“A perfumed bath and a scented massage every day is the way to good health.”
– Hippocrates

Episode #7: How to get more Energy from Food

Want to know how to get more energy from food?

What you eat can change your motivation to exercise, your ability to sleep better and reduce mood swings and emotional outbursts?
In this interview with Licensed Integrative Nutritionist, Holly Niles, you will learn all about this and much more!

We talk about:

  • balancing what you eat to ensure you have the energy to do the things you need to do throughout the whole day
  • what to keep hunger at bay for longer
  • intermittent fasting and how to do it best
  • the best foods to help you sleep better
  • healthy snack options that will get you through the day
  • how to choose foods that help you to continually detox
  • the importance of your food choices for your current and future wellbeing

Feel free to check out my Blog "How to get more Energy from Food" for lots more detail to help you make healthy food choices.

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