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Back to School Essential Oils

Back to School Essential Oils [Originally published 1st February 2020] This week marks the end of summer holidays for many families in Australia.  For the second year in a row we have had a festive season summer break that kept us on our toes and a lot closer to home than we may have preferred, but as I just discussed with my 15 year old - at least we got a break.  It seemed a little bit crazy to really feel in need of some time off after a 2020 where it felt like not much happened!  Anyway now we're getting back into the swing of 'normal life' and for many people that's going to feel perhaps just as strange and stressful as Covid!  What a great opportunity to talk about some wonderful Back to School Essential Oils! February is the time of the year that we all get deeply into the creation and production of the year’s work and after 2020 the start of this new year I hope you have abundant energy to really make a clean start. To help get you and your loved ones back on track at this time I wanted to share my suggestions for essential oils to support you in the transition into the reality of 2021!  The therapeutic properties of essential oils are such that they can help you on all levels:

The Fast Way to Wellbeing

Unless you have been away in Timbuktu for the last few years with no wifi you have almost certainly heard about intermittent fasting (IF)! You may have wondered if it is something that you should try. You may have questions about it – what does it actually involve, what can you eat, what are the benefits, is it a great way to lose weight for everyone, etc, etc? If you are one of the almost 65% of Australian adults who are overweight you may be carefully considering IF as a possible way to take control of your health. Although it almost seems like it’s trendy to be overweight these days there are serious health implications that arise from being too heavy. How many elderly obese people do you see around? Not many, because they do not live long, healthy happy lives. This is a really important concern when thinking about your overall wellbeing, from a mental and emotional standpoint as well. I always like to be able to give you as much information as possible in one little Blog or video, in order that you are then able to move beyond indecision and procrastination and take the next best step to improve your wellbeing. Remember only you can heal you! What is Intermittent Fasting? IF is not a diet but is more a schedule of eating time and fasting (non-eating)

6 Top Tips to Motivate yourself to Exercise

It’s Spring in Australia, and summer will soon be here, and all over social media and all other advertising are messages to act now and get your ‘Summer Body’. Do these messages fail to have an action-oriented impact on you? Do you know you really should get off your butt and get going but just can’t?  This blog, and attached video, cover my 6 Top Tips for Motivating yourself to Exercise! Not to beat about the bush but the problem with not exercising is that it will lead to lower levels of wellbeing, illness and premature death. Are you awake now?!  The simple truth is that the human body is meant to move! Unless you have been sitting (no pun intended) under a rock you have probably heard that sitting is considered to be the ‘new smoking’. What does this really mean? It means that sitting is REALLY bad for you and most people do it WAY too much. This was the same with smoking throughout the middle decades of the 20th century – most people did it without any awareness of the harm it was doing them. Are you standing up now?! What I am going to talk about here has nothing to do with getting a ‘summer body’ or desiring weight loss as motivators to get yourself to exercise. What I am passionate about is getting people to

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