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Sleep: the simple and essential way to wellbeing

In this Vlog I'm talking about Sleep ?⏰??, specifically: - why not doing it for long enough each night is critical for brain health - what happens when we don't get enough slow wave sleep - the bi-directional relationships between this and food, and movement - why breathing through your nose is so important! If you'd prefer to read my article on this, it was published by Sivana East. Next week I will cover my top tips for getting a good night's sleep, so stay tuned! In the meantime you might like to check out my Shop for the best essential oils to help with Sleep and my Blog on this very topic. I also have another Blog all about the problems with screen devices, which is a must read! Reiki is wonderful for helping to improve sleep.  It's probably the number #1 thing that clients report after a session!  Now that you know how important this is, why not Book Now! I refer to Professor Matthew Walker, who is one of the top researchers in this field, globally. Snuggle up now, for health's sake!

Healthy Teeth, Healthy You

This week (beginning 6thAugust 2018) is Dental Health Week in Australia. Although for many people it may seem an odd thing for a holistic wellbeing practitioner to bring to your attention, in fact it is right down my alley! Here at Evenstar my work is focused on 5 Star Wellbeing, which is what I believe are the 5 key areas that we all need to get right if we want to live a life of real health and wellness.  These areas are Food, Sleep, Movement, Surroundings and Being. I do often talk about Food because, well, food!  But seriously, I truly believe that our diet and digestive system are the primary source of either good or poor health.  Sometimes we forget that our mouth is actually the beginning of our digestive tract, with our teeth and saliva beginning the process of breaking down food. Good Food = Good Dental Health The best possible way to look after your dental health is to eat whole foods from the earth, and funnily enough this is one of the best ways to look after your overall wellbeing too! Let’s start off our celebration of Dental health week with the startling fact that 85% of people who have heart attacks, also have gum disease.  Although the causative relationship behind this statistic has not yet been determined this is a clear indication that our dental health

Gut-Brain Connection: how it affects your wellbeing

More and more research is being done and finding associations between our gut micro biome and how well our brain is working, including in serious illnesses such as depression, anxiety, autism, MS, OCD, CFS and even just plain old stress! In this Vlog I talk about: how the digestive system has its own nervous system how it also plays the lead role in immunity how imbalance in the digestive system can therefore lead to chronic inflammatory responses and resulting dis-ease Learn more including how to achieve balance for your gut micro biome! If you'd prefer to read my article instead of watching the video, you can read it on Thrive Global, where it was published. Two places you can go for additional research and to hear amazing stories of how changing gut-health changes lives you might like to look at the work of Dr Terry Wahls and also Kirsty Wirth at Kultured Wellness If you want a tool to help with the energetic balance of your digestive system the essential oil blend Digest Zen is amazing! If you would like to access some overall better energetic balance and wellbeing Book Now for a session with me! If want any further information don't hesitate to get in touch.

The Fast Way to Wellbeing

Unless you have been away in Timbuktu for the last few years with no wifi you have almost certainly heard about intermittent fasting (IF)! You may have wondered if it is something that you should try. You may have questions about it – what does it actually involve, what can you eat, what are the benefits, is it a great way to lose weight for everyone, etc, etc? If you are one of the almost 65% of Australian adults who are overweight you may be carefully considering IF as a possible way to take control of your health. Although it almost seems like it’s trendy to be overweight these days there are serious health implications that arise from being too heavy. How many elderly obese people do you see around? Not many, because they do not live long, healthy happy lives. This is a really important concern when thinking about your overall wellbeing, from a mental and emotional standpoint as well. I always like to be able to give you as much information as possible in one little Blog or video, in order that you are then able to move beyond indecision and procrastination and take the next best step to improve your wellbeing. Remember only you can heal you! What is Intermittent Fasting? IF is not a diet but is more a schedule of eating time and fasting (non-eating)

Silly Season Survival Tips #6 – Overeating!

Does the festive season leave you feeling stuffed, sluggish, unwell and generally bad about yourself? There is so much rich, delicious food around that you are pretty much expected to eat at this time of year, making it can be very difficult to stick to eating sensibly and in reasonable quantities. We saved the best 'til last and this blog includes several strategies to help avoid this outcome and increase your overall enjoyment of this 'most wonderful time of year’! If you missed any of our other Silly Season Survival Tips they covered Sleep, Food, Hangovers, Sugar and Gift Giving. You can catch them on the Facebook page, YouTube channel or the Blog! Not so happy Christmas The problem with overeating is that it can make you feel bad on all energetic levels! You feel physically uncomfortable at best, and unwell at worst.  Whilst at the same time feeling emotionally down because you have not stuck to your resolve to not overeat and you are also very likely to not feel like doing all those other fun Festive things like the family game of backyard cricket or walk along the beach. Of course if you make overeating a habit then it will also result in weight gain and all the other life-threatening side effects of this! What happens when you overeat? Whenever you eat, chemical messengers set off to and

Silly Season Survival Tips #2 – Food

So here we are with just under 5 weeks to go until Christmas! How are you going? Has the silly season struck your household yet? Is it already difficult to find a blank on your calendar?! If you missed last week’s Blog it was all about sleep and the importance of getting enough good quality sleep, especially at this time of year, if you have any hope of getting through with your wellbeing intact and perhaps even enjoying yourself! Today’s Silly Season Survival Tips are all about food, because, just like sleep, another one of the first things to go when you are super busy and under pressure is making sure that you eat nutritious whole foods from the earth. It can be so much easier to get takeaway or buy pre-packaged meals when you are short on time and have a hungry family to feed during the silly season! The other food related problem at this time of year can be over-eating, but that will be covered in Tip #6! Problems with Quick and Easy Meals The problem with the foods involved in many of the common quick and easy meal options is that they are low on nutrients and high on artificial ingredients. If you buy fast food or something from the supermarket that only requires ‘heating up’ or adding some other basic ingredients they are likely to

That Sugar Blog

So, my latest obsession is clean food. A few weeks before Easter this year two things changed my life. 1. I did a webinar with Mindvalley Academy (I do these regularly – great place for ideas and doing good work on yourself). This particular webinar was on the Wild Diet, which is Eric Edmeades’ variation of the paleo diet. It really got me thinking about all the things in the western diet that are not “real” food. 2. Then literally a few days later my 11 year old had 3 friends for a sleepover and That Sugar Film was on TV. I escaped upstairs to watch this documentary that I had been meaning to see since it came out (meanwhile the boys stayed downstairs watching something that wasn’t a documentary and eating something sugary, no doubt!!) My brain was on fire! How much of what we consume is (1) not something that my grandparents, let alone our cave man ancestors, would recognise as food and (2) packed with sugar, even when it is supposedly ‘healthy’. The food industry is huge, well it has to be, the global population is huge, but this means that their marketing power is absolutely immense. What happened to That Sugar Guy in his film was really frightening. If you haven’t seen it, what he did was put himself on a diet of consuming so

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