Start 2018 right

Are you ruining your last few free days by allowing yourself to spiral into a pit of despair about how life might as well be over because your holiday is over? Have you already gone back to work and you’re just not finding yourself springing out of bed like you did over the Festive season?

If you’re like most people work takes up a huge chunk of your time and if you feel in any way negative about how you are spending this time it can be the start of a cycle of negative energy that impacts all aspects of your life. Remember that your thoughts and emotions are energy too!

Why does this happen?

Well who wouldn’t want to spend their life on holidays?! Right? Wrong. Actually when you do something you love it doesn’t feel like work – it’s a cliché but a valid one. When you feel like you are making a difference, you are contributing to society, to your clients (internal or external), you are doing something humanity plus that is good for the future of this planet in multiple ways then working brings so much positive energy into your life that it is not something to be feared or shunned.

It’s very likely that you can’t just change what you do for a living at the drop of a hat but you can change your attitude towards it.


Being in nature is so important. This is a bit of theme at Evenstar this month because it’s the height of summer here in Australia and being outside is just so bloody lovely! The days are long and warm and you just want to be by water and in greenery. I will talk a whole lot more on this next week, so look out for my Blog on Why we need to be more connected to Mother Earth.

For today’s Blog though I wanted you to think about how much more time you spend outside when you are on holidays. Obviously this is not true for everyone but if you one of the many, many workers in the Western world who spends their day inside, often in front of a computer then your time outside is usually a lot less when you are at work than on holidays and this does affect your wellbeing. You actually need to balance out your positive and negative ions by getting outside, not to mention bumping up your Vitamin D levels, which have been shown to be associated with depression when low.

Get more nature into your work day

What can you do about this? Can you include some walking in your commute – park the car further away from the office (probably be cheaper too!) or get off the train a stop early? Can you actually walk or ride your bike all the way to work, at least occasionally? Go outside at lunchtime. Even if you don’t need to buy lunch, go for a walk, go and sit in a park.

Energetically speaking you are activating your First Chakra with these two simple things – walking and being in nature – and interestingly the First Chakra is associated with work and career. It works both ways – if your first chakra is balanced you will feel more positively about this important aspect of your life. Everything is energy and energy cannot be destroyed it can only be changed so help to change negative work-related energy into positive. The more your thoughts are positive the more positivity will come into your life too.


If you are already scoffing and saying ‘lunch break what’s that?” then you really have a problem. The modern working day was put in place with the industrial revolution and is now completely out of date. The thing is, no matter how important you are at work, you are not indispensible, and the world is not going to end if you actually start to place more value on your wellbeing than you do on achieving endless work goals, kicked through ever-narrowing posts. Unless you are a health care practitioner, no one’s life is at risk because you left completing a report until the next day.

If today you take a break for lunch and do something for yourself – even if that something is doing absolutely nothing! – and you leave on time so that you have a number of gorgeous evening hours to spend with your kids – it will all still be there the next day.

Be absolutely clear that if you do not make time for wellness, at some point in the future you will need to make time for illness. Or even worse, you will drop dead suddenly and way too early – let’s not mince words here! Don’t wait until your retirement to live your life – start doing it now. The more individuals value this kind of approach, the more organisations are going to have to take notice and change accordingly.

What else

  1. Looking after all the basic aspects of physical health – diet, exercise, water – will help you to remain positive
  2. Looking after the basic aspects of your mental, emotional and spiritual health is just as important – meditation, yoga, sleep (all things at #1 play a part too)
  3. Reiki and Essential oils can help with both #1 and #2
  4. Plan your next holiday
  5. See every block of ‘leisure’ time as a mini holiday, especially the weekends!

Contact me for any further information or to book an appointment for a wellbeing assessment and energetic balance.