About Evenstar Wellbeing

 In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you – Deepak Chopra

About Evenstar Wellbeing

Helping you to get your energy and balance back.  And keeping it that way.

Well, hello!  Welcome.  I’m so pleased that you found your way here!

I am Arwen Bardsley, Holistic Health & Wellbeing Coach, and founder of Evenstar Wellbeing.

I love to explore the full spectrum of modern science, combined with ancient wisdom, to help you get your energy back, and hold on tight to it!  I specialise in helping you to identify the root underlying causes of any type of wellbeing concern, and working with you using all the tools of Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing (which includes Food, Movement, Sleep, Surroundings & Being) to feel energised and balanced on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I help people with problems ranging from chronic pain, anxiety and stress, overwhelming fatigue, addictive behaviours, negative habits, approaches to food and weight management, grief, fertility and hormonal issues, and toxicity of any kind.  I have a range of services including coaching, training programs and healing sessions.

I am a Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner, and a Low Tox Coach, and I also utilise my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Reiki Master qualification, and additional certificates in Kinesiology, Seichim, Crystal Healing and Aromatouch Massage in my practise.

My interest in complimentary therapies began as a child when my mum was diagnosed with lupus. From a young age, I was often told that I had healing hands. After going through a number of personal challenges a number of years ago I decided to follow my passion and true calling into holistic health, leaving my 20 year HR career behind! I started off training in and working with energy healing but fairly soon realised that I wanted to be able to give people tools that they could take away with them to help them retain the energy and balance they would achieve in a Reiki session.  At this point I began to develop what has evolved into Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing, and did a lot of further study to enhance my knowledge and further develop what I could offer.  I have a huge drive to share my knowledge with as many people as possible and love to communicate and coach so that more and more people understand the ways that they can get their energy back, and easily maintain balance in all aspects of their lives.

I am very passionate about the health and wellbeing of Mother Earth and it is very important to me that people understand that often the best things for their own wellness will also be things that also prevent further harm to the amazing planet that we are journeying on and help her to recover in harmony with us (such as eating organic foods).

When I’m not working you’ll find me cooking, gardening, doing yoga, pilates and weights classes, walking and drawing in nature, watching films and enjoying the arts.  I have two teenage boys and a black cat (ie. I live with 3 other beings who are mainly only interested in what I’m feeding them…and occasional cuddles!)

I really look forward to working with you soon.  Stay safe and well.

Reiki Master Arwen
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Want to get your energy and balance back?  Evenstar Wellbeing is here to help.  My mission is to help as many people as possible through coaching, communication, training and healing.  I am so grateful for the 5 Star reviews that Evenstar has received on Google and Facebook.  Below are a few more comments from happy clients:

We went to see Arwen to help my 14 year old daughter work through some anxiety concerns.  My daughter wasn’t sure about going in the beginning but due to Arwen’s professional, gentle warmth and supportive approach, she guided my daughter through how she could help her deal with her worries and provided encouraging insight, wisdom and healing.  We are very grateful for Arwen’s guidance and support.

Feeling good and I have recommended you to my entire Mother’s Group!  I felt like a new woman after that appointment.  Beats a massage massively.

Arwen helps me to stay mindful and uplifted in spirit and more energised in body.
Elise N.
Over the last 8 months, I have seen Arwen to assist me in my healing journey. Arwen has been an incredible help to me with her patience, caring and compassionate nature. Arwen understands that my healing journey is taking longer than normal and continually reassures me at each session which calms my overall thought pattern which as a result, provides me peace of mind that I am on the right path. Arwen has identified my blockages and carefully assists me in unblocking particular chakras which results in warm and hopeful sense of feeling all over and I leave the session in a more positive mindset. I have no hesitation in recommending Arwen if you are feeling stuck, are anxious or battle with depression.
I would recommend any treatment at Evenstar. Arwen has a beautiful energy that is warm and inviting and I felt completely at ease from the initial phone conversation and throughout my reiki. The benefit from her treatment is amazing and I look forward to many more treatments in her beautiful and calm environment.
Michelle R
If you are looking for healing reiki treatment – look no further. Arwen is a dedicated and intuitive reiki practitioner. I sought treatment for the relief of fatigue and feelings of burn out – the effect from one session improved my sleep and mental clarity for days afterwards. I highly recommend Arwen as a reiki practioner.
Jeanne E
Great Reiki! So much more grounded and less in my head. I have been doing your suggested Yoga poses too. I walked out leaving all my stress and worry behind. Thank you Arwen.
Megan V
Great experience. My lower back is certainly better by Monday also. Very relaxing. Looking forward to future sessions.
Susan D
I felt amazing after my first reiki session and Arwen was very accommodating with appointments! Will definitely be back.
I really enjoy Reiki and have found it makes a real difference in my life and wellbeing.
Jane L
Being new to Reiki I appreciated the full and detailed explanation you provided and felt safe and comfortable throughout. I also appreciated the debrief at the conclusion.
Alison B
I have never tried Reiki before… and I’m so happy I did! It’s a totally unique & wonderful experience. Arwen is a delightful lady, and puts you totally at ease… 5/5
Nick M.
I have been having Reiki Sessions for over 30 years albeit always hands-on.  Even though intellectually I understood that remote healing works equally as effectively, I was still tentative about it (during Covid-19 lockdown).  After my first remote session I came out of it feeling exactly the same as a hands-on session and over the following week to ten days those benefits were sustained.  My doubts are banished and I will be continuing with remote Reiki in total confidence.
Anthea W.
I felt extremely relaxed and at peace during the process.  My expectations were exceeded and I would recommend Evenstar to anyone.
Tamsin M
Arwen is amazing, and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone
Last week I experienced my first ever reiki treatment. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I arrived feeling quite tired due to interrupted sleep pattern and generally feeling ‘out of whack’. The treatment was beautifully relaxing and I could actually feel the energy changing through my body. Afterwards I felt very calm and quite balanced. But best of all I have been sleeping right through the night since, and am no longer feeling so tired. Can’t wait for my next treatment and would thoroughly recommend anyone to try it out!
As always a great Remote Reiki session. I am feeling calm and centred once again and my physical aches and pains have lessened. Thank you Arwen.
Angela C.
I wish I could give Evenstar more than five stars, because that’s how I felt after my first session – calm, rejuvenated and inspired towards better health and living. I didn’t know much about Reiki before booking in with Arwen, but I had tried a number of health alternatives that didn’t quite hit the mark. After my session with Evenstar I am a wholehearted convert and can’t wait for my next session. My health has benefited (less stress, more balance) and it has inspired me to develop better ‘self care’, which will include more Reiki. 
Thank you Arwen, it was one of the nicest interludes in my every day ‘busy’ life.
Such a wonderful experience, from Arwen’s ability to make you feel instantly calm on arrival to to the incredible energy flow through the whole chakra analysis and Reiki. I don’t remember such a feeling or relaxation in years! I would recommend Evenstar to anyone! Thankyou so much Arwen
Arwen provides a wonderful reiki and general wellbeing advice service. Her space is very calming and she spends lots of time giving advice and even follows up with emails.
Claire W
I experienced a wonderful state of meditation during our remote session.  The Reiki sessions – even being remote – help to keep me focussed on what really matters.  Dedicated time makes me stop and actually account of my own attentiveness to my health.  Having a remote session will be part of my strategy to keep well at this time of very sad news from the world.
Arwen recently guided me through a particularly bad winter virus with her essential oils and general wellbeing advice. I gained great benefit from Arwen’s suggestions and look forward to some follow up Reiki soon.
I didn’t really know what to expect from reiki and if I’m honest, I wasn’t expecting too much! But after one session I noticed an improvement in a hip problem I’ve been struggling with for 2 years, and I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long time. The whole session was very relaxing and I’d recommend people give it a try.
Claire D
Arwen, you are responsive and tuned in, you create calmness and inner peace. Thank you for an energising and powerful session. Very reflective and reaffirming. Thank you for being the conduit of positive, healing energy.
Arwen was great. She has a very calming energy and explained how the session would go. I learnt some important things and feel lighter as a result.
Jayne L.
Arwen is a wonderful Reiki practitioner, She has an amazing energy that promotes healing.  Following my treatment I felt calm and energised.  Thank you Arwen!
Susan T.
I fell better physically and mentally after my visits and see it as an essential part of my health regime.

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