In this video I discuss the world of synthetic fragrances, and specifically the dangerous chemical that is used to make these fragrances last longer: phthalates.

When you think about it synthetic fragrances are all around us!

There are the obvious things like perfume, after shave, deodorant, air 'fresheners' and scented candles.  (When it comes to scented candles please have a look at my Blog The Glow of Wellbeing)

And then there are the less obvious things like cleaning products, beauty products, personal care products, and laundry products, which all come with fragrance that definitely does not come from any natural source (like actual pine needles in your 'forest fresh' toilet cleaner!)

Lastly there's the downright ridiculous things such as scented toys, stickers and even garbage bin liners - like some fake lavender scent is ever going to overtake the smell of your 3 day old household waste!!

On the nose

The problem with synthetic fragrances and the phthalates that they contain is that they are hormone disruptors, meaning that they interfere with the natural hormone processes in the human body.  Hormones pretty much control everything that goes on inside you and you want them to be able to do that uninterrupted.  Phthalates have been associated with:

  • decreased sperm count
  • pregnancy loss
  • decreased size of testicles in infants
  • gestational diabetes
  • breast cancer
  • asthma and allergies

To avoid phthalates next time you're buying shampoo, dishwashing liquid, lip balm, surface spray (etc, etc) find one that is fragrance free.  This may mean ditching the supermarket and instead going online or to a health shop.

What can you use instead?

The only thing that you want to use to specifically fragrance your home, your office or yourself are pure essential oils.

For room freshening purposes obviously you can use essential oils in a diffuser or oil burner but here are some other ideas, especially if you don't yet have one of these:

  • put some water in a saucepan on the stove, add a few drops of essential oil, and that burnt toast smell will soon be gone from the kitchen
  • add a drop of essential oil to the floor of the shower and your lungs will be cleansed at the same time as your skin (peppermint would be a great choice to help you wake up in the morning)
  • a drop of essential oil on the inside of the toilet roll or the tissue box will give you a gorgeous smelling room no matter what else goes on in there!
  • instead of those scented reeds, put some wooden BBQ skewers in a glass and drop a bit of essential oil on the skewers

I have a small range of DoTerra essential oils on my website and also have access to the full range, any of which I sell directly at less than RRP.  I also make perfume blends so feel free to get in touch if you'd like to replace your Chanel No 5 with something pthalate free!

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