With Virgo season upon us we’re almost halfway through the zodiac Wheel of the Year! Once you get 50% through something you’ve learnt a lot and you really want to start perfecting it.

This is the energy of Virgo season, supporting us to refine ourselves in order to better serve.

Please do be aware that I work with the sidereal zodiac, which considers astrology from the actual placement of the stars in the current time. You can check this out for a quick 101 on Sidereal Astrology.

Sidereal Virgo – September 16th to November 4th

The Sun actually rises in the constellation of Virgo from 16th September through to 4th November.  Virgo is a massive constellation and so its season runs for more than a month and a half. And, yes if you read up about sidereal astrology, these dates are not set in stone, over almost three quarters of a century the dates will change by one day, in accordance with precession.

So Who Needs to Really Read this?

  • People who are born between September 15th (NB see above comment about the dates changing; what this means is depending on how old the person is they may have been born into Leo season even if they were born on the 15th September) and November 4th.  Being born between these dates means that your ‘Sun’ sign is in Virgo and you identify as a Virgo. You most likely see yourself as analytical, meticulous and helpful.
  • People who know their astrology chart and can identify that either their Moon or their Ascendant (Rising) is in the sign of  Virgo.
    * If your Moon is in Virgo this means that you need to feel Virgo qualities for emotional health – you need to feel needed by others, you also need order and security.
    * If your Ascendant/ Rising sign is Virgo, this means that this is the sign that was on the Eastern horizon when you were born and it is what you are becoming and developing through this life. You are working towards mastery, you are developing humility and practicality

Lastly, again for those who can read their astrological birth chart, if you have Virgo on the cusp of your 6th house, or indeed anywhere in your 6th house, this is the house of health & wellbeing (amongst other things) so it is pertinent for you.  For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, again go back to this first Blog in the series for more information on Houses.

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Also of course if you are in a significant relationship (parent, child, partner, lover, close friend or colleague) with someone who has Virgo Sun, Moon or Ascendant (or 6th House) then this could be useful information for you! Enjoy!

Mutable Earth

Virgo is our second of the three Earth signs in the zodiac – it is such a feet on the ground, sensible, organized energy.

If you need any more reminders about what the Earth element means in the zodiac, head back to the piece about Taurus, which was the first Earth sign.

So Virgo is earthy for sure – with all that drive to be practical and methodical – but, it is constantly striving for improvement and ultimately, perfection.  This is where we feel the mutable modality of Virgo, it has a sense of movement on an ever upwards trajectory.  Compare this with Fixed Earth Taurus, who really wants to stay put at home with his creature comforts!

The Wheel of the Year

Western Tropical Astrology continues to make the association between the seasons and the zodiac, and this often only works well in the Northern hemisphere.  Virgo season in this context is the transition from Summer to Autumn.  In Sidereal astrology Virgo season is the middle (think fixed) period of Autumn in the northern hemisphere, or Spring in the southern hemisphere.

As always, I can make this work in my mind because Virgo is going to do whatever it does well. It is going to be the best, most Springy time of Spring that can be (or Autumny time of autumn).  But it is working towards change, in this case being the change of the season – it is working towards Summer (or Winter).   The Earth element works in well with both Spring – new life springing from the earth and Autumn – old growth returning to the earth.

Mercury and the Virgin

Virgo is the second constellation ruled by Mercury.  The first one was Gemini. Mercury is only one of two planets in modern astrology to rule two constellations (the other one being Venus, who rules both Taurus and Libra).  In traditional astrology, before the newer planets Uranus, Pluto and Neptune were discovered, there were several planets ruling two constellations.  Many astrologers still use these traditional rulers, instead of, or as well as the modern rulers.

Mercury is all about thinking and Virgo does this a lot.  But instead of the Gemini thinking system of ‘what’s next’, always looking for the next thing, the Virgo thinking system is ‘what can be improved’ – constantly assessing how to make the current thing better.

The symbol of Virgo is the Virgin.  She is often depicted with a sheaf of wheat, to symbolize the harvest, which relates to the northern hemisphere Virgo season of harvest time. Really the Virgin symbolizes the perfection and purity that Virgo seeks. Virgo is the true Divine Feminine, the Cosmic Mother, and the constellation of Virgo in the sky is surrounded by dozens of baby stars!

The Sixth House

In astrology, the chart is divided into 12 houses, which refer to 12 different areas of life.  If a planet or a sign is ‘in a house’ this will give us the information about which area of life their energetic affect is going to be felt in.

Each of the signs ‘rules’ one of the houses.  This means that they each have a particular area of life in which they are most comfortable, they have a natural affinity to it.

Virgo, as the sixth sign, rules the sixth house.  The sixth house is all about our daily work and routines, also most importantly for our purposes here (and as mentioned earlier) the sixth house is the house of health and wellbeing. What signs and planets you have in your sixth house will give you lots of information about your own wellbeing – how easy it is for you to be well and healthy, and which areas of your body may be most impacted by ailments.


Body Aspects

Each sign of the zodiac also has a particular body type associated with it, but this is largely based on the elements, so typically all Earth types will have a similar body type, which is generally solid – strong, compact, heavy.  However, Virgos don’t seem to quite fit that mould and can often be quite thin.

Due to their mutable mode Virgos can tend to suffer from many ailments, however they generally recover reasonably quickly.  The earthiness of the sign does give them a fairly strong underlying constitutional health, but how they feel physically is very much governed by their mental and emotional state. Their bodies are quite sensitive to external inputs (eg. food intolerances) and internal inputs (eg. worry).

It is common for people to have the body type that equates to their rising sign element because it is in the 1st House, which concerns image and body. This is not always true though and your body type may relate more to the most dominant element in your chart, or a combination of that and your rising sign. If you want to find out for yourself book a session.

From an eastern medical point of view the Virgo constitution tends to be cold and dry.

Virgo rules the following body parts:

  • Small intestine
  • Solar plexus
  • Pancreas
  • Autonomic nervous system (sympathetic and parasympathetic)

What this means is that Virgo can tend towards ailments in these areas, common ones are:

  • Injuries to and illnesses in the above body parts
  • Diarrhoea
  • Constipation
  • Food sensitivities
  • Hypoglaecemia
  • Sacral issues
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Anxiety

Virgo and Chakras

When thinking about the relationship between Virgo and the 7 Essential Energies, or Chakras, Virgo has strong connections to the 3rd (Power) Energy Centre, or Solar Plexus Chakra, and the 4th (Love) Energy Centre, or Heart Chakra.

The Power Energy is the energy of analysis and perfectionism.  The Love Energy is the energy that allows us to need and value service to others.

Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing approaches to health and wellbeing for Virgo



Virgo will tend to move a lot.  They are always fighting against chaos (not necessarily winning!) and this happens within both their physical and mental activities.

Slow mindful movement would be good for Virgo to re-centre within the body – yoga, tai chi, qi gong, mindful walking.



Virgo loves and needs routine, this is especially important for sleep.

As they can get caught up in the never ending goal of perfection, Virgos do need to prioritise sleep to avoid becoming excessively depleted.


  • Virgos really need time to themselves, given they spend so much time helping others
  • Learn to say ‘no’
  • Exfoliation is a wonderful approach to perfect Virgo skin, improving detoxification
  • Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguisitc Programming are all great therapeutic modalities for Virgo
  • Bach flower: Centaury (there are others that are very useful depending on what exactly you are managing, contact me for more details)


Cooking is often a love of Virgos – just be careful to take a relaxed, creative approach to this activity – as long as it’s nutritious, it doesn’t have to be perfect!

  • Routine in eating is also important – what you eat as well as when – strict eating plans are easily managed by Virgos
  • Like sleep, don’t forget to eat when you’re focused on perfecting something
  • Avoid excess sugar
  • Well cooked foods
  • Chew well!
  • Bitter foods – artichoke, broccoli, radicchio, rocket, white asparagus, endive, kale, eggplant, citrus fruits, chocolate
  • Yoghurt and probiotic foods – kefir, kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles
  • Potassium Sulphate (mineral) foods – celery, tomato, olives, brussels sprouts, beetroot, apples, hazelnuts, lemons, parsnips, chicory, figs, dates
  • Other – wheat, rye, oats, cheese, almonds, alfalfa
  • Herbs to eat –mint, rosemary, dandelion


There are a lot of herbs that are useful for Virgo and which ones are most appropriate for you will depend on what symptoms/ conditions you are trying to manage.  Some of the common ones to use in teas are:

  • Dandelion
  • Fennel
  • Peppermint
  • Valerian
  • Nettle
  • Ginger
  • Chamomile
  • Lemon balm



Virgos will need peaceful, beautiful surroundings to recover from illness, or life!

Essential Oils

  • Cypress – the oil of motion and flow: promotes adaptability, trust and letting go
  • Cilantro – the oil of releasing control: promotes liberation, detachment and cleansing
  • Bergamotthe oil of self-acceptance: promotes hope, confidence and optimism along with acceptance and view of the self as loveable
  • Grapefruitthe oil of honouring the body: promotes body acceptance, healthy relationship with food, respect for own physical needs
  • Oreganothe oil of humility and non attachment: promotes flexibility, humility and openness to learning
  • Red Mandarinthe oil of childlike perspective: promotes joy in simple moments, stress reduction, unburdening
  • Tangerinethe oil of cheer and creativity: promotes cheer, spontaneity, fulfilment
  • Wintergreen – the oil of surrender: promotes freedom from negativity and trust in the divine

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