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The Root of all Wellbeing

🌳🔴 Do you have the signs, symptoms or traits of someone with an unbalanced Root Chakra (also known as the 1st or Base Chakra)? How do you know?! Can see yourself in any of these areas: - you tend to be overweight or underweight - your skin is always red or always pale - your immune system is overactive or underactive - you have bone problems (eg. joint or muscle pain) - you have blood problems (eg. anaemia, clotting) - constipation is your norm - you are always stressed over little things, or you are very stressed but too tough to show it - you have strong feelings about the colour Red (love it or hate it!) - your home life is very cluttered or pretty much non-existent or non-important to you - you are very active with groups and organisations, or the opposite - you keep to yourself and are disinterested in family - you attack others readily, or you often feel attacked by other people - you have strong opinions, or you find it hard to form opinions - you love tradition and tend to be conservative about retaining tradition, or you feel shame about your ancestry and ignore tradition Find out more in this video!  Or if you prefer to read my Blog, it was published by Sivana East. To access my Chakra Balancing Tips for FREE click

How grounded are you?

Find out why you might be feeling low in energy, depressed, anxious or even having serious allergic and inflammatory health conditions such as asthma, and the simple practice that could really improve your wellbeing and make you feel very grounded: grounding or earthing. My journey into being grounded began with learning more and more about the First Chakra as I found that so many of my clients were unbalanced in this energy centre. Humans are naturally meant to connect with the planet earth and modern life makes this even more important due to all of the positively charged electrical energy that we are exposed to almost constantly. This video explains the basics of this concept, as well as my own personal experiences. If you are interested to learn more then you may like to read the Earthing book or have a look at the Earthing Institute website. Reiki offers many of the same benefits of grounding or earthing.  If you would like to experience this for yourself feel free to contact me with any queries or Book an appointment now!

Fear of Flying

Is this you?   I get no kick in a plane Flying too high with some guy in the sky Is my idea of nothing (I want) to do… (with thanks to Cole Porter)   Getting on a plane with great regularity is a way of life for many people. Despite the fact that we all have mobile phones, the internet, Skype, Zoom, there is nothing quite like eye-balling someone in the same room as you, or shaking their warm hand, to help you feel at ease and close the deal! So what happens if you actually hate the flying part - if you get so anxious about the trip itself, not the deal you need to do at the other end, that you sleep badly, you can’t eat, you feel nauseous, you sweat profusely, and you can’t look at anyone else on board lest they should suggest that you be prevented from travelling because you look like a terrorist?! Then there are also those who have family or close friends in another part of the world but who they are desperate to see but they just can’t face the idea of the plane trip to get there. Fear of Flying is pretty common, and like most things, lies on a spectrum from just can’t do it (full stop) through to make yourself do it all the time but hate

Silly Season Survival Tips #4 – Gift Giving

Wow! Only 3 weeks to go until C-Day!!! How are you going with keeping your wellbeing intact so far? Hopefully you have caught my other Silly Season Survival Tips, covering sleep, food and hangovers? If not check them out via the links or on my Facebook page. Gift giving is a big part of the Silly Season, whether or not you celebrate Christmas, there are still end of year gifts to buy for colleagues, teachers, service providers, etc. Does this tie you up in knots? Do you over analyse and overthink every gift you have to buy? Do you frequently overspend? Do you become paralysed by our compare and despair culture and put off your shopping until the last minute? If any of these things are true for you then this blog will help! Accentuate the Positive Let’s start with the positive stuff! It has been scientifically proven that giving actually brings more pleasure and happiness than receiving! Just think of the great benefit to your own wellbeing of giving gifts! Why not take a moment to express gratitude for this gift within a gift! Also, it is true that it is the thought that counts. Even if you don’t give the ‘perfect’ gift every time, the recipient is still going to feel chuffed that you put in the time and expense of giving them a gift at all! If

First Chakra – how to tell if this is imbalanced, why it’s important and what to do about it

First Chakra - how to tell if this is imbalanced, why this is important and what to do about it. Your first - root or base - chakra is located right at the bottom of your spine, in the area of your coccyx and perineum.  This chakra is all about feeling grounded, supported, stable, rooted in the earth and knowing where you've come from.  As the foundation of the energetic house the first chakra has a critical impact on the balance of all the other energy centres in the body. Watch this video to find out how to tell if your first chakra is out of balance and what you can do about it.  Of course one of the great ways to get the first chakra and any other chakra back into balance is with reiki!  Once your chakras are in balance it is much easier for you to heal the parts of your life - physical, emotional and spiritual - that are affected.  So what are you waiting for?! To purchase our First Chakra Info Sheet click here.  If you are ready to facilitate your own healing journey Book an Appointment to see us.  For any further information please contact us.  

I’m feeling sick – should I have Reiki?

A client - and dear friend - rang me today to cancel her appointment because she has come down with a nasty cold, unfortunately a few days before she is flying overseas!  She was booked in for an aromatherapy massage, and as she was suffering from nasal congestion and feeling a bit feverish the idea of taking off her clothes and lying face down for 45 minutes was not appealing!  She was also concerned about giving me her germs. My first reaction was, of course, sympathy!  My second reaction was that my clients should not ever worry about giving me their illness.  I told Jules that I could protect myself, and I meant it most sincerely!  As Reiki Master I will always ensure that I protect myself from taking on the energies of other people and my use of essential oils gives me (and clients) added protection, through diffusing oils that have anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-septic properties to ward off any germs that may lurk in my treatment room!  Really, would you not go to see your GP because you were sick and didn't want to give them your germs?  No, of course not.  My dream is that in the future more people will go to an energy healer as their first point of call for treatment of any illness.* Most illnesses have their origins in your energetic body.  In