Total Lunar Eclipse

On 27th/28thJuly we had our second Blood Moon for the year.  This is a Total Lunar Eclipse, and just like in February 2018, it followed a New Moon Solar Eclipse in the same month!  We are in the middle of ‘eclipse season’ for 2018 and this means lots of energy abounding, but not necessarily action-oriented energy, especially with a current Mars retrograde (meaning that the action-stimulating energy of Mars is reversed) and a new Mercury retrograde (meaning that it is sometimes better not to take action especially if it involves something to do with travel, communication or technology!)

Full moons are generally about closing off things you have been doing during the ‘yang’ action oriented half of the month and turning your focus inwards. What do you need to work on and consolidate within yourself now until the next New Moon phase?  What happened for you, or what did you begin, around the new moon (13thJuly)?

A total lunar eclipse, which means the emotional energy of the moon is blocked out, gives us the opportunity to reset our emotions, releasing any emotional baggage, especially that which has built up since the February eclipse.

Letting Go

Full moon energy, and especially eclipse energy can give us a great opportunity to decide to let go of something that no longer serves us, or instead to choose to let that thing ‘be’ and discontinue wasting our energy on it.

You may think on a conscious level that you’re over something that caused you sadness, anguish, fury or frustration and yet change is just not happening in your life?  The problem is that often we hold onto the past on an unconscious and cellular level and whilst this is happening there is just no room for new positivity to move in as a replacement!

The heart chakra (one of the 7 energy centres found at all levels of the body – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) is the fourth chakra and is commonly recognised as the energetic centre of love.  This refers to your ability to both give and receive love. What is less commonly known though, is that the heart chakra is also strongly associated with your ability to let things go.  To let go of people, situations or things that no longer serve you.  This is all about letting go once you have processed your sadness, grief, and/ or anger on a conscious level.  (For more information about dealing with grief check out my Blog on that topic.)

New Moons are always about sowing new seeds, putting things in place to make change.  But of course it is difficult to sow the seeds if you have not previously prepared the soil – removed the big rocks, broken up any dry clumps, fertilised and softened the ground with nourishing water!  The same applies in the unconscious, energetic world of sowing seeds – if you haven’t prepared the soil to maximise fertility by removing and breaking down what is no longer required, your seeds will not flourish into healthy crops!

So, this is the opportunity that the Full Moon gives us, an opportunity to detox your soil, your life, in whatever way you may need to, in order to make way for growth and change at the next new moon (11thAugust, also another Solar Eclipse!)

What can you do to enhance your ability to let go?

Be around those who love you unconditionally – friends, family, especially children and pets – being in the moment in these interactions and letting your heart overflow with love and gratitude

Breathe! – the element of the heart chakra is air (as is Aquarius, the sign this Full Moon is in) and of course the heart and lungs are what controls our breath. The heart chakra is literally moved by breathing.  The physical purpose of your lungs is to remove toxins.  If you are not exhaling deeply then toxins will remained stored in the body.  The same applies to the metaphysical purpose – breathing out deeply is letting go of emotional toxins.  The lungs store sadness and fear, which are both emotions that need to be let go in order to allow positive ones to take their place. Focus on your breath, especially your out breath, your exhalation.  Make sure it is long and deep – preferably double the amount of time you take to inhale.  Visualise the heart chakra whilst you focus on your breath, perhaps make this a meditation, picture a clockwise spinning green vortex of energy. (For more information on how to breathe deeply and horizontally check out my Blog on this topic, plus my video on breathing exercises).

Communicate – it may be useful to talk to a professional, someone who is objective, and can give you support in your quest to let go of something.  Talking to friends and family is sometimes not enough. If you don’t want to talk then write. This is all about getting the stuff you need to let go out of you.  You could write a journal or write a letter to a person that you need to let go of. You don’t need to send the letter but write it and then even perhaps burn it!  This kind of purification ritual is very powerful at this full moon time because the Sun is currently in the fire sign of Leo.

Reiki – sometimes though you are all talked out!  Reiki is a non-cognitive therapy.  It doesn’t require you to explain why or what you need help with. The Reiki (universal energy) knows where it is required and will go there in order to bring about the energetic balance required for you to heal yourself, let go, and move on.  Reiki cannot take away the thing that you need to let go of, and the emotions associated with it, but it can allow you to let go through energetic balance.

Other tools


“I now completely love and accept myself”,

“I now completely release any blockages that I may have about <situation>”;

Essential oils

Tea Tree (for cleansing)
Rosemary (helps us to move from feeling stuck, to letting creativity flow again)
Fennel (helps us to move from feeling unfulfilled to feeling complete again)
Roman Chamomile (helps us to go from rigid to relaxed)
Lemongrass (moving us from restriction to expansion)


Emerald, Rose quartz or Green aventurine, all support the heart chakra.