The InTune essential oil blend is a gorgeous concoction that will give your mind a good tune up!!

It’s primary uses are to aid concentration, and to calm and soothe.  InTune contains Frankincense, Hawaiian Sandalwood, and Lime essential oils to assist with clarity and focus, as well as Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, and Roman Chamomile to help calm and soothe.

InTune is the perfect blend to use whenever you need to concentrate more – when studying, when you’re experiencing a post-lunch slump, when your mind feels overly cluttered and it is hard to access a space to focus on the things you should be prioritising at that moment.  This blend is a perfect study companion and can provide great support to those who have difficulty paying attention and staying on task.

InTune comes in a ready to use roll-on applicator making it super easy to have with you at all times – in your pocket, school bag, or briefcase.  Apply it to the back of your neck (just under the hairline where it is as close as you can get to your brain stem) or to the neuro-lymphatic points on your temples or wrists to give you that instant boost that you need to focus more and stress less!!

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