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Healthy Environment…happy, healthy you!

Healthy environment...happy, healthy you! We have been incredibly focussed on our immediate surroundings during 2020.  The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to stay away from many places in which we would normally spend a lot of time.  It has meant that the majority of the population has had to move their whole lives into the home for working, schooling, exercising, shopping (online of course) and leisure activities. So, what better subject to end the year on, than a good hard look at what is important in terms of having the most healthy environment possible around you.  Of course it's important to look at your home because that is where you go to relax and unwind, and especially where you sleep. But if you normally spend many of the hours of your week in a workplace it is also important to consider everything below in relation to that location as well.  Is your work place a healthy environment? Surroundings Surroundings is one of the aspects of Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing™ - the other four being Food, Movement, Sleep and Being.  Each of these 5 aspects cannot be considered the one key to overall wellbeing.  They are intimately entwined and need to be viewed as 5 parts of a whole - my holistic approach!  I will introduce all five components in the content below, but to start with lets look at some

The Evenstar Wellbeing Good Gift Guide – Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of the Evenstar Wellbeing Good Gift Guide your go to for ethical gift ideas!  Gifts that are gorgeous for people and great for planet. If you missed Part 1 - which covered Toys, Pampering, Candles & Aromatherapy and Pyjamas & Accessories - check it out here! If you missed Part 2 - which covered Perfume & Cologne, Chocolate & Wine, Socks & Jocks and BYO Accessories (eg. lunchboxes) - check it out here! On 12 days (of Christmas) during this Festive Season I am sharing with you, on each of my social media channels, my top gift ideas that are gorgeous for people and great for planet - a holistically GOOD gift guide! I have tried to capture the things that seem to be 'go to' gifts for people that you want to buy something fairly generic for.  Look out for the posts on your favourite social media platform.  The details of what each of my suggestions are, where you can get these products, and most importantly how to access a discount (where available) are here on the Blog.   Please note, that other than my recommendation for an Evenstar Wellbeing voucher (in #12 Vouchers), I do not have any affiliation with the products or companies I am recommending and get no financial reward for my recommendation.  Where I have personally used a product myself I

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