Leo Season

We’ve been nurtured and restored during Cancer season, helping us to recover from the physical and mental activity of the first quarter of the astrological year. We are ready now then to take ourselves out into the world, to create and to express who we are, to get our Leo on! Please do be aware that I work with the sidereal zodiac, which considers astrology from the actual placement of the stars in the current time. You can check this out for a quick 101 on Sidereal Astrology. Sidereal Leo - August 9th to September 15th The Sun actually rises in the constellation of Leo from 9th August through to 15th September.  Leo is a fairly large constellation so its season runs for a bit more than 5 weeks. And, yes if you read up about sidereal astrology, these dates are not set in stone, over almost three quarters of a century the dates will change by one day, in accordance with precession. So Who Needs to Really Read this? People who are born between August 8th (NB see above comment about the dates changing; what this means is depending on how old the person is they may have been born into Leo season even if they were born on the 8th August) and September 15th. Being born between these dates means that your ‘Sun’ sign is in Cancer and