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How to find Love

How to find love Love is at your centre, your very core. There you go, I gave you the answer right at the beginning! For, no, this is not a piece about dating, or tips on falling in love...but please keep reading. True to my purpose to investigate and uncover what lies beneath, this is about the roots of love. It's about going back to what needs to happen before you can extend unconditional love to another human being (through choice rather than biology). This is about the underlying cause of why love is missing, and the original source of self love. This is about the energy of love. Where do you feel love? You don’t even need to think about the answer do you? Did your hand stray to the middle of your chest? Did you re-live that feeling of fullness, of goodness bursting out that you have when you’re so happy in the company of those you love? Or perhaps, what came back instead was the ache, the heaviness, the emptiness that you feel when something makes you sad, or lonely, or hurt. Those imprinted feelings that you have. In your heart. I wonder if you know these things about your heart: Your heart was formed and began beating in your mother's womb before your brain developed. It has its own nervous system, consisting of around 40 thousand

What are you really allergic to?

What Causes Allergies? Short answer:  potentially anything! Exploring the underlying metaphysical causes of your allergies can result in long-lasting relief that is much more beneficial than simply taking medication to deal with symptoms!  In the video above you'll get the answers you're looking for! (Feel free to Subscribe to my YouTube channel for so many more videos that will all help you get your energy and balance back). If you prefer to read my article on the topic, it was published by Sivana East. Essential Oils for Allergies Using essential oils is a wonderful way to enhance your body’s innate ability to heal itself of allergies (and many other things of course). These are the oils that I would recommend when dealing with respiratory allergies: tea tree: is an immune stimulant, as well as being cleansing in the physical environment, and on an emotional level.  Tea tree is the oil of energetic boundaries. eucalyptus: increases cellular oxygen supply, has a crisp and clearing aroma and is the oil of wellness german chamomile: is anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic, and helps you to release feelings of being imposed upon and breathe freely lemongrass: is anti-inflammatory whilst also stimulating the parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system. Lemongrass is the oil of cleansing. douglas fir: is invigorating and anti-catarrhal (helps with moving phlegm).  As the oil of generational wisdom, Douglas Fir is especially useful

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