“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.” – Caroline Myss

Remote Reiki – Distant Healing

“Every breath we take, every step we make, can be filled with peace, joy and serenity.”

How does Remote Reiki (Distant Healing) work?

Remote Reiki – Distant Healing – Are you struggling to find a reiki practitioner who is local to you or have you found a practitioner that you really like but they are not close by? This video  explains how Remote Reiki works and why you don’t need to be in any physical proximity to a practitioner to receive the wonderful benefits of Reiki.

In Episode #2 of the 5 Star Wellbeing Podcast I interviewed a client, Angela, who I have worked with remotely for a number of years now. Check it out on your favourite podcast platform or here.

Why is Remote Reiki (Distant Healing) a thing?

Remote Reiki is based on the principles of quantum physics – everything is energy and we are all made of the same stuff. ‘Matter’ is in fact not physical stuff but is constantly moving energy. Reiki is energy, the word ‘reiki’ means Universal Energy, so when we are working with Reiki it can be sent anywhere in the Universe, to any time or place..

Evenstar Wellbeing’s weekly Reiki Relation Circle

This is an opportunity to sit within a virtual group circle to receive Reiki, to be led through meditation, to reflect and share, and to send healing out to the world.

It will be held at 7.30pm AEST every Wednesday, and runs for around 45 minutes. You do not need to have had Reiki before, nor to have any skills or training to be able to participate in sending healing out to the world. This is completely open to everyone, and is a great way to experience Reiki for the first time if you’re new to it.

The circle will be run on Zoom. What you will need is a device that you can use to join the Zoom, and a quiet, warm, relaxing space to participate in. Please go to the Course and Workshops page for the Zoom link. Payment is by donation only.

Remote Reiki

Choosing the right Reiki practitioner for you

Choosing any type of health practitioner is a very personal thing. We all know that we pick up on energies from other people, animals and even places, and you have an immediate intuition as to whether your energy is compatible with that other being or place.

This is very important when choosing a reiki practitioner. Often you won’t be able to judge this until you are at your first session! As with any other service provider that you are considering I would recommend that you do your research. Check out their online presence – read their posts, blogs and website info – does it resonate with you? Do they have reviews available? Can anyone you know recommend a practitioner?

Just because your energy is not closely aligned with that practitioner doesn’t mean that they can’t help you – remember that they are NOT giving you THEIR energy – they are trained to tap into the universal energy that is all around all of us, all the time – and they will direct that energy to you to bring your body back into balance and allow for healing to occur. And most importantly the ENERGY knows where it needs to go, and your BODY intuitively knows what it needs to do to heal. This video here will give you some key things to consider in your decision making process.

Common myths about Reiki BUSTED!!

If you keep hearing about this thing called Reiki and you think it might be something that you’d like to try because you really want to improve your wellbeing (you may have a specific issue or a general one) but you’re not sure because there is a lot of conflicting information out there, then let me dispel some of the myths about Reiki right now!

Reiki is a religion or a cult?

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Most people will say that Reiki is a spiritual practice but there are actually people down the ‘practical, sciencey’ end of the reiki practitioner spectrum who are wonderful practitioners, without bringing spirituality into it at all. Reiki does not require anyone – practitioners or clients – to have particular religious or spiritual beliefs of any kind and regardless of what your beliefs are, reiki is effective.

Reiki is a type of massage?

Nope! Check out my vlog about how to choose between Reiki and Massage which goes into this in further detail.

The fundamental difference is that Reiki does not actually work through physical touch at all (although this may be incorporated).

For more answers to FAQs go here.

“The cure of the part should not be attempted without treatment of the whole.
No attempt to cure the body should be made without the soul, and if the head and the body are to be healthy you must begin by curing the mind. For this is the great error of our day in the treatment of the human body, that physicians first separate the soul from the body.”
Plato, The Republic, 382 BC.

Is Reiki only useful when you have a wellbeing issue?

Do you have something coming up that you know is going to be stressful to your mind, body or spirit? Perhaps you are booked in to have some surgery, or you have to look after a bunch of sick people in your house; or you have a massive week coming up at work – project deadlines, functions every night; or perhaps you have a personal issue that is due to be dealt with – mediation, difficult conversation with your teenager, or you have to attend a funeral for someone dear to your heart. Any of these things and many more can cause enormous stress.

If we don’t deal with our stressors on the spiritual and emotional levels, the impact of the stress will move to the physical level and some kind of disease will result. Reiki is a fantastic proactive, preventative measure that you can use to keep yourself well, especially when you know you are going to be facing difficult circumstances. Check out my video which talks about some simple preventative measures that you can take yourself to protect and promote your own wellbeing.

How Reiki can help you improve relationships?

Do you have a relationship problem? Perhaps your passion for your partner has dwindled, perhaps you feel that there is an ongoing communication breakdown with a close friend, perhaps quality relationships are actually non-existent in your life at the moment. If any of those things are true for you then Creation Energy (commonly known as the Second Chakra or Sacral Chakra) – is probably out of balance. Your Creation Energy is one of the 7 Essential Energies (chakras) and it is in charge of passion, creativity, communication and relationships. It is your pleasure centre and is blocked by guilt. In this blog, I talk about the physical and emotional manifestations of a second chakra imbalance.

I also discuss what you can do for yourself to facilitate more balance in this area and therefore begin to heal your relationships. Of course you must start by forgiving yourself! If you’re interested in learning more about your 7 essential energies (chakras) get my “7 Ways to Get your Energy Back” Ebook here.



“I have been having Reiki Sessions for over 30 years albeit always hands-on. Even though intellectually I understood that remote healing works equally as effectively, I was still tentative about it (during Covid-19 lockdown). After my first remote session I came out of it feeling exactly the same as a hands-on session and over the following week to ten days those benefits were sustained. My doubts are banished and I will be continuing with remote Reiki in total confidence.”

Anthea W

“As always a great Remote Reiki session. I am feeling calm and centred once again and my physical aches and pains have lessened. Thank you Arwen.”

Angela C

“Being new to Reiki I appreciated the full and detailed explanation you provided and felt safe and comfortable throughout. I also appreciated the debrief at the conclusion.”

Alison B

“I really enjoy Reiki and have found it makes a real difference in my life and wellbeing.”

Jane L

“I felt amazing after my first reiki session and Arwen was very accommodating with appointments! Will definitely be back.”



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