Preparing for conception

Are you trying to fall pregnant or even thinking about trying? Perhaps you’ve been doing all the things that your doctor tells you to do – exercising, losing weight, taking multi-vitamins and not drinking caffeine or alcohol. But have you been preparing the other energetic levels of your body – mental, emotional and spiritual – for conception and pregnancy?

Many women, although they put lots of effort into preparing their physical body in order to conceive do not do the same for all the other areas of their wellbeing, and the problem with this approach is that they are only 30% prepared! All energetic levels are equal and in fact the physical level is the lowest, or last, level of importance. The most critical work to do is on your mind and spirit when dealing with any health concern.

Key Negative Emotions

There are a three key emotional aspects to be aware of when preparing for conception – fear, guilt and self-love. It is important to remember that things on the emotional, mental and spiritual energetic levels do not necessarily manifest themselves on the conscious plane. You may not be aware of how or why you are feeling an emotion.  You may look at the name of the emotion and not recognise that it applies to you. Research into epigenetics is now showing that in fact our emotions can be carried through the genetic line and you may have a particular emotion that you don’t understand, and that is because it is actually a part of your genetic make up and stems from something that your parent, grandparent or great-grandparent experienced.

Of course the beauty of Reiki and other energy work is that it doesn’t matter if you don’t know the reasons why you feel a certain way, or even that you do have that underlying emotion, on an unconscious level. Reiki balances energies at all levels of the body and all levels of consciousness.


Fear may come into play if this is your first or subsequent pregnancy.

If it is your first pregnancy there may be an underlying fear about the future because it is a big unknown. It is human nature to be afraid of what you don’t know or understand because this fear keeps you safe! Fear can come into play even if you really want a baby!

There can be fear about the pregnancy itself or fear about giving birth or fear about becoming a parent. If you have been pregnant before, your past experiences can obviously lead to fear if they were not all positive – excessive morning sickness, or a difficult birth, or perhaps in fact a miscarriage or still birth.

Being a parent is not an easy job and you may have an underlying fear of whether you will be a ‘good enough’ parent. Your partner may be the one to have this fear. You may have had a difficult childhood and be afraid of repeating the ‘mistakes’ that your parents made.

The late Louise Hay’s affirmation for overcoming these kinds of fears is: Divine right action is always taking place in my life. I love and approve of myself. All is well.


An underlying emotion of guilt is mainly a problem when you have had a previous pregnancy end prior to term. However, it can also be applicable when you have had a difficult previous pregnancy.

Women have a deep-rooted genetic drive to carry on the human race and an expectation that pregnancy and birth is something that they can just ‘naturally’ do. In actual fact it is not very long ago in the spectrum of human history that a large number of pregnancies ended in the death of both the mother and the baby. Modern medical practices have made both pregnancy and birth much safer but there are still a surprisingly large number of women dying in or shortly after childbirth.

If you have miscarried or terminated a previous pregnancy guilt is a common underlying emotion, and again, may be one that you are not consciously aware of. Possibly you have guilt about your body not doing its innate feminine ‘job’ or about the choice you made in the past to terminate a pregnancy. Interestingly the key chakra involved in reproduction is the 2nd (Sacral) Chakra and the flow of energy in this chakra is blocked by guilt. Forgiving yourself is imperative to balance this chakra.

An affirmation from Louise Hay is: I rejoice in my femaleness. I love being a woman. I love my body. I would also add: I release and transmute any blockages in my sacral chakra, across all time, space, reality and consciousness.


If you want to bring another human being into the world you need to first demonstrate to the Universe that you love yourself!

If you haven’t already started doing all the things that I mentioned at the beginning of this article to prepare your physical body for pregnancy then now is the time! The first step to achieving any goal is to take a first step and getting your body into tip top shape is a great first step towards pregnancy!

If you are is a state of wonderful physical wellbeing (and even if you’re not quite there yet) you need to start work on your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This is a demonstration to the Universe that you love yourself unconditionally.

The best ways to do this are:

(i) Do things that you love – whatever they are make time for them in your life! The 2nd Chakra which is the energy centre of reproduction as mentioned above, is all about pleasure, passion, joy!

(ii) Do Yoga – Yoga is a fabulous practise to increase your mindfulness. When you are putting your body into a difficult posture it means that you can only think about that action and it is also training your brain to trust that you can deal with a stressful situation by breathing through it. You couldn’t really get any better prepared for giving birth than that!

(iii) Meditate – like yoga, meditation increases your levels of mindfulness and gratitude. It is when you are not focusing on what you don’t have, and can be grateful for what you do, that you can manifest what you want! Check out my Blog on this topic! Clients of mine who are trying to prepare for pregnancy and to conceive have found Circle & Bloom meditation very beneficial, and have had great results from using it!

Many of my clients find Reiki very beneficial when trying to conceive – it makes them feel calmer, more grounded, lighter and more joyful, able to let go of guilt and fear.

If you are ready to improve your journey towards conception, or if you would like any further information, feel free to contact me. I wish you a safe and happy adventure!