Clean Eating Part 1 – Avoiding Additives

Time has flown and now more than 3 months has passed since I went down the sugar-free path!  Hard to believe it has flown by!  So it is about time that I delivered my promised blog on clean eating. There are 2 elements to my version of clean eating and this blog is about the first one - avoiding additives.  I actually had a bash at this almost 10 years ago when I somehow got on to Sue Dengate's book Fed Up in a bid to somehow get my 2 year old to start sleeping through the night.  I am really struggling to drag my mind back to those sleep-deprived days (my brain is saying 'noooo I don't want to think about that'!) but I'm pretty sure the very limited diet that is suggested by the book in order to determine which additives are the biggest problems in your family was a little tricky.  Funnily enough one of the main things that I do remember was the golden syrup dumpling recipe - yum! - that got used for years afterwards!!  I struggled with the concept that the only fruit I could give to my fruit bat bubba was pear and unfortunately I found that the diet did not bring about the longed for 7+ hours unbroken sleep that I craved for my toddler and myself.  I think that I did notice