“We’re not connecting the dots between the importance of sleep and not only the length of sleep, but the quality of our sleep, and our health in general.
– Anna Doktor

Episode #32 – Understanding yourself for better health

In this interview with Anna Doktor, Health and Wellness Coach, we talk about 3 of my favourite topics - Sleep, Exercise and Nutrition!

We discuss:

  • how feeling tired all the time is not 'normal' although many people think it is
  • Anna's path from burnout and trauma to being a coach
  • how she took her mornings back by simply getting up in the morning
  • the morning routine of a health coach
  • the importance of deep sleep, and how an evening routine can help achieve it, including getting off electronics
  • relieving stress through physical activity
  • how food is medicine and the importance of taking a personalised approach to nutrition
  • sugar and why you need to get off it
  • that understanding yourself is the key to good health

The interview can also be enjoyed here on my YouTube channel.

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About Anna

Anna helps the overwhelmed, stressed and burnout professionals to stress less, make healthier choices and have more time and energy for things that truly matter. She’s an advocate for body-mind connection, using food as medicine and incorporating body movement strategies to overcome the daily stressors. Anna battled depression, PTSD and burnout so she understands on a personal level how important it is to build your optimal health and wellness.

You can find Anna at www.annadoktor.com.au

or Instagram @anna_doktor_wellness_coaching

or Facebook: www.facebook.com/annadoktorwellnesscoaching

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