Yin Yoga Classes

Come on Yin! Yin Yoga Classes

“Yin Yoga will nourish your essence.” ― Dr Hannah Watson

Yin Yoga = stretch, release, recovery

Whether you have or have not practised Yin Yoga before today does not matter!  You will almost certainly find even if you have done Yin before that the Evenstar Wellbeing approach is a bit different!

Yin Yoga targets fascia – the connective tissue that attaches, stabilises, encloses and separates muscles and other internal organs throughout the body – and helps to promote collagen from which fascia is largely made. Most injuries that occur in the body are injuries to fascia.

Fascia conducts energy (electricity) throughout your body.

Fascia is a super important part of our physical being that is often ignored and can only be accessed through being stressed/ stretched for a period of time.

Yin yoga can help to stretch and open fascia including your joints, ligaments and tendons.

It is a slow paced practise that is mainly on the floor.

The shape that you hold and the stretch that you feel in Yin Yoga should be steady and comfortable, you want to prioritise the feeling of the stretch you experience over forcing yourself into a deeper stretch. If you’re feeling it you’re doing it!

If you feel a bit self conscious as a beginner yogi now is the perfect time to try an online Yin Yoga class with me in the privacy of your own home! And of course if you’re on the Bellarine Peninsula I’d love you to come and do a class in person.

Timetable and Cost

Our Autumn Term commences Tuesday 16th April 2024.  Class times being offered are:

7.30am AEST on Tuesdays

7.30pm AEST on Tuesdays

The term is 10 weeks finishing on 18th June.

The cost for the term for each time slot is AUD155. To book into Tuesday mornings go here. To book into Tuesday evenings go here.

Any session can be recorded on request, just let me know prior to the class start time that you can’t make it (text 61 400 007 241). You can also make up a missed morning class in the evening or vice versa.

Once you have booked in you will receive the Zoom link for the term.

You can also use the button at the bottom of the page to book into individual classes each week.

Yin Yoga Virtual Term

If Tuesdays just don’t work for you, or our term is in recess, you might like to instead purchase one of my Yin Yoga Virtual Terms.

There are 2 Virtual Terms available which are each 10 pre-recorded classes that you can do at your own pace, when and where it suits you, in order to keep up your practise.

To access Virtual Term 1 (released December 2023) for just $55 click here.

To access Virtual Term 2 (released June 2024) for just $55 click here.

“The value of a cup is in its emptiness.” ― Buddhist proverb

Yin Yoga Virtual Term

Reasons Why You Need to Move

The fact is that the human body is designed to move. It’s not necessarily designed to do 5 HIIT classes a week but it’s definitely not designed to sit at a desk 8 hours a day and sit in a car or on a train for 1 hour either side of that. One of the many problems with the modern western lifestyle is that it involves very little movement and as a result the population is becoming more and more unhealthy, with lifestyle factors a major contributor to increasing chronic disease levels.

So this is not about exercising to become super fit or stick thin, this is simply about moving because that is what your body needs in order to function properly, not to mention to function well!

Essential body operations – movement increases circulation allowing more efficient and effective delivery of nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the food you eat to all parts of your body.Even more important than increased circulation is the fact that if your muscles don’t move then your lymphatic system can’t operate. The lymphatic system is a one way waste removal system that allows your whole body to constantly detoxify, but it only works if you move your muscles. The contraction and expansion of muscles moves the lymphatic fluid. So what happens if you don’t move? Wastes build up, literally poisoning your system. Think about what your neighbourhood would look like if the garbage trucks were unable to move through the streets and collect the garbage – piles of rubbish everywhere! That is what your insides look like when you don’t move!

Use it or lose it – no doubt you’ve heard this term before but have you ever thought about the fact that your heart is simply a big muscle? So what is going to happen if you are not exercising and ensuring that your heart gets a workout? Just like you, it will become unfit and lazy, and may just stop working completely a lot sooner than it should!

Immune stimulation – movement stimulates the immune system, causing changes in antibodies and white blood cells and allowing your body to have a fighting chance against illness and infection. Movement is therefore absolutely key to preventing and reducing the symptoms of any ailment.


“Yoga is a light, which once lit will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter your flame.” — B.K.S. Iyengar.

Yoga and its benefits
Yoga and its benefits


“My morning yoga sessions with Evenstar are the perfect way to embrace every day. Calming, engaging and invigorating, with the right amount of challenge to grow from the experience. Thanks Arwen!”


“I felt very comfortable in your instructions into each of the movements and really appreciated your insights into what each movement was doing.”

Devora M.

“Arwen, it was a gift to attend yesterday morning. I quickly forgot how cold it was and quickly remembered how inflexible I am! I feel better today than I have in the longest time. Thank you so much, I will be a regular attendee.”

Meg W.

“My first Yin class and it won’t be the last! I loved the long stretches and the options for each.”

Janet M.

“Effortlessly engaging, challenging and relaxing all at once. A rare personable and professional blend that makes it genuinely rewarding to get out of bed in the morning.”

Andrew B.

“It was a lovely way to start the day. My body really needed that! Arwen stepped everything and it was easy to follow.”

Sandra M.

“Arwen is a calming yoga instructor and very attentive.”

Nat P.

“Wow, absolutely beautiful pacing and explanation.  Your voice is so soothing and clear, you speak wonderfully. I found the instructions really easy to follow and the camera angle was perfect.”

Pippa L.

“Your voice is so calm and just so suitable for yoga.”

Lan N.

“Loved your online class.  It was easy to hear and understand your instructions – this was my first time. Your lead in and tone of voice make it very easy to move into a meditative peaceful place.”

Dianne Q.

“Thank you so much Arwen!  Didn’t realise how tight my hips and knees were!”

Mish H.


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