March New Moon

The March new moon occurred when most of us were fast asleep, just before 3am on the morning of Thursday 7thMarch.  We can always look forward to new moon energy to help us to set goals and intentions for the coming month.  This March new moon is however in the watery sign of Pisces, and so we are really best served to go with the energetic flow – less thinking, more being.  This energy continues through until the next full moon on 21st March.

It is hard in our left-brain centric world to feel that we can surrender conscious thought and planning, and instead just allow the space for what is meant to come into our lives, to come.  At this time we still need to have a clear vision of what it is that we want – the universe will only be confused otherwise – and simply ask for it.

Release & Trust

Release the need to know how or when your desired person, thing, or outcome will be manifested into your physical world and simply trust that it will.  Be open to receiving and what is meant to come to you, for your highest good, will arrive in the divine right time.  Of course the right time may not be just now. Relax, breathe, trust.

Dropping expectation, ceasing overthinking and over-planning is counter-intuitive to many. But think of it like being caught in a rip in the surf – the harder you try to swim against it the more exhausted you become and the further away from the safety of the shore.  When you instead move with the current of universal energy, allowing yourself to be carried out and around in what may seem the long way, the quicker and easier it is to achieve your goals and realise your intentions. Don’t fight, just trust and you will become the light “in the velvet darkness, of the blackest night” (Rocky Horror Picture Show) beckoning all the gifts that are rightfully yours.

Emotional Energy Centre

To help you make the most of this gorgeous, freeing new moon energy, you should focus your attention on your sacral (2nd) chakra.  This, your emotional energy centre, is located in your lower abdomen, just a little above your pubic bone.  It is highly influenced by moon energy, the energy of creation.

Using the Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing approach will help:


  • Fat– fats and oils are needed to lubricate our bodies, just as they are any other complex machinery, so always include good quality fats from plant and animal sources (if possible): olive oil, flaxseed oil, fish oil (eg.salmon), nuts & seeds, leafy green vegetables
  • Seaanimals and plants – these foods come from the sea and are innately connected with lunar energy
  • High fibre– soluble and insoluble fibre, eat a variety of whole vegetables, fruits and grains you will obtain the fibre required to ensure the constant flow of your digestive system and prevent toxic buildup of wastes
  • Orange coloured foods– carrots, pumpkin, citrus, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe and tropical fruits like papaya and mango (5-7 servings a week) all work with the vibration of the 2ndchakra and the moon energy
  • Water – aim to drink around 2-3 litres of water a day (adjusting based on activity levels), make sure your water is filtered and plastic free. We are 60-80% water (which is why we are so influenced by the moon) so it makes sense to ensure we don’t dry up this energy


  • Exercise in water if that is enjoyable for you
  • Ensure you are doing movement that activates your hips and pelvic region – yoga, tai chi, dancing, sex (!)
  • Sweating – if you don’t sweat easily then perhaps leave an extra layer on whilst you move, sweating is a great way to detox, providing a metaphysical release for your physical body


Prioritise sleep because it allows your mind to flow in exploration of its creative state.


  • Meditation – look up some guided visualization meditations on trust and openess, listen to some water-based relaxation music
  • Affirmations I am fluid and flowing in harmony, I trust the universe to deliver what I need for my highest good
  • Energy healing


  • Spend some time near flowing, moving water
  • Get into water as much as possible: swim, float, hot springs, sauna, mindfully enjoy baths and showers


  • Amber – peacefulness, trust, wisdom, patience
  • Angelite – peace, tranquillity, compassion, universal knowledge
  • Snowflake Obsidian – receptivity, centreing
  • Sodalite – truth, intuitive perception

Essential oils 

  • Arborvitae – oil of divine grace – peace, surrender, trust, relaxation
  • Cilantro – oil of releasing control – liberation, detachment
  • Coriander – oil of integrity – inner guidance, true self
  • Cypress – oil of motion & flow – flexibility, trust, going with the flow
  • Wintergreen – oil of surrender – letting go, trust in higher powers

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