Reiki or Massage – which treatment should you choose?

If you’ve decided that you want some body work to help improve your wellbeing – relieve stress, reduce pain, improve sleep, balance mood – but you don’t know whether to choose reiki or massage then this video will allow you to beat the overwhelm of the decision making process and take some action, now!

Many people assume that Reiki is a type of massage, but it is not!  There are a few similarities, as you will find out in this video, and certainly they do have many similar benefits but they are very different practices and it is important to work out which will better meet your current health needs.

Here at Evenstar I do offer Aromatherapy Massage as well as Reiki.  Aromatherapy massage is an extremely gentle relaxation massage which stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system through the use of essential oils.

When you’ve watched the video and chosen to have some Reiki or an Aromatherapy Massage book an appointment here!  If you’ve still got some more unanswered questions please contact us.


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