanswers to these burning questions are in this piece published by SIvana East on 15th March 2019.


What Everybody Ought To Know About Spirituality And Chakras

Seeing yourself as a whole being – spiritual, as well as physical – is essential for your general health and wellbeing.Having a balanced 7th Chakra is key! This piece was published by Sivana East on 26th February 2019

Here’s How To Tell If Your Third Eye Is Imbalanced (And How To Fix It)

Want to understand more about why you have problems with focus, attention and trusting your intuition? Learn aboutbalance in the 6th Chakra, the 3rd Eye, in this article published by Sivana on 12th February 2019.

A Grounded Approach To The Virgo Full Moon (February 2019)

February’s Full Moon occurs on the 19th-20th February – depending on where you are in the world – and rises in theearth sign of Virgo. Learn how to manage it’s energy in this article published by Sivana on 19th February 2019.

Tell The Truth, For The Sake Of Your Health

How authentically do you express the true you on a day to day basis? Find out if your throat chakra is imbalanced andwhat to do if it is! Published by Sivana East on 15th January 2019.

The New Moon, New Year, And Your Astrological Intention

Discover the 3 List approach to setting intentions for 2019 and how it will be especially powerful to do it with January’sCapricorn New Moon & Solar Eclipse, as published by Sivana East on 4th January 2019.

Top Tips For Overeating And Hangovers During The Party Season

Tis the season of overindulgence! Find out how to avoid and manage the symptoms of overeating and hangover! Published by Sivana East on 20th December 2018.

4 Fantastic Gift Giving Tips For The Festive Season

4 fantastic gift giving tips for the festive season, which I’m sure you’ll find quite different, including how to use yourchakra system when buying gifts! Published by Sivana East on 11th December 2018.

3 Seasonal Survival Food Tips

The festive season is an overwhelmingly busy time where it is easy to ditch healthy eating. Get my top 3 tips on how to avoid this trap. Published by Sivana East on 10th December 2018.

6 Simple Steps to Reduce the Risks of Mold

In this article, I share 6 simple steps to help you reduce the risks of mould in and out of your home. Published by theWellness Universe on 18th November 2018.

Breaking the Negative Energy Cycle of Grief

In this article, I explain ways to break the negative energy cycle of grief and get back to a healthy wellbeing. Published by the Wellness Universe on 4th October 2018.

The Science Behind Energy Healing

Have you ever wondered why energy healing works? Find out how and why in the article published by Thrive Global on19th November 2018.

Silly Season Survival Tips #1: Sleep

The festive season adds a whole lot of pressure to all areas of life. Don’t let the quality and quantity of your sleep be thefirst thing to suffer – find out how and why! Published by Thrive Global on 27th November 2018.

Playful Energy

Many of us don’t have enough play in our lives! I am certainly guilty of this myself! Find out how to get more energybalance and bring play into your life. Published by Thrive Global on 6th December 2018.

If You Love Your Well-Being, You Should Love Yourself

Do you give all your love away to others? Do you keep enough for yourself? Find out how to tell if your heart chakra is balanced and what to do if it’s not. Featured by Sivana East on 29th November 2018

Fire Up Your Wellbeing

In order to spark the fire of our wellbeing and then keep it burning brightly but not overheating and rapidly burning out we need to make sure that our 3rd chakra, the solar plexus, is beautifully balanced. Published by Sivana East on 19th November 2018

Allowing Your Emotions To Flow For Wellbeing

Energy flow in your 2nd chakra impacts emotions, creativity and forming intimate relationships. Find out if you have an imbalance here and how to manage it. This article was published by Sivana East on 16th November 2018.

7 Essential Energies

The Root Of All Wellbeing

So many health and wellbeing concerns can be traced back to an imbalance in your first (Root) chakra…find out if this isyou and how to manage it if it is! This article was published by Sivana East on 13th November 2018.

Stress In Pregnancy

Why it’s even more important for pregnant women to manage their stress levels and reduce risks to their unborn babies.This article was published by Sivana East on 8th November 2018.

Managing The Energy Of The October Full Moon

When the full moon is in the sign of Taurus it can be a bit more difficult than normal to know what you need to let go of.This article was published by Sivana East on 26th October 2018.


What Are You Really Allergic To?

Exploring the underlying causes of your allergies can result in much longer lasting relief than simply taking medicationto relieve symptoms! This article was published by Sivana East on 22nd October 2018.


Wanting something really badly makes it more difficult to get!

Find out why the thing that you want the most keeps slipping through your fingers and how to finally get a hold of it! This article was published by Thrive Global on 18th October 2018.

How your surroundings affect your wellbeing

Ever noticed how you feel so much better when you’re at the beach or in a park? Find out why and how to bring thisfeeling into your everyday life! This article was published by Thrive Global on 2nd November 2018.

Breaking the Negative Energy Cycle of Grief

In this article, published by the Wellness Universe, on 4th October 2018 I explain ways to break the negative energy cycle of grief and get back to a healthy wellbeing.

Men’s Health

Improving work, and life, with energy healing – specifically for men! This article was published by Thrive Global on 3rd October 2018.

Gut-Brain Connection

How this impacts your wellbeing and what to do about it! This article was published by Thrive Global on 20th September 2018.

Promoting Healing

Promoting Healing With Energetic Balance

How to access and use energy to heal yourself on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – utilising your energy centres, the chakras. This article was published by Sivana East on 19th September 2018.

How to cope with energy vampires

Do you have someone in your life who is a drain on your energetic resources?

Check out this article published on Dr Joe Today on 24th May 2018 to find out how to protect your own energy so that you have the maximum amount available to cope with all the other stressors in your life!

3 essential oils to use for common gut issues

This article was published on the My Body + Soul website on 22nd May 2018, all about using essential oils to fight common digestive system complaints, including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), indigestion, gas, constipation and heartburn.

The Roar Show Podcast Interview – Arwen Bardsley: Alternative Medicine & Wellbeing

It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Michael for his podcast The Roar Show on 22nd April 2018.

Finding balance as a business person

Inspired Magazine interviewed me on 19th April 2018 about how I go about finding balance in my life as a self-employed wellness practitioner.

Thinking of giving mum a scented candle this Mother’s Day? Think again!

A scented candle: it’s that trusty, reliable and often last minute Mother’s Day gift. But there’s more to your average scented candle than meets the eye.

Read all about it in this article published by This Woman Can on 10th May 2018.

What is earthing?

Humans were designed to live on the earth – really live ON the earth, not in high rise buildings with air conditioning,wearing synthetic clothing and shoes with rubber soles.

This article was published by Nature & Health on 2nd April 2018.

Here’s 4 reasons small business need a workplace wellness strategy

Wellness is a word that we hear almost on a daily basis. More businesses seem to be getting the message that thewellbeing of their staff actually impacts on the bottom line and the push for this recognition is being led by women.

This article was published by Kochie’s Business Builders on 19th March 2018.

The Secret Benefit to Being Bored

I was quoted in this article on the MyDeal website on 31st January 2018.

Make Time for Wellness or regret it in the future

This article appeared on the Kochie’s Business Builders website on 5th March 2018.

Coping with a Broken Heart can be bad for your health

This article appeared in Smart Healthy Women Issue 49

Is chaos the illusion of productivity in the modern business world?

What is the difference between productivity and being downright stressed? What is the definition of stress to begin with?

This article was published by This Woman Can on 18th October 2017

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Arwen records videos on many different wellbeing topics!

Home Remedies for Bug Bites That Actually Work

If you’re looking to relieve the sting and itch of bug bites without the use of harsh chemicals, give these home remedies a try. Delighted to have been quoted by Reader’s Digest in this article published on 27th July 2018.

Suffer from travel sickness? Here are some tips to help you through it

As you all know I love essential oils!!

I love their power and the breadth of their use. Whatever the situation, whatever wellbeing issue that you need support with – physical, mental, emotional or spiritual – essential oils can provide it.

In this article from Metro UK, published on 26th July 2018 I talk about essential oil for travel sickness, as well as which acupressure point is most useful to apply it on!

Planning a holiday, or just a day out on a boat? You should check this out!

What your pain is trying to tell you

For Arwen, a pain in her left foot lead her to realise things about herself she’d never considered before. Really pleased to have this article published in My Body + Soul on 23rd July 2018.