Truth or Dare: what does speaking your truth mean and why you should care

Do you regularly speak your truth? Do you know what that means? Do you care?!

Of course we all have our own version of the truth. Sometimes your version of the truth will be the same as someone else’s and sometimes it won’t. It can be incredible the number of different truths out there about the same thing!

My truth about what ‘speaking your truth’ means is that it encompasses freely expressing your thoughts and feelings verbally. In many circumstances this can be much easier said than done (no pun intended!) Some people find it incredibly easy, and may even perhaps talk too much and too often, but in my experience these people are not as commonly found as those of us who find it tricky to use our voices. Energetically and metaphysically speaking the energy of how well and how easily you use your voice comes from what I like to call the Truth Energy Centre. You may have heard this also called your Throat Chakra. It is the 5th of 7 essential energies, which impact and are affected by every aspect of your life and your wellbeing.  These essential energies are the focus of my work as a healer and holistic health coach.

What you need to know about your Truth Energy

Having balanced Truth Energy means:


  • The way in which you express yourself is a true representation of the person you know most intimately, the whole you
  • You value your differences
  • You’re not overly concerned with what others think and behaving simply and solely to please them


  • You are able to comfortably speak about your feelings and opinions, in private and in public
  • You are equally comfortable talking about yourself or about others and also comfortable not talking for periods of time.
  • The speed at which you talk is evenly and moderately paced
  • You value honesty and don’t tend to gossip


  • You are able to make your own decisions relatively easily and independently and don’t get bogged down by the fear of making the ‘right’ choice
  • Your trust in fate, kharma and/ or higher powers is balanced by the practical aspects of life

What parts of your body are associated with Truth Energy and what happens when it gets out of balance?

  • Throat – where your voice physically comes from: the trachea, the larynx (voice box), the pharynx (back of throat) and the vocal chords: wavering vocal pitch, abnormal, mucous production, tonsillitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis
  • Metabolism – the throat is the passageway through which food enters the body via the epiglottis and esophagus, metabolism is the conversion of food to energy and other required micronutrients – proteins, lipids, carbohydrates – as well as the elimination of wastes, metabolism is largely governed by the thyroid gland which is found in the throat: weight management, appetite, indigestion
  • Mouth – including lips, tongue, jaw and teeth; sensation of taste; size of mouth and eating style (fast/ slow) can indicate propensity for imbalance: TMJ pain, teeth grinding, mouth ulcers, gingivitis, bad breath, dry lips, dental problems
  • Ears – sensation of hearing: impaired hearing, ear infections, tinnitus, vertigo
  • Nose – sensation of smell: mucous production, impaired smell, respiratory infections
  • Neck – physical structure containing the throat: neck pain
  • Gland: Thyroid – secretes hormones that primarily influence metabolism and protein synthesis: Hypothyroidism – underactive thyroid, Hashimotos – symptoms of depression, fatigue, brain fog, excess weight; Hyperthyroidism – overactive thyroid, Graves disease – anxiety, sleeplessness, racing heart, rapid weight loss

How to balance your Truth Energy with Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing


  • Modulate the pace at which you eat – 10-15 chews per bite is ideal
  • Keep a food log – being truthful about what you eat each day (contact me for a template)
  • Variety of tastes – include sweet, sour, bitter, savoury in your diet every day, preferably in every meal. Just make sure the sweet component comes from natural whole foods such as carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato, berries.
  • Lots of liquid foods: soups, smoothies, juices, sauces – to lubricate your throat and make digestion easier
  • Fruits – lubricate the throat and stimulate taste through their strong sweet and sour flavours. High water content fruits include melon, grapes, stone fruit, kiwifruit, oranges, and pears. Also cucumber! Sour fruits include green apple, lemons, and grapefruit.
  • Sea plants – supply iodine and other nutrients that are especially beneficial for the thyroid gland: nori, agar, dulse, hijiki, arame, kelp
  • Water – 2-3 litres a day of filtered, plastic-free water to cool and lubricate the throat


  • Find a form of movement that is ‘true’ and right for you and do it often, it’s always easier to keep moving if you actually enjoy what you’re doing
  • Movement outdoors, in nature: being near plants – trees, flowers, grass – assists the body to balance ions, and activate the parasympathetic nervous system.
  • Move your neck through gentle rotations and full nodding motions regularly


  • Prioritise sleep because it is a great way to access your true self, through dreams. If you’re trying to make a decision about something ask your higher self to help you before you fall asleep.
  • Keep a dream journal beside the bed and write down what you remember as soon as you wake up. Share your dreams with someone you trust.


  • Wear turquoise/ aquamarine clothing, place objects of this colour in your surroundings (this colour is on the same vibration as Truth energy)
  • Think about how often you wear things around your neck – scarves, turtleneck tops, ties, necklaces. If you have a habit of doing this a lot, try to break your habit – have a week without anything around your neck and see how you feel. If you never wear neck attire then do give it a try for a change.
  • Get into an open space and shout or sing into the wind!
  • Toxins: dental care products are the source of many toxins for people and planet.  Did you know that every plastic toothbrush that has ever been produced still exists?!  Wow that’s a lot of landfill! Think about buying dental products made from natural compostable materials eg. bamboo or cornstarch and sold with less packaging. Many toothpastes contain problem chemicals that have wide-ranging side effects (which I cover in my Nourish & Heal the Whole You suite of services).  Consider a more natural toothpaste next time, such as Grants, which is even available at the supermarket.
  • Essential oils: using essential oils aromatically is especially beneficial for your Truth energy because you are using your sense of smell, so get diffusing!  My top 3 oils for Truth energy are detailed below
    • Black Pepper – the oil of unmasking
      Physical | Mental action: overcoming addictions, stimulates endocrine system, analgesic, antispasmodic, expectorant, stimulant
      Emotional | Spiritual action: emotional honesty, authentic expression, courage, self-awareness
    • Lemongrass – the oil of cleansing
      Physical | Mental action: thyroid balance, sedative, sore throats
      Emotional | Spiritual action: cleansing, brings about a positive, expansive state, releasing toxicity on all levels
    • Spearmint – the oil of confident speech
      Physical | Mental action: hormone balance, metabolism
      Emotional | Spiritual action: articulate communication, courage, confidence, clarity on opinions

Visit my Shop to purchase discounted pure essential oils.  If there’s one you’re after that you can’t see in there feel free to contact me directly.


  • Meditation – find meditations focused on the senses – do a search on your favourite meditation app. I highly recommend Insight Timer. Chanting or humming meditations are also great for your Truth energy
  • Affirmations – some suggestions: I trust my authentic self, I am an honest expression of my true self, I am grateful to be able to express myself
  • Use your voice – sigh audibly, sing, hum, chant
  • If you really find it hard to say what you need to then write it down instead
  • Neck and TMJ massage
  • Energy healing – to activate and balance your Truth Energy, book yourself in for a Relax & Heal session with me!