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Headache & Migraine – why you get them and how to treat them holistically

Headache and migraine are unfortunately one of the most common wellbeing complaints that I come across in my practise. As with any physical health or wellbeing concern, it is important to get to the underlying cause in order to prevent constant reoccurrence.  If we just keep taking painkillers we are ignoring the message that our body is sending us about something that needs to be dealt with on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In this video I discuss how to determine the root causes of headache and migraine as well as how to go about managing and treating the problem in a holistic way so that you can reduce the frequency and severity - and perhaps even prevent - future episodes. I talk about things that you can do from all aspects of Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing - Food, Movement, Sleep, Surroundings and Being. Essential Oils can be extremely helpful when dealing with Headache & Migraine.  In my own home I do not have pain-killers in the first aid kit because I find that oils are more beneficial and less harmful for my family than medications. The ones that I find best are: Peppermint Past Tense If you'd prefer to read the full text of this Blog, rather than watching the video, it was published by Sivana East. Reiki healing is a wonderful way to treat underlying

Insights into your Wellbeing

We are so distracted these days that it can be extremely difficult to tap into what is often our greatest source of information and guidance - ourselves! Using our insight, intuition and intellect all fall under the energy centre of the 6th Chakra, otherwise known as the 3rd eye. You may have one or more of the following physical conditions if your 3rd Eye is out of balance - either over or under active: Attention deficit disorders, including ADHD Insomnia Sleeping very lightly or not enough Sleeping too much Mood swings Very good or very poor memory Fast/ sharp mind or slow/ dull mind Eye sight problems Eye infections Headache and/ or migraine Cognitive decline or dementia In this video on the 3rd Eye I discuss how you can tell if perhaps you have an imbalance in this energy centre, and need to see it a bit more clearly! Even more importantly, I give you lots of tips on how you can bring balance back to your 6th Chakra using the Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing approach.  If you prefer to read all about it, the Blog was published by Sivana East. In the Surroundings aspect of 5 Star Wellbeing I mention that there are crystals and essential oils that you can use to balance your 3rd Eye, these are the ones that I recommend: Crystals Amethyst – mind balancing, addictions,

How Reiki can help Headache and Migraine, and improve your Wellbeing

How Reiki can help Headache and Migraine, and improve your Wellbeing Migraine. Headache. Overwhelming pain, dizziness, nausea, vision impairment. Wasting a day or more lying in a darkened room, unable to do all those things you need to do or care for people you need to care for. Taking pain killer after pain killer but finding that nothing helps and all you can do is wait out the migraine monster. Then to add insult to injury it is common to have a migraine ‘hangover’ for several days afterwards where you still feel well below par. Why just treating symptoms is not good enough Perhaps when you have a headache or migraine you use medication or some other therapy and find that it does give you temporary relief from the pain and discomfort. That is great at the time but if you are not exploring and treating the underlying cause of the problem then it will keep returning. Pain relief can only ever deal with symptoms, not underlying causes. Your body is designed to heal itself and you are being sent this pain sensation for a reason - your body is sending you a message – by treating the symptom you are ignoring that message – in a wellbeing sense you are shooting the messenger!! The problem with just treating the symptoms of migraine and headache and not addressing their underlying