What happens in a NeurOptimal® neurofeedback session?

Generally you sit in a comfy chair (but you can also lie down) and 2 electrodes are placed on the top of your head and 3 on your ears. You then spend the next 33 minutes listening to beautiful music, a guided meditation or (especially for kids) you can even watch a show. You can read a book or look at your phone during the session, but many people like to simply relax, and a lot of people fall asleep!

You will notice little breaks in the soundtrack – like a poor quality recording, or a scratch on a vinyl record – and these are indications that your brain is detecting change and changing in response to that change.

Most people find the sessions very pleasant and calming.

Is NeurOptimal® neurofeedback safe?

NeurOptimal® neurofeedback is completely safe because nothing is being inputted to the brain. It works simply via a feedback loop of the brain noticing and correctively responding to its own patterns.

Can anyone of any age do NeurOptimal®neurofeedback?

Yes! Because this form of dynamical neurofeedback is completely safe it is perfect for anyone from young children who may benefit from neurofeedback sessions to assist with anxiety, learning difficulties, recovery from concussion, behavioural issues – through to elderly people, who may benefit from neurofeedback sessions to assist with anxiety, depression, memory function and overall energy levels.

How many sessions will I need?

NeurOptimal® neurofeedback is completely self directed.  You decide how often and how many sessions you will need.  The changes that occur are built upon the previous changes, so it’s like compound interest!  On average it has been found that within 6 sessions people know if they are experiencing the shifts that they are seeking.

Generally the more sessions you do the more benefits you will experience, but that is entirely dependent on what outcomes you are seeking.  Many people do a series of sessions eg. Somewhere between 10-30 sessions and then find that they only need ‘top-up’ sessions occasionally.  In my experience you will know very clearly when your brain would like more training.

How often should I do neurofeedback sessions?

Again this is completely self directed.  Many people like to do frequent neurofeedback sessions when they first start training, between 3 and 7 times per week.  Of course if you are feeling like this is you then you may want to consider renting a system. Some people who have a system available to them for unlimited sessions even like to start by training daily.

However allowing some time between sessions gives the brain the opportunity to incorporate its changes into your daily life and to see the results of this.

The brain can’t ‘unlearn’ what it learns during each neurofeedback brain training session so the changes will remain in place but large stressors of any kind can push the brain back into old patterns and when this happens more training can be beneficial.

How will I know if neurofeedback is working for me?

You are provided with tracking tools to monitor your progress, including a checklist that you should complete every 8-10 sessions.  The changes experienced from neurofeedback can often be subtle and the tracking tools help to improve your awareness of yourself and what you are noticing.

It can also be useful to take a video of yourself on your phone before you start doing neurofeedback, to look back on.  We recommend doing this in your first session if you would like to.

Where’s the research?

A comprehensive bibliography of neurofeedback research has been compiled by the International Society for Neuroregulation & Research – this is probably the easiest way to access hundreds of studies into the use of neurofeedback and numerous common conditions.  You can check it out here.

System Rentals

Do I need any training before renting a system?

No! Using the system is all incredibly easy, from placing the electrodes correctly to starting a brain training session.  You will receive a step-by-step manual and have access to easy to follow short videos, plus of course you can always reach out to me at any time.

How long will it take before I receive my rental system?

There is often a waiting list for rental systems so you are best to get in touch with us ASAP and submit an expression of interest.  There is no obligation to go ahead with the rental if you change your mind whilst you are waiting! Payment for the first 4 week rental period is due 24 hours prior to shipment or pick up of your system.

Of course if you’re close by you might want to come and have some neurofeedback sessions in our studio whilst you wait.  Once there is a system available it will only take a few business days for it to arrive with you.

How long should I rent a system for?

The minimum rental period is 4 weeks.  If you decide that you want to continue using the system beyond your first 4 weeks you can extend for additional 4 week periods.  You will need to confirm at the end of week 3 in each rental period if you will be returning the system or extending.

Does private health insurance cover system rental?

No but it should!  Please provide this feedback to your insurer when you have the chance!

For additional information on how to do neurofeedback sessions with us, or using a rental system pop on over here.