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The Magic of Movement

One of the 5 aspects of Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing is Movement. I prefer the word ‘movement’ to the word ‘exercise’ for numerous reasons, not least of all because the word ‘exercise’ seems to polarise people into 2 groups - Those who love it and can’t live without it, and Those who hate it and see it one of life’s many evils that they try to ignore as much as possible. Also the fact is that the human body is designed to move. It’s not necessarily designed to do 5 HIIT classes a week but it’s definitely not designed to sit at a desk 8 hours a day and sit in a car or on a train for 1 hour either side of that. One of the many problems with the modern western lifestyle is that it involves very little movement and as a result the population is becoming more and more unhealthy, with lifestyle factors a major contributor to increasing chronic disease levels. As I write this, we are in the midst (well really just the beginning according to the experts) of the COVID-19 Pandemic and this is having a huge impact on human movement. Many, many people are being asked or required to #stayhome. Gyms, sports clubs and even playgrounds have been closed. From what I observe in my local area I see MANY more people than

The Essentials to Boosting Immunity Naturally

If you’ve heard in the media that there is a shortage of flu vaccine perhaps now is the time to consider some natural alternatives to boosting your immunity for the winter. 5 Steps to Boost Immunity Food – eat immune boosting foods and drink lots of water. In winter we want to balance the cold weather by eating and drinking warm things.  The benefits of chicken soup are not an old wives’ tale!  Bone broth is so nourishing and healing.  Remember that the majority of your immune system lives in your gut so you need to give it whole foods from the earth that it recognises and can obtain the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that it requires for you to heal you. As well as bone broth make sure you include good fats from olive oil and oily fish, dark chocolate (yey!), eggs and lots of fruit and vegetables of all the colours of the rainbow!  For immune boosting flavourings you can’t go past garlic, ginger and turmeric – veggie curry is sounding good! Movement – don’t stop your exercise routine just because it’s winter.Your lymphatic system, which is critical to fighting illness cannot operate effectively without muscular contraction, as it removes wastes and toxins.  So keep on moving peeps!  You might change your exercise routine with the seasons just like you change your food. Perhaps now is the time to

Is the (Digital) Elephant in the (Bed) Room impacting your sleep?

If you are seeing this blog or video whilst lying in bed then turn it off right now…it can wait until morning!! The Digital Elephant is clearly in your bedroom! Sleeping with the Enemy! So, you sleep with your phone/ tablet/ laptop (NB for the rest of this article I will just use the word phone, but please insert whichever screen device applies to you!)? What is wrong with that I hear you ask? The main problem is that it can have a major effect on your sleep – both physiologically and emotionally. Not getting enough good quality sleep is detrimental to your health in both the long and short term.   In the short term obviously you feel tired, you are less motivated to do all the things you should do to look after yourself, you will be less productive and potentially then become stressed about what you are not achieving (check out my blog on the relationship between stress and productivity), you will potentially be short tempered and impatient with other people you are dealing with and you will probably resort to ‘quick’ fixes like caffeine and sugar to give you a boost, neither of which provide you with any nutritional value and can be potentially harmful in themselves. In the long term, not getting enough sleep interferes with all physiological processes of the body, most importantly the immune

Trouble Sleeping – which essential oils should you use?

Trouble Sleeping – which essential oils should you use? If you, or anyone in your household, have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep there are some fantastic essential oils that can be very useful. Why is this important? Because sleep is SO crucial to overall wellbeing. If we don’t get enough sleep then our brains cannot function effectively. This has an impact on our ability to concentrate and make decisions. In turn this can then increase the risk of incidents and accidents and of course it can have a negative effect on all aspects of our lives – work, relationships, motivation to exercise and eat right. Even worse are the effects of chronic sleep deprivation, which include increased incidence of depression and anxiety, as well as numerous other physical health conditions such as heart disease, weight gain, diabetes and infertility. Most worrying is the reduction in the effectiveness of the immune system caused by not sleeping enough on an ongoing basis. So not only is sleep deprivation not helping to improve your overall wellbeing, it is actually actively working to reduce it! What are essential oils? Essential oils are volatile aromatic plant compounds that have been used for thousands of year and have effects on all energetic levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. For this reason they can be amazingly effective in assisting with improving the quality and

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