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How to find Love

How to find love Love is at your centre, your very core. There you go, I gave you the answer right at the beginning! For, no, this is not a piece about dating, or tips on falling in love...but please keep reading. True to my purpose to investigate and uncover what lies beneath, this is about the roots of love. It's about going back to what needs to happen before you can extend unconditional love to another human being (through choice rather than biology). This is about the underlying cause of why love is missing, and the original source of self love. This is about the energy of love. Where do you feel love? You don’t even need to think about the answer do you? Did your hand stray to the middle of your chest? Did you re-live that feeling of fullness, of goodness bursting out that you have when you’re so happy in the company of those you love? Or perhaps, what came back instead was the ache, the heaviness, the emptiness that you feel when something makes you sad, or lonely, or hurt. Those imprinted feelings that you have. In your heart. I wonder if you know these things about your heart: Your heart was formed and began beating in your mother's womb before your brain developed. It has its own nervous system, consisting of around 40 thousand

How to beat Asthma with Essential Oils in just 2 weeks (a Case Study)

Breathlessness. Wheezing. Tightness in the chest. A continual cough. Do you, or someone you care about suffer from asthma? If so, you may have medication to treat the symptoms but nothing that you seem to do makes this chronic condition go away permanently? One of my clients was in this exact situation. She had suffered from respiratory issues her whole life. First contracting bronchitis as a baby, and then every winter therafter. Some years when she was very young the bronchitis was so bad that she was hospitalised with it. Impact of Asthma Then a couple of years ago, around age 30, she developed chronic asthma. The asthma caused her to have difficulty breathing and to cough constantly, to the point where she was in pain and would continually lose her voice. To add injury to insult, the asthma also caused ongoing chest infections. My client found herself being repeatedly prescribed two different types of puffers and antibiotics. The asthma would generally clear up a bit but then would reoccur shortly after she finished a course of medication. It got to the point that nothing she was taking was working. It is important to note here that my client is well known in the world of business in Australia, having been named on the Top 10 list of Australian Women Entrepreneurs for 2017 by My Entrepreneur Magazine and appointed as

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